Match Ratings For 11/6/20 WWE Smackdown From Sean Ross Sapp

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
Sasha Banks (c) defeated Bayley to retain

  • I'm definitely not down with two commercial breaks during a Bayley/Sasha Banks match, but there was less than four minutes of wrestling between those two. Come on.
  • Bayley does an insane flapjack onto the apron. There's a lot of work out there including a body press and elbow from Sasha.
  • The chair is entered, but Sasha eats a backstabber and Bayley to Belly trying to get rid of it. Those, nor the flying elbow get it done for Bayley.
  • A Bayley 2 Back doesn't either.
  • Sasha Banks' first successful world title defense on the main roster. A good match that could have been so much more without all the commercials, and with a better follow up build.
  • For all that Bayley made of Sasha not being able to defend a title, commentary sure is ignoring it.
  • Carmella attacks Sasha Banks at the top of the ramp.
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Survivor Series Qualifier
King Corbin defeated Rey Mysterio (w/ Dominik Mysterio)

  • Rey Mysterio is looking for his daughter back
  • Corbin does an incredible over the shoulder backbreaker. He doesn't get enough credit for his innovative offense.
  • Rey is out wearing his street clothes.
  • Corbin's back elbow hits really hard, too.
  • Rollins comes out for goof time.
  • This match didn't need a 9 PM EST bear hug. This match isn't as fast paced as it needed to be.
  • 619 is set up, but Rollins attacks Dom. Rey attacks Rollins.
  • Aalyah and Murphy come out, and Mysterio is mad.
  • Mysterio walks into a terrible End of Days.
  • This could have been good, great even. Instead, it was an overbooked mess.
  • This sucked.

Survivor Series Qualifier
Ruby Riott defeated Zelina and Natalya

  • Ruby Riott has a new hair cut.
  • This triple threa match is a little more crisp than last week, but still a lot of waiting around.
  • Zelina looks really good in-ring.
  • Zelina is put in a Sharpshooter, but the ropes mean nothing.
  • Ruby Riott applies a crossface armbar, and Nattie lets go of the Sharpshooter.
  • Zelina taps and Natalya is livid. I liked this finish, and it played off of a spot last week pretty well. I'm ready for some non-title women's feuds on these shows.

Survivor Series Qualifier
Seth Rollins defeated Otis

  • The Mysterios are watching along.
  • Murphy pops up. Graves says Otis is looking at Murphy like he's in a funhouse mirror. This busts Cole up.
  • Otis has a nice deadweight waistlock.
  • Otis no-selling and shaking his dick doesn't quite do it for me. Him almost dropping Rollins on his head doesn't, either.
  • Murphy causes a distraction and Rollins wins with a Stomp.
  • Another distraction finish.
  • Rollins is happy, Aalyah is livid, Murphy wants trust, and I want this to be over.

Other Stuff

  • Big E is backstage playing board games, and Street Profits come up and joke with him and talk a little trash. Big E says if they lay down, Kofi and Xavier won'tbeat them up too bad. This is completely slapstick and I laughed way too hard. Billie Kay tries selling Raw secrets to Street Profits. Billie Kay can be one of the best comedy acts WWE has had in a long, long time.

Jey Uso (w/ Paul Heyman) defeated Kevin Owens

  • Kevin Owens mentions Jey Uso getting Reigns coffee, and Uso takes exception to it. This was pretty good.
  • Paul Heyman isn't happy Jey Uso did an interview without permission, and Roman Reigns scolds both of them. Reigns says Owens was disrespecting.
  • Owens implies Jey is Roman's bitch in a promo.
  • Reigns sends Heyman out because he doesn't like how things are going.
  • Owens gets distracted and kicked.
  • Owens is wearing a red shirt, which is practically new gear for him. Cool.
  • Owens can't win it with a superkick and Swanton.
  • A BEEFY pop up powerbomb hits. A lot of stank on that.
  • Roman's music hits, and Owens gets hit RIGHT IN THE PENIS.
  • Cole has had some distortion on his audio.
  • Jey Uso wins. He and Heyman are happy. Reigns comes out to celebrate

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