Live Coverage, Match Ratings For AEW Fyter Fest From Sean Ross Sapp

Welcome to our live coverage and match ratings for AEW Fyter Fest! Remember, THE MATCH RATINGS ARE SUBJECTIVE.

Random Stuffs

NJPW Best Of Super Juniors 28 Night Seven (11/29): Tournament Action Continues
  • There was a pretty funny parody of the guy who tried to get water for Fyre Fest. QT Marshall had to do some things.
  • There's a pretty nice set for this show.
  • We see skits of things going terribly wrong for Fyter Fest, and Kenny Omega burning through the budget.

Shot For A Shot For A Bye
Best Friends defeated Private Party and SCU

  • The new, temporary commentary team is already better than Alex Marvez.
  • Kazarian's outside-in dropkick is nice.
  • Private Party's gear looks ridiculous, but you forget about that pretty quickly after they start wrestling. They have this crowd cookin'.
  • There is a fantastic Camel Clutch/double foot stomp, then a tope con hilo feint into a tornado DDT from Private Party. Yep. Real thing. Camera missed a moonsault, though.
  • The camera men HAVE to catch these dives, or else they're pointless.
  • Best Friends hug time. Trent does a nice bridging Northern Lights Suplex and hooks the leg. I like it.
  • Private Party are already over with this crowd. I guess you could say Private Party............went public tonight
  • Trent kicks out of everything, as is tradition, including a Cassidy Shooting Star Press. Best Friends have some great offense, and are one of the best teams in the world. A Chuck Piledriver can't finish it, though.
  • AEW chants from the audience.
  • SCU does an Unprettier/Stomp that doesn't pin Cassidy.
  • Strong Zero pins Cassidy, but no problem because Private Party should be in the finals of that tournament, and have a good babyface run to it.
  • We get a Dark Order promo after the match. I can't get on board with this. Dark Order is not my jam.
  • They're surrounding the ring while Best Friends are in there. Lights are out, then they disappear. This went over poorly.

Allie defeated Leva Bates (w/ Peter Avalon)

  • Leva Bates comes out, and Peter Avalon destroys mannequins and tents. I would have kept Dark Order and Librarians off the pre-show.
  • Some guy screamed "THIS GIMMICK SUUUUUCKS" at the Librarians. They're not wrong for this segment. As good as Avalon is.
  • They shush each other. This was incredibly stupid.
  • Allie comes out, and the crowd chants "books suck." That's the peak of their interest.
  • Alie does a modified Slingblade off the second rope, but Avalon distracts her to everyone (including Leva's) dismay.
  • Leva does a nice roll through Rings of Saturn.
  • A hanging neckbreaker lays both out.
  • Leva hits a Pedigree (that Allie kicks out of) and production misses it.
  • Allie wins with a superkick after Avalon tries to throw Leva a book. Leva stands there waiting to get kicked in the face after Allie tosses the book back to her.

Hardcore Match
Michael Nakazawa defeated Alex Jebailey

  • Michael Nakazawa cuts a pretty terrible, funny promo on Jebailey.
  • Jebailey slams Nakazawa, who starts SLIPPING AWAY.
  • Nakazawa does a sliding senton.
  • This is a real bad comedy match, but Nakazawa is funny at times.
  • Jebailey tries to drown Nakazawa in the kiddie pool, and slams him into it.
  • Jebailey's selling is miserable, but then again, he's not a wrestler. He's being strangled by a controller cord.
  • Yolo Dive from Nakazawa through a table.
  • Really hope Nakazawa isn't dead after the guy who isn't a wrestler German suplexed him on his neck.
  • I was wrong. This commentary team isn't that great now, and isn't subtle.
  • Jebailey has the pin, but the ref is distracted, and he gets beaten with a thong to the face.
  • This was stupid as hell. The highlights are probably funny.
  • I wonder what people who are watching for the first time and went from Dark Order to Librarians to Nakazawa vs. Jebailey thought.

