Match Ratings For 11/27/2020 WWE Smackdown From Sean Ross Sapp

Note: Trying a different method and style to see how you all like it.

Opening Segment

Women's Tag Team Championship Match Set For 5/14 WWE SmackDown

Roman Reigns is fantastic as usual, telling Uso he doesn't command the respect of his team because they don't feat him. Uso plays the downtrodden, sad that he disappointed the head of the table role. Reigns' command of tone and tempo in what he says maximizes every work. Specifically, the line about not being a bitch waiting around for Thanksgiving leftovers. Uso thought he'd make Reigns happy by helping with McIntyre. Uso beat the living shit out Otis with a chair, which is the preferable occurance to the latter having an actual match with Baron Corbin.

Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler defeated Street Profits

Another match, another non-title match. Ziggler got so much heat for saying "fam" just like Street Profits. Only he didn't whatsoever. Nor did he for the same old "DO SOMETHING" line he puts forth in a bunch of his matches. Montez Ford is still selling his ribs, which is an element of continuity that I appreciate. I'd say it would make more sense for him to just do another move. This will come as a shock to you, but the tag champs got pinned. Roode and Ziggler pin Smackdown tag team champs the Street Profits, who pinned Raw tag team champs New Day, who pinned Hurt Business, who previously pinned New Day. In case you were wondering.

Sami Zayn defeated Daniel Bryan via countout

Sami Zayn is not a heel. The things he is saying about the Holiday are true. He's only a heel for not wanting to defend the championship. But he isn't. This is a non-title match for some reason. In fact, Zayn is acting exactly like Daniel Bryan was a couple of years back. This match is fantastic, even though it has no stakes for the second non-title match in the hour. A lot of verbalizing in Smackdown matches these days. Bryan is reclaiming apron brainbusters, which I can appreciate. Sami Zayn darting out of the ring and darting back to beat the countout was effectively hilarious. Jey Uso was beating up Bryan backstage, but Owens made the save. After the match, Zayn approaches Big E and Apollo Crews playing paper basketball and talks a bunch of trash. Big E shakes Sami Zayn's hand for ten seconds, and destroys his hand in the mean time. I smell a NON-TITLE MATCH!

Bianca Belair defeated Natalya

Bayley joins commentary, and it seems like they're going to gear towards Bianca Belair vs. Bayley. I can't convey my excitement for that. Have them both win a bunch of matches and face each other. Bayley keeps challenging Cole to a fight. Bianca Belair accidentally hits Bayley and pins Natalya after a RUCKUS ensues. This was a little too foggy for my liking, but the in ring work was good, and I'm all for the Bayley vs. Bianca Belair match that will come from this.

Buddy Murphy (w/ Mysterio Family) defeated King Corbin

King Corbin approaches the Mysterio Family. You should know the drill by now. A generic heel promo delivered poorly while the Family gazes on with concern like there aren't three pro wrestlers standing that. Rey Mysterio is helping Murphy, and the whole Mysterio family is out there. Michael Cole agrees that Corbin has a gripe, which I appreciate. Don't insult our intelligence. Murphy wins after a distraction, but Corbin is livid. He wants a rematch next week, and says he'll be prepared. Hopefully Corbin has the two Forgotten Sons that didn't piss everyone off with him next week. Those two worked too hard for too long to have it thrown away.

Other Stuff

  • Carmella has a video vignette and trashes Sasha Banks backstage. Sasha surprise attacks her in a pretty fun reveal, and Pat Buck and Adam Pearce have to break them up.
  • Billie Kay tries to join commentary.

Kevin Owens defeated Jey Uso via DQ

Kevin Owens criticizes Roman Reigns for how he treats his family. Roman, one of the best booked characters in WWE history since August, wants Uso to take care of it. The match is extremely physical, a stark contrast even from the Bryan/Zayn match. Owens uses a pumphandle neckbreaker, aka the Steenbreaker. Super awesome to see. Uso takes a chair to Owens and gets DQ'd. Reigns didn't tell him to win, Reigns told him to make Owens fear him. It doesn't happen, as Owens cracks Uso with a stunner. I almost never give non-finishes rec'd viewing, but this was a brutal, physical match. Owens beats the brakes off of Uso and looks into the camera and tells Reigns he fears no one. Owens wants Reigns to find him. This was amazing. Another Stunner. Owens sits at the end of the announcer's table and says he's the head.

Rating Guide
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