Match Ratings For WWE Monday Night Raw 12/23/19 For Sean Ross Sapp

No DQ Match
Kevin Owens defeated Mojo Rawley
6/10 (Segment and Match)

  • Kevin Owens comes out after a video recap runs about his last few weeks.
  • Mojo Rawley comes out, without his licensed manager Sami Zayn. That renders Zayn's appearance on Raw pointless. He wants an explanation for the pipe attack last week.
  • Owens makes some pretty solid jokes and says he just wants to beat up Mojo Rawley. This exchange was pretty good. Both guys are fantastic talkers.
  • Mojo calling Owens a pretty boy was great.
  • Mojo does a nice fireman's carry face-first slam into chairs, after Owens got a great pop for getting a table out.
  • Owens hits a nice Swanton Bomb, Stunner and Pop Up Powerbomb through a table to win. This was a lot of fun.
  • Owens says he knows AOP and Rollins are going to jump him, so they might as well do it.
  • I find myself incredibly interested in everything heel Rollins and AOP do. Owens attacks Rollins and they all beat him up.
  • The camera zooms and shakes have to stop.
  • Rollins ends up stomping Owens, who stumbles out of the ring after.
  • There was a really good monologue from Samoa Joe that went a long way in putting AOP over.
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WWE 24/7 Championship
Akira Tozawa defeated R-Truth (c) to become champion
Santa Claus pins Akira Tozawa (c) to become champion
R-Truth pins Santa Claus (c) to become champion

  • R-Truth is walking around outdoors, saying the Rock invited him to light his Christmas tree. Nope. Tozawa ambushed him.
  • They gotta do something else besides the roll-up. I get that the title is good natured, but c'mon.
  • Tozawa was running away from Truth, who was hiding next to a statue.
  • Missed opportunity by WWE to have R-Truth slip on Micro Machines and get pinned by Macaulay Culkin for the 24/7 Title.
  • Santa is having a low-speed chase with Tozawa/Truth on horse drawn carriages.
  • Truth pins a worn down Santa for the title. The ref gets mad and leaves because he's tired of chasing people around.
  • Tozawa and Truth call a truce.

Bobby Lashley (w/ Lana) defeated Cedric

  • This is a good matchup for both from a stylistic standpoint.
  • Cedric is all over the place and getting some good offense in.
  • I like that Lawler said Lashley was too worried about his wedding next week to focus on the match.
  • Lana gets in the ring on the mic. She says they need to have a Greco Roman match to avoid strikes to Lashley's face.
  • This stalls through the commercial and Lashley takes over. He does a nice elevated reverse STO.
  • Cedric gets great offense, springboard clothesline, tope con hilo.
  • Lashley hits a Yokosuka Cutter, and sets up for the spear. Cedric stifles him briefly, but eventually it lands.
  • This was a good match that had the momentum halted by the Lana spot, but it did what it was supposed to do, I guess.

Drew McIntyre defeated Zack Ryder (w/ Curt Hawkins)

  • Drew crushes Zack Ryder, then beats up Curt Hawkins after this.
  • We're finally seeing some flavor, character and humor out of Drew.

Becky and Asuka

  • Becky Lynch says she has to face Asuka next.
  • She wants to collect her debt.
  • These segments were a nice way to buy Kairi Sane some time to heal up over the holidays, hopefully.
  • Asuka wants to be Asuka 2 Belts.
  • Becky Lynch seems surprised that Asuka would want a title match for some reason, but says she'll do it.
  • Becky speaks Japanese to Asuka.

Aleister Black beats Jobber

Buddy Murphy defeated Jobber

  • The rematch between Black and Murphy is set for next week.
  • Black crushes a jobber who sells really well.
  • Buddy Murphy's theme sucks ass. They meet each other on the ramp.
  • Murphy knees his jobber and hits Murphy's Law and wins. He raised the jobber up just like Black did.
  • This is a lot of fun.
  • Murphy passes on a handshake and get Black Massed.

Ricochet defeated Tony Nese

  • This is a great opponent for Ricochet.
  • I've always loved that Nese uses that Randy Savage hangman over the top rope.
  • Recoil beats Nese.

Charlotte Flair defeated Chelsea Green

  • There's a Chelsea Green package that airs. She looks like a million bucks.
  • She does a great turnbuckle stomp and a dropkick.
  • Green has a good showing and gets in good offense, but Charlotte wins with a big boot and a Figure Eight.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Another Liv Morgan vignette. She says she's anything but typical.
  • More Street Profits segments backstage that are totally pointless.

The OC defeated Randy Orton & Viking Raiders

  • This is solid work, but the crowd isn't there early. There's some crowd sweetening though.
  • Orton gets tagged in after Erik is worked over. The crowd comes alive.
  • I like Orton as the utility player who can be a face or heel depending on the situation.
  • Orton still selling the knee, having it taped up and selling it just getting dumped to the outside is good.
  • Orton one leg suplexes, then Erik is in throwing some of his own. The crowd is awake for this now.
  • The Viking Experience gets broken up.
  • Orton hits an RKO on Anderson, but his leg gives out and Styles wins with a Phenomenal Forearm. This was an outstanding finish.
  • If this wasn't largely pointless, it'd hit higher. It was good, though.

Rowan crushes jobber

  • The jobber offers candy canes to Rowan, and whatever is in the crate.
  • Nope. Iron Claw slams. This was MESSY.

Rusev defeated No Way Jose (w/ Conga Line)

  • Rusev cuts a promo, he's not upset that Lana is getting married to Bobby Lashley. He says it's the biggest punishment Bobby Lashley can endure.
  • No Way Jose dances and chops Rusev, who doesn't sell.
  • Machka Kick. Pin.
  • Rusev helps Jose up and dances. He then takes the conga line.
  • Rusev has leaned out so much.

WWE United States Championship
Rey Mysterio (c) defeated Seth Rollins via DQ

  • Mysterio misses a 619, and then Rollins ends up sending him outside.
  • The ol' SUNSET FLIP WALLBOMB hits, but Rollins gets a Buckle Bomb of his own.
  • Mysterio hits a 619, but Rey gets attacked by AOP.
  • I guess I don't get why they would get Rollins DQ'd but wouldn't let him get pinned.
  • AOP want to put Rey through the announce table. Joe says if he has to get up, it's AOP's asses.
  • Rollins tries to play peacemaker, but then has AOP finish him.
  • Rey gets Stomped on the stage.
  • AOP put Joe through a table.

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