Match Ratings For 6/15/20 WWE Raw From Sean Ross Sapp


  • Randy Orton cuts a promo about still being a legend killer, and says Edge reminded him of what it was like to be the legend killer.
  • Orton knew when he tore Edge's triceps and wanted to do more damage.
  • Christian interrupts and says Edge's career isn't over, and it'll be over on his terms.
  • Randy Orton says he knows Christian is just like Edge and wants ONE. MORE. MATCH.
  • Christian says no, and Orton knows he's not cleared. Instead, he challenges Christian to a non sanctioned match. He says that offer expires at the end of the night.
  • While we're here, Christian is still owed an IC Title match!
  • Christian is backstage thinking this over. Big Show joins him and says Randy only wants it non sanctioned so he can hurt Christian.
  • Christian comes out and accepts.
  • Ric Flair tries to talk some sense into Christian.
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Kevin Owens defeated Angel Garza (w/ Zelina)

  • Angel Garza is being interviewed and charms Charly Caruso. Andrade shows up and wishes him luck.
  • Kevin Owens and Angel Garza brawl to start the match and then Andrade comes out.
  • Zelina gets pissed off about her guys arguing back and forth and leaves.
  • Garza is in control, but eventually loses to a Kevin Owens Stunner.
  • 50/50 life. Owens loses in two minutes a few weeks ago just to win in a few minutes tonight.
  • Zelina says they both want the same thing and need to start fighting together.


  • MVP tells an interviewer to go back to journalism school for interrupting he and Lashley.
  • Lana blames MVP for everything and calls him a snake. MVP calls her a thot and she goes off.
  • Backlash says "they" weren't on a hot streak, he was. She doesn't even lace up the boots. He's tired of her using him to get famous.
  • She says she probably should have slept with Drew if she wanted to get famous.
  • Bobby Lashley wants a divorce.

Street Raiders defeat Ninjas

  • Street Profts and Viking Raiders and talk about their feud. Akira Tozawa shows up with his stupid fucking gimmick and wants a sequel. They say he's not going to be in it, and Akira shows Jordan the Ninja.
  • Going with the name "Viking Profits" instead of "Street Raiders?" COME ON.
  • They beat the living fuck out of the ninjas very easily. The giant wasn't in there.
  • The Giant Ninja threatens, but Big Show comes out to make the save.
  • They pitch a chariot race next week. Big Show says he can't ride a horse. He knows how to end this -- not carpool karaoke.
  • Big Show says they need to have a tag title match next Monday.
  • They all dance. Woof.


  • Dom is on his way to Raw, and Rey pleads with Rollins.
  • Rollins wants Dom to join the Disciples. Rey says that won't happen.
  • Murphy and Theory are out looking for him.
  • Rollins preaches his ass off, but Dom attacks from behind. Rey watches on.
  • Murphy and Theory give chase, but Dom gets away. Dom actually looked great in that segment.

The IIconics defeated Liv Morgan & Natalya

  • Peyton Royce did a flying double stomp that looked great.
  • Liv Morgan has the win, but Peyton is distracting the ref.
  • Liv Morgan gets pinned after the Fall From Grace.
  • Okay with IIconics winning, not okay with Liv taking the pin.
  • The IIconics challenge Boss N' Hug to a Tag Title Match tonight, but there's no answer. They make the challenge for next week. Why the fuck are they doing that? There's a tag title match on Wednesday.
  • Natalya is scolding Liv Morgan backstage about making rookie mistakes. She sees why Ruby Riott let her go. Liv leaves
  • Natalya feels unappreciated, and Lana approaches with her sad story of her life.

WWE United States Championship
Apollo Crews (c) defeated Shelton Benjamin
5/10 (SHORT)

  • MVP approaches Apollo Crews and says that Apollo needs to be a smart champion and fight for the money instead of just being a fighting champion. He doesn't want Crews to burn out, and pitches himself as a manager.
  • Crews declines, but MVP says the only way Apollo Crews keeps that title is with him.
  • Benjamin hits a big knee and a German Suplex. He had a WWF Superstars inset promo, too.
  • Shelton Benjamin tries to cheat to win, but Apollo does the same and holds the ropes to win.
  • Samoa Joe's excitement about Apollo Crews cheating is amazing.

Other Stuff

  • Ric Flair is asking Charlotte what's next, and she says she does whatever she wants.

WWE Championship
R-Truth & Drew McIntyre (c) defeated MVP & Bobby Lashley to retain the title

  • R-Truth shows up next to MVP and Lashley.
  • They give chase and Drew shows up. MVP wants a winner-takes-all match. Drew isn't keen on it, but Truth accepts.
  • Drew goes off on Truth and explains that the title is his life's work. Truth goes to the powers that be and only makes Drew's title be on the line. If Truth gets pinned, MVP or Lashley win the title.
  • Drew McIntyre and R-Truth are playing off of each other really well.
  • Lashley and Drew come in and knock the living shit out of each other.
  • Truth tags in and Drew isn't happy.
  • Truth gets worked over, and finally tags in to Drew.
  • Lashley breaks up the pin after a Future Shock DDT on MVP, but Drew hits a Claymore.
  • Drew tags in Truth and he gets the pin with a Rocket Launcher.


  • Bayley comes out and says that she is ready for a celebration of her win AND HER BIRTHDAY!
  • The IIconics come out and ruin it. Such is life.
  • The tag champs have a title match Wednesday.

Raw Women's Title
Asuka (c) defeated Nia Jax

  • Asuka chokes Nia Jax over the ropes!
  • Nia powerbombs Asuka on the floor before the break. We see Nia doing a Torture Rack back from the break
  • Asuka kicks Nia off the top rope and does a tree of woe dropkick.
  • Nia pisses off the official and pushes the ref. Asuka rolls her up for a pin.
  • The ref's count was a bit fast.

Christian vs. Randy Orton

  • Orton asks the interviewer if she thinks Christian is a legend. Uh oh.
  • Before the match kicks off, Ric Flair comes out and says not to do it.
  • He punches Christian in the DICK.
  • Randy Orton punts him.
  • The Legend Killer is back.

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