Match Ratings For 4/27/20 WWE Smackdown From Sean Ross Sapp

VIP Lounge

  • Rey Mysterio, Aleister Black, Apollo Crews all join the VIP Lounge.
  • MVP interrupts Rey Mysterio, and assumes why everyone is hoping to win Money in the Bank.
  • Zelina comes out with her group, and it's pretty transparent that all three of these guys are taking on the babyfaces.
  • Zelina wants Austin Theory, Andrade and Angel Garza to take the babyfaces place in the Money in the Bank match.
  • This is a really stupid premise. It's really lazy. Just put the spots on the line.
  • They all end up brawling. Just do the match with all the furniture. That would be different at least.
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Apollo Crews, Rey Mysterio & Aleister Black defeated Andrade, Austin Theory & Angel Garza (w/ Zelina)

  • Of course we get a match, and of course it's good with these six involved.
  • I wish they just would have went ahead and put the spots on the line in some way.
  • Apollo and Aleister do (almost) in stereo dives.
  • Theory's offense is good, but I hope he peppers in his unique offense that way they don't just become another move.
  • This is a good match, but it's really something to ask of them to eat up over 40 minutes of time for a match that has no stakes at all.
  • Rey's spinning DDT looks as good as ever. Theory's cross-legged neckbreaker is a great one that nobody else in WWE is doing.
  • Crews gets the win with his awesome powerbomb on Andrade. He should be in line for a United States Title Match.
  • Andrade and Zelina are livid backstage, and Andrade wants to face Apollo for the title. Apollo clowns them and agrees. They get face to face and Apollo slaps Andrade. Their match is tonight.

Triple Threat

  • Asuka cuts an aggressive promo about Nia Jax.
  • Baszler has switched it into a new gear on Raw, and it's awesome.
  • They all end up brawling, but no match happens. I'm okay with that considering the circumstances.
  • Nia stood tall, but this was a good fight and I prefer this to a match right now. Leave something for the PAPE.

Bobby Lashley defeated Denzel Dejournette

  • Ol' Smooth Robert Lashley tells Lana she's too beautiful to be at ringside cause she's a distraction.
  • He beats Dejournette's ass.
  • The spear without the flip works so much better.
  • I love WWE using enhancement guys regularly. Like the same faces over and over. Lots of people started out that way and had awesome careers. A lot of guys from the Attitude era, especially.

Liv Morgan defeated Ruby Riott

  • Liv beat Ruby in three minutes last week. Why is this happening again? She beat her in about four minutes earlier this month, albeit with a crooked ref.
  • Liv kicks out of the Riott Kick. She hits Oblivion and gets the win.
  • Liv Morgan beat Ruby Riott three times. MOVE ON.

Jinder Mahal defeated Akira Tozawa

  • Something tells me Samoa Joe will be able to call an Akira Tozawa match without saying ridiculous shit, it'll be high quality, and won't have to blame his co-workers for anything.
  • Jinder hasn't been on TV at all since Super Showdown, and WrestleMania.
  • Jinder does a nice Samoan Drop. Khallas wins it.
  • Jinder really could have used matches like this during his 2017 push.

WWE United States Championship
Andrade (c) (w/ Zelina) defeated Apollo Crews to retain

  • Both men hit great dropkicks, but Apollo gets clotheslined outside.
  • After the commercial, this match picks up big time. It was good from the jump, though. Apollo has really stepped up of late.
  • Andrade is working over the leg, but misses knees in the corner. Andrade hits them later, and does a great counter into a DDT.
  • Crews is holding his leg and the ref calls off the match. Well womperdoodles.
  • Hard to believe they'll keep Apollo Crews in the Money in the Bank match.
  • This was really good.
  • Backstage, Apollo is on crutches and he looks very dejected.

Other Stuff

  • Zelina goes off on Charly for asking Andrade a question. Angel Garza approaches Charly and pretty much asks her on a date. Or to do it. I dunno.
  • WWE runs a 24 Clip of Becky Lynch to keep her on TV.
  • Viking Raiders are more serious this week, fortunately. Street Profits want to face them next week, and appropriately shit talk that segment last week. There's a tag title match next Monday.

Cedric Alexander & Ricochet defeated Ever Rise

  • Home field advantage doesn't mean anything for these Performance Center wrestlers.
  • I want Kayfabe families back in wrestling. Say Matt Martel is related to Rick and/or Sherri.
  • This is mainly 3.0 beating up Cedric & Ricochet.
  • Ced & Ricochet win with a missile dropkick/flatliner.
  • MVP appears with Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink to reintroduce them. They have a rematch next week I guess.
  • Wooo boy nothing gets me hyped like a rematch against guys that were 0-4 in April I tell ya whut.

Contract Signing

  • Drew McIntyre signs the contract.
  • Seth Rollins says he didn't want this and it didn't have to be this way, but now it has to be.
  • Drew says nobody wants to hear Seth talk.
  • Seth says the big picture will become clear, and Drew will be better off for it.
  • Drew McIntyre said shit on TV before Chuck Taylor wow. He slams Rollins into the table.
  • Murphy helps out Rollins. Murphy then sacrifices himself for a McIntyre Claymore!

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