Match Ratings For 10/30/20 WWE Smackdown From Sean Ross Sapp

Fall in Line

  • We see a video recap of Jey Uso and Roman Reigns.
  • They're both in the ring. Jey Uso says Reigns didn't make him quit.
  • Reigns tells him to stop making excuses. All the elders in the family back him and support him.
  • Jey Uso is emotional and livid and angry.
  • Roman Reigns tells him to fall in line, and that he loves him. By the end of the night, he'll fall in line. He consoles Jey.
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Survivor Series Qualifier
Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler

  • Owens wrestling in jeans, it would appear.
  • Roode attacks Kevin Owens. The referee throws out Roode.
  • Ziggler goes after the eyes of Owens.
  • Owens does a Gunnslinger into a White Noise, which he always called the Go Home Driver. Very cool. I'm glad he brought it back.
  • Owens counters a superkick with a superkick. Ziggler counters a pop-up with a FameAsser.
  • Owens wins with a Stunner. This is worth watching.

Other Stuff

  • Lars Sullivan goes off on Corey Graves for calling him THE FREAK. Lars talks about being ostracized. He says he cried when he was younger for people calling him the freak. He talks about how he tortured a couple of brothers. I think they thought this Lars Sullivan promo was going to be for him what it was for Mankind. I thought he did well for what he was given, but the scripting in these is bad.
  • We get another Carmella vignette. She is THAT woman. These are produced like every other backstage segment, and don't feel special.
  • Sami Zayn says he represents all continents, and Lashley only represents one shitty country. Zayn didn't actually say it was a shitty country, I just did that to make the tweet better.

Survivor Series Qualifier
Bianca Belair defeated Billie Kay and Natalya

  • There was a good backstage promo where Natalya, Bianca Belair and Billie Kay made their cases for team Smackdown.
  • Bianca Belair has wrestled on Smackdown two consecutive weeks. That never happened on Raw after she was called up.
  • There's a lot of sitting around and waiting in this match.
  • Natalya applies a Sharpshooter to Bianca, who is put in a crossface-esque hold by Billie.
  • Billie makes Bianca DDT Natalya while she boots Bianca.
  • Natalya applies a Sharpshooter on Billie. Bianca pins Billie with a KOD
  • This just was not it. It was well intended and the right person won, but this just wasn'tgood.


  • Aaliyah Mysterio says her mom wants her to be happy, but Rey and Dominik won't talk to her about him. She is not a good actress.
  • Murphy is going to publicly apologize. He does but, Dom and Rey won't come out.
  • Seth Rollins says he approves of Aaliyah and Murphy, and Rey & Dom never will.
  • Dom comes out to attack Rollins, but Murphy yanks Dominik away and attacks Rollins.
  • Murphy and Dom get into it, then Rey comes to help Dom.
  • Aaliyah stops them and says she's in love with Murphy. THEY KISS. LOVE, BRO. LOVE.

Street Profits defeated Nakamura & Cesaro

  • Typical "BECAUSE WE ARE ________ AND WE ____" promo.
  • Montez does a running Blockbuster, which is amazing. Then Cesaro heaves him over the barricade, which is more amazing.
  • Gotta say I'm really happy with the number of gutwrench powerbombs in wrestling the last few weeks
  • A Powerplex Frog Splash gets the win for Street Profits. A fun, fast paced match.

Sasha And Bayley

  • Today I am thankful to whoever made the decision that WWE wrestlers wouldn't have to wear their gear and wrestling shirt to the ring no matter what they were doing.
  • Sasha THROWS the chair Bayley hit her with. This promo is not great.
  • Because I am __________ and I ____________ promo.
  • Bayley comes out and says Sasha can win a title, she just can't hang on to it.
  • Bayley challenges Sasha Banks to another match that they don't need to have on Smackdown. I don't want to see a bait and switch, I don't want to see a non-finish and I don't want to see an actual Sasha/Bayley match interrupted by commercials.

Survivor Series Qualifier
Jey Uso defeated Daniel Bryan

  • Some good back and forth action. I like that this is such a fresh matchup. Not one you'd save for PPV, but perfect for a Smackdown main event.
  • Roman Reigns comes out. Music and all.
  • Uso counters a belly to back superplex.
  • Uso Splash turned into a LeBell Lock.
  • Uso Splash gets the win. This was way too short for me.
  • After the match, Jey Uso says he's with Roman Reigns, and Reigns is the head of the table.
  • Reigns looks at Bryan, and Jey superkicks and splashes Bryan.
  • This Reigns/Uso story rules so hard. Uso says he understands now, and he loves Reigns too.
  • Reigns tells Uso to make Bryan understand.
  • GOD! I hope Uso is okay after that spot. He caught the edge of the table jumping onto Bryan.

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