Match Ratings For 3/16/20 WWE Raw From Sean Ross Sapp


  • Jesus Christ they took Jerry Lawler's old ass into this!
  • Lawler, Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips welcome to TV viewers
  • Edge interrupts and says "let's roll the footage." Stop making wrestlers do this.
  • Edge says that he worked for everything and Randy Orton had it all handed to him and that tears up Orton. He admits Orton is one of the greats.
  • Edge thinks Orton is jealous.
  • Beth Phoenix was there to retire for him again before Orton attacked her. She didn't think it was fair that he would have to retire twice.
  • Edge challenges Orton to a Last Man Standing match.
  • This was an excellent promo from Edge. He's good no matter the crowd size
HoodFoot Injured At GCW Dead On Arrival

Other Stuff

  • They're showing the ENTIRE ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH.
  • The only benefit is they fixed the Edge footage.

The Undertaker WTF

  • That was the fastest Undertaker entrance of all time. No outfit. Nothing.
  • Wait.....they had us sit through an hour and a half of a replayed Royal Rumble to have Undertaker make an NFL combine worthy dash to the ring for a contract signing, flip a table and go to a commercial?
  • They tell us it's because no contract was present.
  • Then we get another video package.
  • Imagine being the person who has to tell Taker he's hanging out in the ring through a commercial break and the video package, assuming this is actually live.
  • AJ Styles won't come out. He and the OC are backstage.
  • Styles sends the OC out to take his signed contract to Taker.
  • The DONG tolls and Taker is behind them.
  • He beats up OC and signs the contract then feeds it to Anderson.
  • That entrance is too short for a motorcycle so have Taker ride a bicycle out there.
  • AJ Styles cut a great promo about Michelle McCool running Taker into the ground before all this.

Rey Mysterio defeated Andrade (w/ Zelina)

  • Asuka joins commentary and speaks very AGGRESSIVE Japanese.
  • The work in this as good as always, but Asuka is stealing the show on commentary. This has to be the most non-English dialogue on an episode of WWE Raw ever.
  • Myself and @AlexSourGraps long wanted Becky Lynch to be the only one to understand what Asuka is saying on Raw when she screams in Japanese, but she just doesn't acknowledge that they're speaking different languages
  • The match ends with a springboard splash.

Becky Lynch

  • Becky Lynch pulls up in a semi truck.
  • We see Shayna Baszler watching Becky Lynch backstage.
  • Becky says she watched Shayna run through everyone in NXT and she knows that it eats up Shayna that she's champ and nothing in her world makes sense.
  • This was an okay promo with good delivery.

Kevin Owens

  • Kevin Owens cuts a good promo saying he'll face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania.
  • Owens started at the PC and Seth didn't, and he sees that as a fitting place for their upcoming match.

Becky 3:16

  • Steve Austin is reading what 3:16 Day is all about.
  • He asks for crowd participation, but only Byron participates.
  • Austin invites Byron to the ring to celebrate.
  • Stunner on Byron.
  • Becky Lynch comes to the ring with a cooler and celebrates.

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