Lucha Underground Results (8/29): For Whom The Wedding Bell Tolls

Welcome to Fightful's coverage of Lucha underground. This week, Johnny Mundo and Taya tie the knot in the final segment of the show.

We begin with Worldwide Underground is in the locker room talking about the wedding and Mundo is excited to get married. Joey Wrestling (Joey Mercury) appears out of nowhere and reveals to be the best man, demoting Ricky Mundo to ring bearer. Ricky is further alienated and picked on by Worldwide Underground.

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Jake Strong vs. Drago:

Both men lock up to start the match. Strong hits forearms to Drago followed by a couple of knee strikes. Strong then hits a back suplex on Drago and as Strong goes for another one, Drago flips out and then hits multiple leg kicks to Strong. Both men run the ropes opposite to each other and as the two run towards to one another, Strong dives for a shoulder tackle, targeting one of Drago’s legs.

Strong then twists the knee he just tackled, weakening it. Strong goes for an arm bar, but when Drago hips tosses him, Strong keeps applying the standing arm bar. With his back on the mat, Drago kicks Strong to get out of the arm bar. Strong catches Drago and Drago hits a counter DDT. Drago hits a leg drop and goes for a pin, but Strong kicks out at two. Both wrestlers go outside and Drago kicks Strong in the midsection. Strong throws Drago over the steel guardrails and into the chairs in the crowd. Strong carries Drago by the head and brings him back to the ring. Strong hits a Swagger Bomb. Strong goes for the ankle lock and Drago taps out

Official Result: Jake Strong defeated Drago

After the match, Drago keeps applying the ankle lock, but Aerostar comes in for the save and Aerostar keeps kicking Strong in his thighs.

Jack Evans vs. XO Lishus: No Mas Match:

Evans taunts XO as the match starts. XO then spears Evans and does ground-and-pound striking the Worldwide Underground member. XO takes Evans out of the ring and continues beating him. Evans goes for a single-leg takedown to get out of harm’s way. XO kicks Evans and then XO headscissors Evans from the stairs outside the ring. XO throws Evans to the ring but Evans spins back out from under the bottom rope to side kick XO in the head. Evans then hits a 450 splash on the outside to XO, gaining the upper hand in the match.

Evans then drags XO to the announcer’s table and slams XO’s head onto the table. XO then hits multiple high kicks to Evans. From the announce table, XO hits a Blockbuster on Evans and XO has the momentum once more. After XO beats Evans up some more, Evans manages to kick XO then hit a jumping knee strike from the apron. Evans slams XO to the stairs and tells XO to give up. XO gets out and hits Finlay roll and then a standing moonsault. Evans tries to escape from the temple and XO chases him. Evans then throws XO to the chairs and is climbing up a ladder. Evans then front flips XO off the ladder.

As Evans approaches XO, Evans tells XO to give up but then yelled “F*ck You!” Ivelisse comes in and is superkicked by XO and then thrown to the chairs by Evans. XO recovers and sends Evans back to the ring. XO hits a spinning back kick to Evans. XO kicks Evans’ spine. XO goes for a modified Regal Stretch, but Evans gets out. XO then applies the submission once more. Evans then goes for an ankle lock, but XO gets out eventually. XO flips across the ring to slap Evans. XO drop toe holds Evans, then goes for a headscissors lock then modifies it into a piledriver.

Evans has XO in a submission, but XO gets out. XO goes for a cross armbreaker. Evans powerbombs out of the armbreaker. Evans gets out of the ring and brings a chair to the ring. Evans hits XO with the chair, then places XO’s back across the chair. Evans then proclaims he’s breaking XO’s neck. Joey Ryan comes in to stop Evans and as Evans is distracted, Ivelisse gets XO out of harm’s way. XO puts Evans in an armbreaker and Evans says No Mas!

Official Result: XO Lishus defeated Jack Evans

Joey Ryan tries to reason with XO and Ivelisse, saying that he’s on their side and the duo accepts Ryan. XO, Ivelisse and Ryan all celebrate in the ring.

Evans crawls to the rest of Worldwide Underground and the group believes he won’t be attending the wedding. Ricky Mundo said he doesn’t want to be the ring bearer as Johnny Mundo flips out on Ricky for calling the rings stupid. The doll then tells Ricky to do the job promised to it.

Johnny Mundo, accompanied by Joey Wrestling and PJ Black, first walk to the ring. Taya, accompanied by Cheerleader Melissa and then Brenda, make their way to the ring. Ricky then to a darkened room as we hear the screams of what appears to be Matanza Cueto. Ricky then uses bolt cutters to release Matanza. Ricky then bolts out of the area as Matanza makes his way to the ring.

Famous B is the minister for this wedding. As Famous B asks if anybody objects to the wedding, Antonio Cueto appears. Antonio said he’s not out to object and that he loves them and wants to give them a gift. Antonio said to ring the bell and then several tables full of tacos are brought out.

Taya then said her wedding vows, saying she can’t wait to be his tag team partner for life. It’s Johnny’s turn to proclaim his wedding vows. Johnny said he never thought he would meet someone as sexy as he is and that he loves her more than his reflection. Johnny then said this is the best day of his life.

Both Johnny and Taya say their “I do’s” and Ricky Mundo comes out to bring the rings. Johnny and Famous B tell Ricky to get out of the ring. Famous B is about to finish but Matanza crashes the wedding and takes out Worldwide Underground. Matanza headbutts Taya. As Brenda hits Matanza with flowers, Matanza powerslams her. Matanza lifts Famous B from his wheelchair and throws him across the ring. Matanza powerbombs PJ Black through the taco table. Matanza hits an exploder suplex on Johnny over the top rope and into another taco table. Taya is busted open and tries to beat up on Matanza but it does not work. Matanza hits Wrath of the Gods on Taya as Ricky Mundo is laughing at the destruction created by Matanza. Matanza drags Taya out of the ring and chokeslams her to the table where the wedding cake is.

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