Match Ratings, Podcast Notes For WWE Smackdown Live 1/8/19 From Sean Ross Sapp Of

Daniel Bryan defeated R-Truth
5/10 (short)

  • Daniel Bryan is up by the concession stands cutting an all-time great YOU PEOPLE promo about how disgusting the concessions are and the people who use them.
  • He slaps a hot dog out of some guy's hand, and throws a soda in the face of a fan.
  • Bryan comes out through the crowd and calls them impotent as he continues his rather hilarious rant.
  • When Bryan gets to ringside, he's attacked by R-Truth.
  • Truth is on fire, and we come back to see his big hiptoss and a flying kick. 
  • Things don't go Truth's way for very long. He eats turnbuckle and a knee to the face.
  • On the top of the ramp, Styles attacks Daniel Bryan. When he tries to go after Bryan with a chair, DB gets away.
  • As Daniel Bryan is leaving backstage, he goes off and says that AJ Styles hasn't seen anything yet. 
1 Called Manders vs. Rickey Shane Page Set For 4/4 MLW Underground

Andrade Cien Almas & Samoa Joe (w/ Zelina Vega) defeated Rey Mysterio & Mustafa Ali

  • This is gonna be fun.
  • Joe and Ali trade strikes early, until Ali gets the better of it with a couple of dropkicks. These are four guys that need good, fresh matchups to help out Smackdown Live. 
  • Rey gets caught with a NAUGHTY feint kick to spinning back elbow. Damn.
  • Rey is able to respond with a reverse Infared on Almas, and Ali capitalizes with a rolling facebuster and Tornado DDT.
  • Before a commercial break, Joe fallaway slams Mustafa Ali over the announce table. 
  • Back from that break, Rey is going wild off a hot tag that leads to a Canadian Destroyer.
  • We just saw a Canadian Destroyer on WWE TV. Woah
  • Ali sails over Almas to tope con hilo Joe. Almas catches Rey's 619 with a gutbuster and Hammerlock DDT and wins.
  • This was neat. 


  • A somber Rusev is in the ring. He blames Nakamura for hurting Lana.
  • Rusev says he has the body of 1000 Hemsworth brothers.
  • Lana chants. 
  • Rusev wants to fight Nakamura for harming his wife.
  • Nakamura is in the TV truck to prove it isn't his fault. He shows Rusev kicking Nakamura with Lana on his back. 

If Usos Win, They Get A Title Shot
The Bar (c) defeated The Usos

  • The Usos cut a basic Uso promo before their match.
  • Miz wants Shane McMahon to abuse his power to put them in the tag team title picture, but Shane wants to work at it.
  • This is a pretty standard match through the first commercial break. A lot of brawling with the Bar running things.
  • It picks up right after the commercial, when Sheamus gets White Noise and Cesaro lands a nice flying elbow drop. 
  • Jimmy Uso eventually makes the tag and does what all WWE tag teams do in that instance -- RUNS WILD. Throw in some Samoan drops, asses to the face and a suicide dive.
  • A double kick in the corner on Sheamus is good for a two count and we get a commercial when the crowd is bumpin'.
  • The action stays fast paced during said commercial, and we're welcomed back by a Cesaro Swing into a Sharpshooter. 
  • Cesaro eats a superkick.
  • Mandy Rose comes out in a towel and distracts Jimmy, wearing way more than her gear shows off. This leads to a Cesaro Neutralizer and win.
  • The Miz is out and challenges The Bar at Royal Rumble.
  • Cesaro is shocked that an uncoordinated team with daddy issues wants a title shot (not really). Sheamus Brogue Kicks Miz and accepts.
  • Backstage Naomi confronts Mandy, who actually had her gear on and attacks. That brawl with Sonya, Naomi and Mandy was A+. Just wish I could have seen it. But shaky cam.

Top Contender Match
Becky Lynch defeated Carmella and Charlotte Flair

  • Carmella talks her title reign and says Charlotte discovered a kendo stick and Becky discovered her personality, but she already beat Charlotte twice. We get similar promos out of Becky and Charlotte.
  • WWE has had an IC Title, two tag title matches and a two top contender matches the last two night. They're at least trying to add stakes.
  • We come back from a commercial to see Becky doing a Deadly Drive on Charlotte onto Carmella. 
  • Carmella gets a Flatliner on Becky, and applies the Code of Silence on Charlotte. It doesn't last long because Charlotte takes both women out. 
  • I'm glad we're at a point where women main eventing is the norm. Not history making, just good wrestling
  • Charlotte lands a moonsault on both opponents as we hit another commercial break. 
  • Carmella is on fire when we come back -- a Stratusphere on Charlotte and suicide dive on Becky.
  • Charlotte BREAKS HER BUTT Abe Lincoln style on a moonsault attempt. 
  • Becky does a Bexploder on Carmella outside, then Charlotte catches Becky with Natural Selection on from the top rope.
  • Good on Charles Robinson for counting pins when people's shoulders are on the mat, even when the wrestlers aren't intending it.
  • Charlotte has Carmella in a Figure 8, Becky flying leg drops her. Becky has a Disarmher on Charlotte, Carmella kicks her. 
  • Carmella seems like she's getting winded about the time she taps out from a Disarmher.
  • I'm tired of the "Charlotte didn't get beat so she's seething by the barricade" shot.
  • Asuka's music hits and she comes to the ring to taunt with her back to Becky Lynch for some reason. 


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