Match Ratings For ROH Best In The World 2019 From Sean Ross Sapp

Dalton Castle defeated Dragon Lee

  • Dalton Castle has targeted Rush by challenging Dragon Lee.
  • Lee comes out and attacks with two big dropkicks, but gets powerbombed on the apron.
  • Castle is being really aggressive and tossing Lee around. Ironic that his heel work is going to get him over as a babyface again.
  • Castle methodically works over Lee, who finally comes back with a week double underhook backbreaker.
  • The offense gets a lot better with a Lee outside in dropkick, and a couple of dueling suplexes.
  • This work isn't great. A little sloppy, off base, and doesn't connect.
  • I see you with the Angel Hernandez reference @IanRiccaboni, and I respect you for it.
  • Castle does Bangarang and Cabana says "WELL LADIES AND GENTLEMAN THAT HAS TO BE THE END OF THE MATCH."
  • It wasn't. The Battle Cry finishes it for Castle. Or the Devil's Horns, or the Peacock's Feathers.
  • This just didn't click for me.
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The Allure (w/ Velvet Sky) defeated Kelly Klein & Jenny Rose

  • Angelina Love shoulder blocking Kelly Klein to the mat is something that probably shouldn't ever happen.
  • There's some miscommunication, but Angelina has a great spot where she dives off the top rope to the floor.
  • Jenny Rose flattened Mandy with a spear.
  • Klein has an ambitious falling front DDT that I think could be a good move. Her fallaway slams are already great. She hits another from the second ropes.
  • Kelly Klein gets hit with a high heel, and Angelina pins her with a kick.
  • The lights go out and Maria Manic debuts. Allure escapes.
  • Maria Manic beats up a bunch of security guards. Torture Rack and an Awesome Bomb. She won the crowd over.

Rubber Match
Kenny King defeated Jay Lethal

  • We're for SURE getting some slow chain wrestling with some kip ups to start this one.
  • We do, but then King eats a drop toe hold into a chair.
  • Kenny King suplexes Lethal into the apron.
  • Lethal uses King's Royal Flush against him.
  • King catches Lethal on a suicide dive with a spinebuster... kind of.
  • King does a Blue Thunder Bomb and doesn't bother trying to pin. He connects with one of the ugliest shooting star presses you'll ever see.
  • Lethal is busy blaming Amy Rose for him not winning with Lethal Injection.
  • Kenny King beats Lethal with a Lethal Injection and Royal Flush. The crowd reacted great to the finish of this.

Pure Rules
Jonathan Gresham defeated Silas Young

  • Here are the rules -- no closed fist punches to the face, and only three rope breaks per wrestler.
  • The first five minutes of this match are them going through rules spots and burning rope breaks.
  • This entire match has been explaining the pure rules. Silas gets his warning for a punch and burns a second rope break.
  • There is some really good wrestling, and counters and transitions, including a rolling half crab from Young for a second rope break on Gresham.
  • Silas Young has the tiniest goddamn trunks I have ever seen.
  • Young has a great backbreaker into pin into sitting full nelson that leads to Gresham's last rope break.
  • Gresham has no rope breaks so has to work transitions and reversals in and out. Gresham forces Young's hand into a rope break on an Octopus hold.
  • There's a great double suplex over the top rope.
  • Jonathan Gresham punched Silas in the balls! The way Silas has beaten him. Gresham wins with an Octopus hold.
  • I think if they run this back without killing a bunch of time having to explain the rules, it'll resonate better. The finish ruled.

