Lucha Underground Results (8/1): War Between Worldwide Underground and The Reptile Tribe Continues

Killshot, The Mack and Son of Havoc (c) vs. Paul London, Saltador and Mala Suerte: Lucha Underground Trios Championship Match:

Killshot and London start off the match, but Saltador quickly tags in and all six wrestlers come out and face off, then fight against each other. After the fighting, Killshot and Mala Suerte are the last two wrestlers standing in the ring. Mala Suerte goes for a hip toss and Killshot counters by doing flips around the ring. Havoc tags in and kicks Mala Suerte. Mala Suerte hits another hip toss, this time on Havoc. Havoc goes for a sunset flip and Suerte hits a basement dropkick. London tags in and kicks Havoc. London goes to the apron and Havoc hits an enzuigiri to try and get a pin attempt. London kicks out.

London kicks Havoc and Havoc hits a backbreaker on London. Saltador and then Mack are in the match. Mack hits Saltador with a flying shoulder tackle. Mack Samoan Drops Saltador then a standing moonsault and goes for a pin, but Saltador kicks out. Killshot throws Mala Suerte out of the ring. Killshot tries to go for a shooting star press from the apron but is tripped by London. Havoc hits a plancha on everyone on the outside of the ring. Saltador hits a springboard frontflip to the outside on everyone. London goes to the top rope as Mack is lying on the ring. Mack goes up and then Mala Suerte and Saltador follow suit. Havoc then hits powerbomb on London, which sends everyone else also onto the ring.

Havoc hits a double footstomp on both Mala Suerte and Saltador. Killshot then kicks London out of the ring. Mala Suerte hits a sunset flip on Killshot but then Killshot hits a double knees on London. Killshot tries to go to the top rope but Saltador stops him and Killshot hits a double stomp onto Saltador. Mala Suerte hits a cutter on Killshot and Mack hits a stunner on Mala Suerte and then Havoc suicide dives towards the rest of the Rabbit Tribe. Mack hits a top rope splash on Mala Suerte and then Killshot gets the pin to retain the titles

Official Result: Killshot, The Mack and Son of Havoc defeated Paul London, Saltador and Mala Suerte to retain the Lucha Underground Trios Championship

Cage and King Cuerno vs. Pentagon Dark: Handicap Match:

Pentagon chopes both men and then low kicks Cuerno which sends Cuerno to the mat, then Pentagon kicks Cage. Cage accidentally clothesline Cuerno trying to hit Pentagon. Pentagon goes over the top rope to dive onto both men. Pentagon takes Cuerno onto the crowd and throws him to the chairs. Pentagon kicks Cage and then throws him to another stack of chairs. Cuerno then tackles Pentagon on the stairs of the temple.

Pentagon is taken to the apron and Cage deadlifts him to a second rope vertical suplex. Cuerno hits a frog splash and then Cage hits an elbow. Pentagon kicks out at two. Cuerno is tagged in and drags Pentagon by the legs to the middle of the ring and Cuerno goes for a standing frog splash. Pentagon runs the ropes and kicks Cuerno on the chest. Pentagon is tripped up by Cage and Cuerno hits a PK on Pentagon. Cuerno distracts the ref and kicks Pentagon down low. Pentagon recovers and superkicks Cage. Pentagon hits a Canadian destroyer on Cage and Cage kicks out at two. Pentagon hits several forearms on Cage followed by Cuerno hitting a knee to Pentagon and then hitting Thrill of the Kill. Cage tells Cuerno to get out of the ring and he complies. Cage slams Pentagon hard and gets the pin for the victory.

Official Result: Cage and King Cuerno defeated Pentagon Dark

Cage brings out several chairs and places Pentagon’s head on one of the chairs. Cage then hits a one-man con-chair-to to Pentagon as Pentagon lies unconscious and the credits roll.

After the credits roll, we see Mundo and Taya are apparently in the Reptile Tribes’ hideout. Mundo and Taya encounter Drago chained up followed by Vibora. Vibora super kicks Taya and Mundo punches Vibora. Vibora eventually blocks Mundo’s punche and headbutts him. Vibora is then choking Mundo but Taya comes to the rescue by hitting a couple of baseball bats to Vibora. Taya takes out a sword and wants to “take the head out of the snake.” Taya then swings the sword and decapitates Vibora. Mundo and Taya leave.

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