Match Ratings For NXT Takeover XXV From Sean Ross Sapp

Matt Riddle defeated Roderick Strong

  • I can already tell this show doesn't quite have the feel and heat of many, and it looks like they're in a damn dungeon.
  • Matt Riddle is really great at kicking out at the very last second. Backdrop across the apron and Olympic slam can't finish him
  • Everything Matt Riddle does looks crisp and believable. He's just really, really great.
  • Roderick Strong is probably in the best shape of his life, and throws a hell of a superplex.
  • Riddle can sell his ass off for someone who had a job where showing pain and weakness was a major negative. The highlight comes during Strong's awesome rapid-fire strike combo.
  • Show Strong vs. Riddle to anyone who tries to shovel some "no selling in NXT" horseshit narrative.
  • Riddle gets the powerbomb and knee, but it's not enough.
  • Riddle eats knees on a twisting senton. Tiger Bomb and a Strong Hold from Roderick. This is insanity. It gets turned into a Lion Tamer.
  • Riddle repeatedly elbows Strong and wins with the Cradle Brostone!

Vacant NXT Tag Team Titles
Street Profits defeated Forgotten Sons, Undisputed Era and Lorcan & Burch

  • Dawkins dives on the pile, very cool.
  • Forgotten Sons both had their heads in a ladder, but get German Suplexed, and a ladder FLIES.
  • O'Reilly applies a submission through the ladder.
  • Great double team moves: reverse DDT/Stomp from Forgotten Sons, Doomsday European uppercut from Lorcan and Burch, and a powerbomb/blockbuster from Street Profits.
  • Jaxson Ryker comes out and kills everyone. Then everyone kills him.
  • Ryker was way out of place for Ford's tope con hilo.
  • Lots of powerbombs and slams on the ladder, as is tradition.
  • Forgotten Sons push everyone off the ladders.
  • Angelo Dawkins KILLS a Son with a spear. Ford jumps to the ladder and wins!
  • AWESOME for the Street Profits.
  • The War Raiders should have been in this match to pass the titles along. They didn't need vacated.

NXT North American Championship
Velveteen Dream (c) defeated Tyler Breeze to retain

  • Breeze back in NXT is still surreal, and he's there full time. Live events and all.
  • Breeze works on the leg of Dream, before Dream takes back over.
  • The crowd is really supportive of Breeze, and seem invested in the story he's told.
  • The timing on Breeze's kicks are outstanding.
  • A DreamDT doesn't beat Breeze. Dream ends up using Breeze's Unprettier, though.
  • Breeze lands both of his signature moves, but Breezes' Beauty Shot sends Dream outside.
  • Breeze yanks the title away from Dream, and gets caught off guard. DVD and Purple Rainmaker wraps it up.
  • GREAT match.

NXT Women's Championship
Shayna Baszler (c) defeated Io Shirai to retain

  • The Horsewomen stay backstage.
  • Shirai sets the tone with a big slap to Baszler's back.
  • Shirai does a good job avoiding a lot of Shayna's attacks.
  • Shirai is doing well, then the Horsewomen come out. Candice LeRae helps her.
  • The crowd is VERY hot for this. A lot of fantastic transitions in and out of false finishes and the Clutch.
  • Baszler applies the Kirafuda Clutch, and after forever, Shirai taps.
  • Shirai attacks Baszler with a kendo stick and a chair after the match. She does a moonsault with the chair.

NXT Championship
Adam Cole defeated Johnny Gargano (c) to become champion

  • Adam Cole is played out to the ring and is super over per usual
  • There's a great dropkick reversal into a powerbomb.
  • Cole has some great superkicks.
  • Cole gets sent shoulder/face first into the mat.
  • Tilt-a-whirl Gargano Escape plants Cole.
  • Cole really goes at the leg of Johnny. Outstanding work there.
  • Gargano goes for a suicide dive and gets superkicked. A bad Panama Sunrise lands outside the ring.
  • Cole misses his finish but applies a Gargano Escape of his own! Gargano hits the Last Shot! Very cool. We don't see a lot of that anymore.
  • Cole seemingly wins a strike trade, but Gargano clotheslines the hell out of Cole.
  • Gargano kicks out of The Last Shot. The crowd is unglued.
  • There's a big ref bump, and Gargano superkicks a chair into Cole's face.
  • Gargano Escape is applied in the middle of the ring, but Cole goes after the leg of Gargano
  • Superkicks to the leg of Gargano, and another bad Panama Sunrise hits. The Last Shot wins it.
  • Shout out to Nigel McGuinness for saying "IT'S OVER" one time when the match actually was ending.

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