Match Ratings For 205 Live 6/18/19, NXT & NXT UK 6/19/19 From Sean Ross Sapp

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205 Live

NXT Results For 10/19/21 Breakker and Ciampa vs. Grizzled Young Veterans and more

Singh Bros. defeated Lucha House Party (w/ Kalisto)

  • It seems like Lucha House Party are back on 205 Live for the forseeable future after Lars crushed them.
  • ....I get 205 Live duties the week Tom Phillips replaces Vic Joseph? Was this planned, Warren?
  • The Singhs are working more, and I like that. Lucha House Party whiff on an assisted bulldog, though,.
  • Lucha House Party recover in the ring, and it seemed like they had something to prove.
  • I like the Singhs being used as best they can. If Jinder is doing his own thing, let them wrestle.
  • Singhs cheat to win, and this was solid, but the major whiff stood out.

The Brian Kendrick crushes jobber

  • Noam Dar is backstage and wants his demands met, but he's interrupted by Brian Kendrick. Dar isn't happy.
  • Brian Kendrick entertains the jobber's handshake deal a little more than he should have.
  • I love the different camera angles on 205 Live that I don't get to talk about much.
  • Sliced Bread wins it.

Backstage Stuffs

  • Mike Kanellis and Maria interrupt Jack Gallagher and trashes Maverick for leaving before the show. I thought Kanellis did great here, and Gallagher responded.
  • Gulak, Nese and Tozawa all cut Stomping Grounds promos.

Oney Lorcan defeated Ariya Daivari via DQ

  • Oney Lorcan goes at Daivari hard early and overwhelms him.
  • Daivari has a GREAT single arm DDT/armbreaker off the second rope. I love this move. He works the arm big time.
  • Million Dollar Dream and Iconoclasm for Daivari. I really enjoy his work.
  • Half and Half suplex and a dive hit outside for Lorcan.
  • Daivari gets DQ'd after using a chair and beats down Lorcan. Oney is sent into the LED boards and Daivari hits the Hammerlock Lariat. This was a great performance from him.


Damian Priest defeated Raul Mendoza

  • I'm so excited for Damian Priest. He's so much better than many know. He's going to excel in NXT.
  • Mendoza gets a ton of offense, which I'm not too fond of. Quite frankly, he dominated the match.
  • Priest hits a chokeslam on the apron and a rolling cutter for the win.

Other Stuff

  • We see a Mia Yim vignette. This goes a long way in helping her out.
  • The Street Profits have their own championship parade, and it's excellent.
  • The NXT Breakout tournament is announced. Some of these names are just miserable.
  • Shane Thorne is livid about the Breakout tournament. Good. I like that. The brief promo sucked, though.

Xia Li defeated Taynara Conti

  • If Taynara Conti can put it together, she'll be a huge star. Same with Xia. They shake hands before this one.
  • Conti's offense looks way too choreographed for someone who has the background she has.
  • We see a ton of throws from Conti, but none of them really look good. You could say the same for most of Xia's kicks until the great one at the end.

Undisputed Era defeated Velveteen Dream, Tyler Breeze & Matt Riddle

  • Undisputed Era cut a promo about remaking NXT into their image.
  • Kyle O'Reilly has the best throw to video ever, saying he literally produced it the night before.
  • Velveteen Dream says he wants to touch Adam Cole. Matt Riddle is out next and cuts his lame scripted promo as well as he could. Tyler Breeze is next and we have a six-man tag tonight
  • Matt Riddle is arguably the best seller in wrestling today. Kind of funny since he came from a sport that didn't want you to sell for obvious reasons.
  • Dream almost crushes Fish's face with a moonsault.
  • I can't pretend Breeze, Riddle, Dream were a trio I ever thought I'd see.
  • Riddle does the reverse powerslam we've seen out of Eli Drake in the past.
  • Dream takes an insane bump off the apron. This helps add to the Tyler Breeze hot tag.
  • Strong hits Dream with End of Heartache for the win.


Kassius Ohno defeated Kenny Williams

  • It's great to see Kassius Ohno. He fits in, yet he stands out on NXT UK.
  • I like Williams using the head scissors hold to fend off Ohno, but I like Ohno tying him up in the ropes even more. 
  • Ohno's Discus Elbow in the ropes to finish this was ART.
  • Noam Dar is out in the rain saying that he'll take Williams "UNDER HIS WANG (wing)."


  • We get a YOU PEOPLE promo out of Imperium. It's really great to hear and see Alexander Wolfe, though. I hope he eventually challenges Walter.
  • Walter cuts the best promo of all four guys. 
  • Travis Banks challenges Walter to a match next week.

Gallus defeated The Hunt

  • The Bearded White Guy Battle Royal. This is why I say that NXT UK needs to diversify a little bit.
  • These guys run 100 miles an hour and it's fun.
  • Gallus win with a pop-up powerslam and the kick. They lay a beating on after the match.
  • Bearded White Guy #28913012 Dave Mastiff comes out to run them off.


Top Contender Battle Royal
Kay Lee Ray Wins

  • Rhea Ripley and Jazzy is a clash and faceoff they have to build to.
  • Gabert's Dominators are CUTTING IT TOO CLOSE. I'm horrified of the move and not as in love with her as many are.
  • Either way, Jazzy is domninant. Xia eliminates her finally.
  • This leaves Jinny to get attacked by babyfaces, but saved by Jazzy. After Jazzy is ejected, Jinny is out quickly.
  • Not as many apron eliminations as I'd expected, and that's a great thing. 
  • Piper and Rhea are doing battle and it carries out onto the apron. Xia dropkicks them both off, and Ripley yanks Niven down.
  • Kay Lee Ray is still in the match and eliminates Xia with a wicked atomic whip.


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