Lucha Underground Results (8/22): The Temple Gets Ultra Violent

Welcome to Fightful’s coverage of Lucha Underground. This week will be a violent show as The Mack faces Mil Muertes in a Haunted House match plus Pentagon Dark and Cage renew their rivalry for one last fight as the two face off in a Last Man or Machine Standing match for the Lucha Underground title.

The Mack vs. Mil Muertes: Haunted House Match

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Before the match starts, Catrina throws ring announcer Melissa Santos to the cage and then smashed her face to a glass vase. Once the match starts, Mack runs away from Muertes as Muertes tries to attack him. After a while, Mack repeatedly punches Muertes and Muertes hits a big boot on Mack. Muertes then takes Singapore canes and hits Mack’s back with it. Muertes then places Mack’s head into an empty trash can and Muertes hits the trash can with the cane, rattling Mack’s head.

Muertes uses a crowbar to hit Mack with, but Mack recovers and eventually sunset flips Muertes. Muertes then hits an inside out powerslam on his opponent, followed by Muertes lifting a big pumpkin and hitting to attack Mack’s back. Afterwards, Muertes tries to rip Mack’s face for a little bit. Mack then hits a low kick to Muertes’ midsection and connects with a jumping DDT. Mack goes to the apron and Muertes punches him. Muertes spears Mack almost through the cage, but the cage doesn’t break all the way through. Muertes does another spear but the cage fence doesn’t break down. As such, Mack is pushed through the cage.

On the outside, Muertes hits a DDT on Mack and then brings him back in the ring. Muertes then hoes back out and brings out a table from under the ring and then brings it to the ring. Muertes climbs up the cage back to the ring, then goes to top rope and hits a crossbody onto Mack for a two-count. Muertes brings the table to a corner, then places another table in another corner. Muertes takes out what appears to be a hunting knife and slashes Mack’s forehead, causing him to bleed profusely. Muertes then beats up Mack with the handle of the blade.

Mack gets back up and hits a spinebuster on Muertes through the table. Muertes then tackles Mack onto the other table. Muertes then goes for a pin, but Mack kicks out at two. Muertes brings a third table to the ring and sets it in there. Mack blocks the Flatliner with elbow strikes. Mack hits three consecutive stunners, followed by Mack placing Muertes on top of the table. Muertes gets up and hits strikes Mack on the top rope. Muertes then hits a top rope Flatliner through the table and then gets the pin.

Official Result: Mil Muertes defeated The Mack

After the match, Catrina goes to Muertes and said no when asked to go for the lick of death

Famous B cuts a promo from a wheelchair thanking people for the well wishes and talks about his recovery. Famous B then takes over ring announcing duties.

Jake Strong vs. Aerostar:

Strong taunts Aerostar’s diminutive size, but Aerostar retaliates as a result. Strong then deadlifts Aerostar for a vertical suplex. Strong sends Aerostar to the corner and Aerostar hits a hurricanrana. After some more offense, Aerostar goes for a crucifix pin but Strong kicks out at two. Strong is kicked in the face, then Aerostar goes for a springboard dropkick. Aerostar jumps from the second rope to kick Strong for a pin attempt and Aerostar gets a two-count. Strong throws Aerostar from top rope to the center of the ring. Strong goes for an ankle lock and Aerostar kicks out

Official Result: Jake strong defeated Aerostar

Strong keeps applying the ankle lock until Drago shows up and scares off Strong with a pair of nunchucks.

Worldwide Underground are in the locker room in which they open wedding presents. Johnny Mundo is gifted a portrait of himself holding a title. Taya tells Mundo that he will face the Lucha Underground champion in two weeks.

Benji the agent makes an appearance outside the locker room, guarded by Ricky Mundo. The doll that accompanies Ricky tells Ricky to “finish” Benji. Ricky Mundo straight up kills Benji by stabbing him numerous times as blood splatters all over the doll and all over Ricky.

Pentagon Dark (c) vs. Cage: Last Man or Machine Standing For the Lucha Underground Championship

The match starts after the commercial break with Cage attacking Pentagon outside the ring. Cage continues decimating the champion, powerslamming Pentagon. Cage then rips the top half of Pentagon’s mask. Pentagon then gets back up to hit Cage with a glass bottle. Cage is unaffected and then clotheslines Pentagon. Cage breaks a glass bottle and cuts Pentagon’s forehead with the glass shard until he bleeds. Cage sends Pentagon back to the ring. Cage goes back outside and takes out a table and brings it to the ring. Cage places the table to the corner. Cage tries to powerbomb Pentagon, but Pentagon blocks it, then the champion hits a Death Valley Driver to Cage through the table.

Pentagon goes outside of the ring and brings a chair. Pentagon chair shots Cage clean in the head and then double stomps from top rope to Cage with chair on top of him. Cage gets back up and goes outside the ring, blocks a Pentagon kick from the apron and then powerbombs Pentagon to the outside railing. Cage sets up two tables outside. Pentagon smacks Cage with a trash can. Cage slaps Pentagon a couple of times with a trash can lid. Cage deadlifts Pentagon for a vertical suplex to the outside through the two tables.

Cage gets back up before the referee counts to 10. Pentagon barely beats the count only because Cage grabs him. Cage sets another table outside and brings Pentagon to the apron. Cage lifts Pentagon but Pentagon blocks a potential powerbomb. Pentagon hits a chair shot to Cage then another Death Valley Driver through the table, but Pentagon falls as well after delivering the maneuver. Both men get back up before the 10 count and return to the ring.

Cage clothesline Pentagon then hits a Drill Claw. Cage takes yet another table out and brings it to the ring. Cage sets up the final table in the ring and then brings out a cinderblock. Pentagon smacks Cage in the head with a trash can lid. Cage hits an enziguiri on Pentagon on the top rope. Pentagon goes for a Mexican Destroyer on Cage from the top rope through the table in the ring. As Cage struggles to get back up before the 10 count, Pentagon sets up multiple chairs in the center of the ring. Pentagon drop toe holds Cage to the two rows of chairs. Pentagon then hits a package piledriver to Cage through the chairs. Pentagon places a chair in Cage’s left arm then con-chair-toes Cage’s left arm. Pentagon then breaks both of Cage’s arms. Pentagon then double stomps Cage’s head through the cinderblocks and Cage is unable to get up by the 10-count.

Official result: Pentagon Dark defeated Cage to retain the Lucha Underground Championship

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