Winner Gets First Draft Pick
Seth Rollins (Raw) defeated Roman Reigns (Smackdown) via DQ

  • A whole lot of time killing here. Before the break ten minutes in, we've seen nothing but some face-offs and a couple of traded punches.
  • Finally about 14 minutes into the show, all the counters and commercials stop happening and Roman Reigns hits a one-armed sitout powerbomb.
  • After seeing Darby Allin hit suicide dives the way he does them and how they look on TV, hard for me to buy into a lot of others.
  • The replays on Fox look really weird.
  • Reigns does a Superman Punch for a great two count. This match has heated up.
  • Rollins counters a Spear with a short Pedigree for two.
  • The Fiend appears through the ring and applies a Mandible Claw, dragging Rollins through the ring. Reigns is just gone.
  • Rollins emerges from a smoky hole and the Fiend was in the middle of said smoky hole.
  • The match is over?


  • Just go here for all the picks.
  • I like the look of the board rooms., but they need better actors.
  • WWE accidentally leaked us the the specific order of the draftees in the form of "eligible draft pools." On the bright side, this does mean the WWE thought out their draft by at least a few days.

King Corbin defeated Shorty Gable

  • Oh. Another Gable vs. Corbin match.......
  • Corbin heels the crowd. Hopefully they end up on different brands. This is the second match that Cole reminded us we might never see again.
  • Corbin hits a great big boot. Lots of SHORTY GABLE references
  • Gable counters a Deep Six with a bulldog.
  • Gable with a beautiful moonsault and an Ankle Lock.
  • Gable walks right into the End of Days.
  • Much better than Hell in a Cell, but why do we need this? 50/50 shit.

Brock and Cain

  • Paul Heyman comes out and cuts a promo about Cain Velasquez.
  • I like this. The source material is a little bit different, and if playing off of nine years ago instead of recently. Brock hasn't made excuses, but Heyman says he'll fight his ghost.
  • Cain Velasquez cuts a promo in Spanish. Rey says Cain is going to give Brock a matching scar on the other side of his face.
  • Cain speaks perfect English. He was born in California

New Day defeated The OC

  • New Day do a breast cancer presentation.
  • OC distract the ref so a stair spot could work out.
  • Commercial break.
  • Kofi Kingston wins with a Trouble in Paradise. He didn't seem so sure footed in this match.

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
Bayley defeated Charlotte Flair (c) to become Champion

  • Somebody is about to spend a lot of money on WWE Auction for those Bayley Buddies.
  • Bayley kills the Bayley buddies and has a new haircut.
  • We go to a commercial pretty early.
  • Charlotte Flair busted her mouth up pretty good. She also boots Bayley off the apron.
  • Barricade moonsault doesn't hit very well.
  • I'm excited to see a new, heel Bayley.
  • Bayley walks up the buckles on a backslide and gets a Bayley 2 Belly for a two count.
  • Bayley tries to cheat and can't get the job done, either.
  • Bayley, with new music, rolls up Charlotte Flair out of a Figure Eight and gets the win.
  • "Hey bitches, screw all of you" - Bayley

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