Match Ratings For 4/24/20 WWE Smackdown From Sean Ross Sapp

Opening Segment

  • Big E trying to get away with more shit on the mic every week is a cliffhanger that keeps me tuning in.
  • Kofi Kingston brags about the title reigns, and Big E brags about the Tampa Bay Bucs
  • Lucha House Party interrupt. Literally had no idea Lince spoke English.
  • Miz and Morrison disregard Lucha House Party and go off.
  • Metalik speaks Spanish, and nobody really knows what he said.
  • Forgotten Sons are out and Cutler has shaved his head. "YOU SEEEEE"- Gunner, Ryker, etc.
  • Why are Lucha House Party invovled? They don't win.
  • This Forgotten Sons promo is not hot outside of Cutler.
  • Forgotten Sons attack and lay out New Day.
  • Miz and Morrison are talking to Renee (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) they want a match with Lucha House Party.
WWE Files To Trademark "I'm Nobody's Bitch"

Money in the Bank Qualifier
King Corbin defeated Drew Gulak (w/ Daniel Bryan)

  • Gulak is taking it to Corbin before the commercial. Corbin catches him with a big clothesline after the break.
  • Baron Corbin's Ripcord slam still has me in awe any time I see it.
  • Cesaro and Nakamura show up and attack Daniel Bryan.
  • End of Days wins it for Corbin.
  • Nakamura, Cesaro and Corbin beat down Gulak.

Sheamus defeated Daniel Vidot

  • Sheamus beating the breaks of of Australian Reigns
  • Brogue Kick, finish.
  • They show a Jeff Hardy clip again, and like ten minutes later Sheamus is still there, mean mugging Cole.

Lucha House Party defeated Miz & Morrison

  • Miz and Morrison get their match.
  • Morrison piledriving himself is an odd move.
  • A handspring Stunner hits for Dorado, which I definitely wouldn't allow if I were a WWE producer since that's KO's finish.
  • Metalik does a Slingblade bulldog, but eats boot on a moonsault.
  • Miz can't kip up. He gets rolled up by Lucha House Party. At least that gives them a win.
  • Miz and Morrison should be out of the title picture now.
  • Smackdown's tag team division is one of the few divisions that can get away with 50/50 booking and it still be good.

Money In The Bank Qualifier
Lacey Evans defeated Sasha Banks (w/ Bayley)

  • Bayley has a main event tan.
  • Sasha Banks works over Lacey Evans' arm.
  • Sasha misses her knee offense in the corner, and it feels like it's been a while since that hit.
  • Lacey fires up with a good comeback, but her arm gives back and eats a Meteora.
  • I already miss Bayley on commentary.
  • Banks beats on the hand even more, and Lacey gets out of a Banks Statement. It's pretty transparent at this point she's not winning.
  • Lacey Evans clobbers Sasha with the Women's Right, but Bayley puts her foot on the ropes.
  • Lacey kicks out of a pin because Bayley distracts too long. Sasha isn't happy.
  • Women's Right, pin.
  • Lacey wins.
  • Tamina lays out Bayley at the top of the ramp.

WWE Women's Tag Team Titles
Bliss Cross Applesauce (c) defeated Carmella & Dana Brooke

  • Dana jokes with Carmella about her qualifying match next week.
  • I'm very intrigued about a Carmella & Dana Brooke team. I think they're both underrated.
  • Carmella and Dana both do body presses outside the ring.
  • Carmella and Alexa both hit nice strikes on each other.
  • A blind tag on Carmella's Statushpere was nice.
  • I don't know what Alexa and Nikki tried to do and didn't, but it wasn't a 3D or even a modified one as Cole called it. It was more like MNM's Snapshot as Graves alluded to.

Triple H

  • Shawn Michaels joins Triple H and says he has two words for ya -- social distancing.
  • There's a really lame promo about Shawn Michaels not having a 25 year anniversary.
  • They play a bunch of DX and Triple H outtakes. We also see him losing a lot at WrestleMania.
  • This is getting a lot better. Shawn Michaels brings up Stephanie No Fun.
  • "You tell that no good, lazy eyed..." --- Stephanie McMahon to Triple H about Shawn Michaels.
  • Ric Flair calls in for a cameo too.
  • "Don't let Shawn superkick you at the end of the segment"- Ric Flair to Triple H.
  • Ric Flair calls back just to cry! Amazing!
  • Road Dogg calls in too, but Triple H hangs up on him.
  • Shawn Michaels teases a Katie Vick segment. Vince McMahon pops up on Smackdown.
  • Vince McMahon says this is boring. He brings up The Gobbledygooker, Katie Vick and Bayley -- This is your life.
  • Vince says Triple H's performance was rotten.
  • He leaves and has crickets chirp over the PA.

Rating Guide
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