CIMA defeated Christopher Daniels

  • Christopher Daniels has all the dancing rhythm of a bag of potatoes.
  • CIMA hits a nice dropkick and slingshot twisted senton before applying a nice submission that sends Daniels after the ropes.
  • Daniels has a hell of an STO.
  • CIMA's Iconoclasm looks really good, but this one hasn't picked up quite so well.
  • Daniels feeds CIMA his leg on a spot, which is usually bad, but Daniels does it to bait him. Blue Thunder Bomb hits.
  • Angel's Wings hits and CIMA kicks out, which I don't think is great for match one on the PAPE.
  • CIMA wins after a couple of nice slams and the flying double knees.

Riho defeated Nyla Rose and Yuka Sakazaki

  • JR saying "Don't go make a sandwich right now" as the women's match starts.
  • Nyla slams both opponents and applies a double Camel Clutch.
  • Sakazaki has the worst pants this side of Mickie James, and makes her opponents wait on a dive.
  • There's a lot of waiting around in this match.
  • Riho gets a great pop for the 619, then she and Sakazaki really attack Nyla with top rope moves.
  • Sakazaki and RiHo are not on the same page in their interactions.
  • Yuka kicks out of a Nyla Side Effect, and a lazy pin.
  • Nyla Rose just did a damn guillotine King Kong Knee Drop!!!!! For some reason she doesn't pin. Doesn't make a bit of sense.
  • Nyla misses a senton, and catches Riho, and has to wait on Yuka to do a body press, that she also catches. Nyla kicks out of a double pin.
  • The highlight of the match is Riho breaking up a Nyla pin, only to reverse momentum and have to break up a Sakazaki pin.
  • Riho wins with a SNEAKY Pin.
  • Nyla is now 0-2, Riho now 2-0. Nyla attacks and gets beaten up by both opponents. Riho pushes Yuka away.

Adam "Hangman" Page defeated Jimmy Havoc, MJF and Jungle Boy (w/ Luchasaurus)

  • "That mother of yours, whose basement you live in? She swallows"-- MJF. He ethers the entire crowd. This was just brutal. In a good way. My god. MJF is the best pure heel in pro wrestling.
  • After a series, Page flattens Jungle Boy with a boot.
  • MJF trolls the crowd on a dive tease.
  • Jungle Boy just did a.....flagpole inverted 450 to the outside!? Wow.
  • This match is a nice showcase for Jungle Boy, even though he gets pop-up powerbombed by Page. MJF puts JB's foot on the ropes.
  • Page and MJF are slugging it out and Page snots on MJF, but gets chop blocked.
  • Production almost completely misses MJF going for the Sharpshooter, because the shot is too tight. He gets the Heatseeker head scissors driver, though.
  • Luchasaurus rebounds Jungle Boy, but the latter lands on the former.
  • Jimmy Havoc has been absent from most of this match, but almost pins MJF with a double foot stomp.
  • Page throws MJF over the top rope, which looks like it could be a recurring thing. He wins with Dead Eye on Jimmy Havoc.

Cody (w/ Brandi Rhodes) vs. Darby Allin go to a draw

  • They're leaning hard into the "Darby Allin's uncle died" thing.
  • I love how Cody isn't Cody Rhodes in AEW, so they announce him as "CODY (with Brandi) RHOOOOOOOOOODES!
  • Darby Allin holding onto the hammerlock despite Cody's constant attempts to counter is one of my favorite spots of the show.
  • I think Darby Allin just did the 2019 equivalent of the Hamrick bump.
  • Cody crushes his own hand, but returns to working over Allin.
  • Allin grabs Cody's hand mid suplex and really works away at it. 
  • Allin does one of the better suicide dives ever, where Cody doesn't have to wait on him. 
  • We're down to five minutes and Allin misses a Coffin Drop. 
  • Cody wraps up Allin in a damn body bag for some reason and Disaster Kicks.
  • They're playing up the time cue a little too much, it's clearly playing a role. 
  • Cody Rhodes tries the Cross Rhodes, but Allin reverses it to hit a stunner. Cross Rhodes hits.
  • Before Rhodes can get the pin, time expires. 
  • Shawn Spears shows up and cracks Cody over the head with a chair. Yeah what I definitely don't need out of a wrestling company is an unprotected chair shot to the head. 
  • MJF comes to help Cody, and Cody is split open. SCU is there too. 