Briscoes vs. Team NWA (Eli Drake & Nick Aldis)

  • Nick Aldis comes out during the pre-show to reveal who his replacement tag team partner for tonight will be.
  • James Storm comes out, who is interrupted by Eli Drake. It's him, and he's signed with the NWA.
  • Drake and Aldis aren't exactly on the same page early on, but it's their first time teaming.
  • Drake does a nice neckbreaker and Aldis does a nice Michinoku Driver.
  • Eli Drake impresses with a Burning Hammer and a run up superplex.
  • Eli Drake is having a really good showing in his ROH/NWA debut.
  • He eats a Redneck Boogie, but Aldis breaks it up.
  • The action spills outside and we get a double countout.
  • Drake and James Storm end up battling it out.
  • Aldis is jumped by Briscoes. Colt Cabana isn't medically cleared and Ian hilariously talked Colt out of helping. "As a man who is my friend, who has been to my house, as a man who once picked me up a delicious left side Twix on the way to the venue, as a man who recommended me a great Thai place to eat that one time, I can NOT let you go out there"- @IanRiccaboni went above and beyond.
  • Kamille tries to help and couldn't. Aldis gets elbowed through a table.
  • Marty Scurll comes out after the beatdown to help Nick Aldis.

ROH Television Title
Shane Taylor (c) defeated Bandido

  • Bandido is so athletically gifted, but so much of what he does doesn't make much sense.
  • Bandido does a roll up facebuster and Fosbury Flop.
  • Taylor drills Bandido with a punch.
  • There's a lot of times when opponents have to wait for Bandido to do his moves, so they're just left standing there.
  • The 21Plex gets blocked, and Taylor hits a great powerbomb.
  • Package Piledriver gets kicked out of, and Bandido is alive.
  • Holy shit. Bandido caught Shane Taylor in midair. I have never. That was one of the more impressive strength displays I've seen. He follows with a Shooting Star Press for two.
  • I've been really underwhelmed by Bandido's ROH run, but that spot with Shane Taylor was nuts.
  • Greetings from 216 gets the win for Taylor.

ROH Six Man Tag Team Titles
Villain Enterprises (c) defeated LifeBlood

  • Villian Enterprises have new title belts and LOD spikes.
  • We are only 15 months removed from PCO vs. WALTER at Spring Break 2 and it feels like 3 years ago
  • Haskins and Scurll have great chemistry, something that happens when you work with someone dozens of times.
  • Brody does a 7-10 Split dive off the apron, followed by a monkey flip senton onto PCO.
  • Villain Enterprises work so, so well together.
  • Brody King has great corner lariats, but PJ Black stays there readied to eat them and it doesn't look hot.
  • Scurll does a Quebec Crab into a backbreaker senton with Brody. Somehow PCO doesn't die on a suicide somersault senton.
  • Tracy Williams has a great streak, including a spiked piledriver on PCO.
  • There was a complete trash fire kickout spot where PCO didn't kick out on time.
  • PCO does, however, get powerbombed off the top rope to the apron. Sick.
  • PJ Black with a beautiful lionsault, but it's shown up quickly.
  • Brody does a spot that gets the hottest reaction of the night -- a springboard, slingshot arm drag to two opponents, followed by a tope con hilo.
  • PCO slips but gets his moonsault.
  • This was a really good match that was unfortunately mired by miscommunication.
  • The Soldiers of Savagery come out to attack LifeBlood. Bandido makes the save. However, Bully Ray attacks from behind.
  • Flip Gordon comes to help, too, and is putting on a Lifeblood shirt.
  • Marty Scurll is on the screen, already dressed after his match that just happened, teasing his new member. It's Flip Gordon.
  • PCO goes up to the rop rope, and can't do it. Yep Flip Gordon just ate shit super hard on a 450 from the top rope through a table right after joining Villain Enterprises.
  • I've already reached out to ROH in hopes they'll send an update on Flip Gordon when available. That looked rough.

ROH World Championship
Matt Taven (c) defeated Jeff Cobb

  • Cobb catches Taven with several dead lift suplexes.
  • Taven yanks Cobb into the apron, and suicide dives him into the barricade.
  • Taven works over the arm to prevent suplexes, but it doesn't work too well.
  • Cobb goes right back to high crotch suplexes.
  • Taven clobbers Cobb with a big knee, but not a lot of reaction.
  • Taven keeps going for Climax, but Cobb won't let it happen.
  • Taven pins Cobb with one of the sickest Climaxes ever, clean in about nine minutes
  • Major timing issues.

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