Match Ratings For 2/15/21 WWE Raw From Sean Ross Sapp

Miz TV

Miz doesn't have John Morrison with him because he's making a Bad Bunny diss track. Drew McIntyre is out there and keeps getting interrupted by the Miz. After warning Miz, Drew beats him up and leaves. Miz threatens to cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Miz cuts a long promo before he removes himself from the Elimination Chamber match. I know a lot of people act like Miz taking himself out of the match makes sense, but why wouldn't you stack title shots if you could?

Ember Moon Wants To Become The First Dual Women's Champion In NXT History

Riddle & Lucha House Party defeated Hurt Business

This is Riddle's twelfth match that includes someone who is a member of The Hurt Business since November. Riddle and Lucha House Party talk Presidents. It's been great to see Lucha House Party being used so often. This match is all over the place in the best of ways. Spots almighty and a great pace that accentuates the abilities of the performers. A ton of signature moves and high spots lead to Riddle beating MVP. But you know the drill -- Lashley comes out and attacks the babyfaces and lays out Riddle as the camera goes crazy

WWE 24/7 Title
Akira Tozawa defeated R-Truth (c) to become Champion
Bad Bunny defeated Akira Tozawa (c) to become Champion

Bad Bunny is talking with Mandy Rose, and Damian Priest is shilling SNL. Akira Tozawa pins R-Truth for the 24/7 Title. Tozawa runs into Damian Priest, who attacks him. Bad Bunny wins the 24/7 Title. That's why WWE won't get rid of that 24/7 Title, and I don't blame them. If Colin Jost and Michael Che don't try to win the WWE 24/7 Title this week, continuity is DEAD.

Charlotte Flair & Asuka vs. Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce (w/ Ric Flair)

Lacey Evans cuts a promo with Peyton by her side, and I couldn't care less about this match. That's saying something because I think most of the ingredients are good. Lacey Evans gets tagged in, and won't fight Charlotte Flair because she say's SHE'S PREGNANT. The match just ends, obviously, BECAUSE SHE'S PREGNANT. Okay. No title match, then!

Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz

Miz wants John Morrison to take his place. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods cut a hilarious promo to try to get Kofi into the match. An eliminator match to determine the last participant is established. Good! This makes sense and adds stakes. These two have worked together on TV over 70 times, and probably over 100 times in total. As a result, the in-ring is really good.

The importance of this match right in the middle of Raw is something we need more of. Miz masterfully works over the leg of Kofi Kingston, but ends up getting pinned with a Trouble in Paradise. This was a really good TV match.

Shayna Baszler (w/ Nia Jax) defeated Lana (w/ Naomi)

Lana and Naomi make fun of Nia Jax backstage. Shayna Baszler dominates her match against Lana, but Lana gets a brief hope spot. Naomi attacks Nia Jax, and it distracts Shayna Baszler, because why not? Either Way, Lana gets choked out. This was a solid match that didn't need the distraction.

For #6 Entrant In Elimination Chamber
Sheamus wins

We see promos from the participants in the Elimination Chamber match. Alexa Bliss interrupts Randy Orton's and has contact lenses. Braun Strowman is backstage, pissed off about not being in the match. Strowman tells Adam Pearce he needs to make it right.

Omos catches Xavier Woods at the beginning of this match, and chokeslams him over the barricade. They used one of the worst camera angles possible for that. AJ Styles works over the knee of Kofi Kingston that was getting attacked less than an hour before. Kofi Kingston gets pinned after a Phenomenal Forearm.

Kofi Kingston eliminated first. Kofi Kingston being eliminated first made sense. He wasn't even prepared to compete in this spot tonight at all, much less twice in an hour. He got his leg worked over for about 25 minutes tonight.

Drew McIntyre is next and kicks the living shit out of AJ Styles until a dropkick stops a Claymore. It really looked like Drew McInytre was going to crush AJ Styles here. They battle all through a commercial and go move for move after that. Styles has the Calf Crusher on but McIntyre headbutts out. Why do people run and hit the ropes? In kayfabe, for reasons like what just set up the Drew McIntyre/AJ Styles finish. Styles is whiplashed and eliminated with a Claymore.

Jeff Hardy cuts an abysmal promo before he enters. This goes more back and forth than I expected, but after McIntyre's outing against Styles, it made sense. He actually whiffs on a Claymore at one point. Knees up on the Swanton and a Claymore hits to eliminate Hardy. This was yet another good fall.

Randy Orton is next, but Alexa Bliss laughing takes over the Thunderdome. Randy Orton gets counted out.

Sheamus is next. He battles with Drew and controls the majority of the match, but he's too fresh and pins Drew McIntyre after a Brogue Kick.

Rating Guide
10- Perfect, 9- MOTY Territory, 8- Excellent, 7- Great, 6- Good, 5- Average to above average, 4- Slightly below average, 3 or below: Poor

Each match starts at a 5 and slides up and down based on entertainment, execution, time, environment, reaction and stakes. The ratings are in no way an indication of a "star rating," which is a completely different system. A standard, non-offensive "TV match" lands at a 5. The gap between 5.75-6 is generally the largest, with anything reaching 6 being recommended viewing.
These are opinions, and incredibly inconsistent ones that may change upon a second viewing, or sitting on the match for a period of time. Don't take them too seriously, and have (and share) your own!

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