The Elite defeated Laredo Kid & Lucha Bros.

  • The Elite are dressed as Ken, Ryu and Akuma, which is cool for the CEO connection.
  • Justin Roberts says "round one -- FIGHT."
  • Pentagon is the worst leg slap offender in wrestling.
  • There's a nice Lucha Laredo superkick into a reverse rana.
  • Nick Jackson is overlooked in many regards. He has a major singles run in his future.
  • Pentagon and Omega square off. Pentagon looks like he's leaned out.
  • You get the typical great Young Bucks double team work, complete with cool moves.
  • Laredo Kid ranas Matt into spearing Nick. 
  • Pentagon does his great backstabber out of the corner to Omega, who recovers way too quickly. There was not more than a two second sell out of this. 
  • They do the dumb as shit "hold on to the top rope" stomp spot. 
  • Insane assisted tope con hilo for Fenix over the turnbuckle on Matt. Pentagon jumps over Laredo and Kenny to Canadian Destroyer Nick. Wow.
  • Are there any rules in this match? Who is legal? Excalibur at least mentions the ref using his discretion, but what's the point?
  • Triple counts out of powerbombs are dumb and don't make sense, either. Whose shoulders are the ref looking at? Cool? Yes? Make sense? No. 
  • Nick takes an incredible spill to the outside onto the pile. 
  • Omega gets Laredo Kid with a V-Trigger and Tiger Driver 98. V trigger and One Winged Angel wins it. 
  • This was a good spotfest, but not something I'd say anyone has to see.

Non Sanctioned Match
Jon Moxley defeated Joey Janela

  • They play this up as a "non sanctioned match" even though the AEW ref is there.
  • They brawl all around, and Janela pulls out a table. 
  • Mox is seated in a chair, and Janela eats it on a missed Swanton when Moxley moves. 
  • Moxley stomps a barbed wire chair into Janela and the crowd explodes. Janela then super Frankensteiners Moxley into it and cracks him one across the back. 
  • Both men fly through the ringside table after a Russian leg sweep. Moxley Rhino Gores (carry edition) Janela through a corner table. 
  • Mox pulls out a barbed wire board and runs Janela through it. 
  • Janela flattens Mox with a superkick, and pulls a ladder out. Uh oh. There are two tables set up at ringside. 
  • Ref is holding the ladder for Janela, which I like. I mean, might as well.
  • Janela does an insane flying elbow off the top of the ladder outside the ring through the tables and Moxley. Wild. 
  • Dirty Deeds lands on Janela in the ring, but for whatever reason, Moxley doesn't pin. Probably because he wants to Death Valley Bomb Janela ass-first through a barbed wire board at ringside. 
  • Moxley gets thumbtacks out and pulls off Janela's boots. Oh no. 
  • Release Orange Crush Bomb onto the thumb tacks. Moxley stomps Janela's hand into the tacks, then drops him feet first into them. WOW. 
  • Janela flips off Moxley. Moxley does the Paradigm Shift into the tacks for the win.
  • This was freaking insane. One of the better hardcore matches I've seen in a while. A great way to debut Moxley in the ring.
  • Kenny Omega shows up and V-Triggers Moxley, then piledrives him through a table, then stomps another on top of him. A hell of a beat down. 
  • Refs try to help Moxley out, but he pushes them away. Omega returns to crack a trash can over Moxley's head and do a Paradigm Shift of his own. 
  • Moxley is smiling.

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