Natalya defeated Lacey Evans

  • Lacey Evans has made great strides in the ring in recent months.
  • She isn't exactly smooth with her technical wrestling, but I've seen a lot worse.
  • Lacey Evans runs Natalya into the stairs.
  • She's really dominating this entire match and Natalya is selling hard.
  • Lacey Evans misses a MeroSault and gets Sharpshootered.
  • Pretty good match, but I think Lacey and Natalya teaming would help both women and the tag division.
  • Natalya decks Lacey Evans after the match.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Hell In A Cell
Becky Lynch (c) defeated Sasha Banks

  • Sasha Banks starts outside the cage, but gets beaten up with the chain when Becky gets ahold of it.
  • Becky takes a chair to Sasha Banks, followed by a Bexploder and some baseball slides.
  • Banks hits the best Meteora I've ever seen up against a ladder outside the ring.
  • Banks slams the cage door into Lynch's shoulder over and over. Another great Meteora gets two.
  • Some good spots including Banks getting a chair kicked into her ribs and knocked off the apron into the cage. Becky missile dropkicks a chair into Sasha.
  • Sasha is placed in a chair in the corner of the cell, held up by Kendo sticks, and Lynch runs off the apron and kicks her.
  • Meteora off the top rope through a table on Becky Lynch.
  • Banks Statement applied with a Kendo Stick. Becky crawls outside and thankfully the ref doesn't break it up.
  • Becky wears out Sasha with the kendo stick but gets ran into a chair hanging in the cage.
  • Sasha Banks throws a bunch of chairs in the ring and presumably hits Becky Lynch with some of them. I couldn't tell because of the camera zooms.
  • Bexploder into all the chairs, and Disarmher gets the submission.

Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan defeated Harper & Rowan

  • A brawl breaks out, and Bryan hits a suicide dive.
  • Reigns hits a Samoan Drop that was more like a side slam.
  • This is a really messy brawl.
  • Harper flies through with a suicide dive. A really good one.
  • Reigns gets sandwiched with the barricades. That was nasty.
  • Bryan huracanranas Luke Harper off a table, and Reigns spears Rowan through an announce table.
  • Luke Harper gets a huge sitdown powerbomb off the second rope.
  • Reigns pins Harper with a spear.
  • Bryan turns down a handshake and wants to hug it out. It happens.

Randy Orton defeated Ali

  • Ali says he needs momentum again, and talks about the draft. Randy Orton approaches and says he stopped Ali's momentum. Ali challenges him tonight.
  • As far as "WWE draft stock" goes, why would the wrestlers care outside of ego? If they explain wrestlers get bonused based on the spot they're picked, then it would make sense for them to care.
  • Ali gets worked over hard, but avoids a Singh Bomb, only to eat ring post.
  • Ali's ribs are bruised up.
  • A great couple of spots where Ali suicide dives Orton and sends him over the table. Ali jumps over that too.
  • The crowd is behind Orton. Ali misses a 450, avoids an RKO and drills him with a tornado DDT before missing another 450.
  • Ali handstands to avoid an RKO, but rolls right into another one.
  • This was good.

WWE Women's Tag Team Match
Kabuki Warriors defeated Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss (c)

  • Give Kabuki Warriors a new theme already.
  • Nikki Cross and Alexa don't understand why the Kabuki Warriors get a title shot backstage. They play off of Booker T's "five-time." Catchphrase.
  • Asuka tries to pin Nikki in the ropes.
  • These two teams are chopping the shit out of each other.
  • Asuka applies an ankle lock in the middle, then turns it into a half crab.
  • I am howling at Kairi marching over to the opponent's corner and poking Nikki in the eyes
  • Nikki gets her feet up on an Insane Elbow. What a crazy counter! The Purge hits, but Asuka breaks up the pin.
  • Asuka wins with green mist and a head kick.
  • The Kabuki Warriors win the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles!

Braun Strowman & Viking Raiders defeated The OC

  • This match will be good, but doesn't make sense. Viking Raiders go into this 5-0 against the OC.
  • Braun Strowman is the mystery partner.
  • Erick does some great selling, especially for an AJ Styles head kick.
  • AJ Styles looks really strong here, as does Braun.
  • Erick PLOWS THROUGH Styles with a sliding knee and fortunately AJ is all good to hit Ivar with a Phenomenal Forearm.
  • The whole OC attacks Braun for the DQ, which makes them 0-6 against Viking Raiders.
  • VR hit a double suicide dive onto the OC, and Braun clocks Styles in midair.
  • Styles is stumbling around selling the punch hardcore.

WWE 24/7 Championship
Tamina defeated Carmella (c) to become champion
R-Truth beats Tamina (c) to beome champion

  • Carmella runs into a Street Profits segment and a returning Tamina pins her.
  • Tamina pushes Funaki into R-Truth, but Carmella kicks her and Truth wins the title.

Shorty Gable defeated King Corbin

  • Corbin names Chad "Shorty Gable." There's your Shorty G reference.
  • Gable gets his rolling kick and crossface punches.
  • The dreaded half nelson crossface.
  • The crowd just doesn't care about this. It worked the first couple of times with these two, but isn't this time.
  • Corbin gets a good spinebuster and powerbomb.
  • Gable fights back with more rolling kicks, and eventually pins Corbin.
  • Gable pins Corbin, and Greg Hamilton calls him Shorty Gable.

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
Charlotte Flair defeated Bayley (c)

  • Bayley works over the leg of Charlotte.
  • I like that we haven't necessarily seen a big change in Charlotte's persona throughout all of this.
  • Charlotte gets Natural Selection, but Bayley grabs the rope.
  • Bayley gets a boot up for a moonsault.
  • Huge dueling chants.
  • Bayley gets caught using the ropes for the pin.
  • Figure Eight applied and Bayley taps out.
  • Bayley is livid. She's crying on the floor.

WWE Universal Championship
Hell in a Cell
Seth Rollins (c) vs. The Fiend

  • What is this illegal massage parlor lighting they are rocking here.
  • The Fiend no sells Kendo stick shots.
  • Uranage from Bray.
  • Rollins attacks Fiend with stairs.
  • Sister Abigail into the cell.
  • Frog splash through the table for Rollins, but he eats a lot of it, too.
  • Curb Stomp is no sold and the crowd goes nuts.
  • Sister Abigail gets a two count.
  • Segal Snap on Rollins, but no pin.
  • Bray borrowed himself a bludgeoner. "ALMOST IMPALED HIM WITH A MALLET," Dio said.
  • Rollins Stomps Fiend onto the mallet. Two flying knees and two superkicks set up three Curb Stomps.
  • Fiend gets up and gets Pedigreed and Stomped again. He kicks out at one.
  • Five more Curb Stomps. Or something. There's a lot.
  • Fiend laying flat on his back, no pin attempt. HUH?
  • A grounded chair shot to the head, and Fiend kicks out at one.
  • A ladder onto the chair, and he kicks out. This is overkill.
  • Rollins repeatedly smashes a toolbox onto a ladder and chair on Bray's face.
  • Seth grabs a sledgehammer and smashes it into the pile.
  • The ref calls the end to the match.
  • Everyone comes in to help the Fiend, and he grabs a Mandible Claw.
  • So Seth sucks, the ref is dumb, and Bray Wyatt is stupid for playing possum so long the match got thrown out. Got it
  • All I want is my wrestling to make a little sense. The bare minimum. I excuse a whole lot of dumb shit when it at least makes sense. This didn't.
  • This was a dumb fucking ending to the show.

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