Match Ratings For WWE Raw 10/28/19 From Sean Ross Sapp

Becky Lynch defeated Kairi Sane (w/ Asuka)

  • Paige comes back "WIFOUT FUVER ADOO" brings out the Kabuki Warriors. She's proud of them for becoming champions while she was gone.
  • The Kabuki Warriors take the mic from her. Asuka ends up spitting green mist into Paige's eyes. This was a really good turn.
  • Paige plays this off very well. That was a brilliant way to address the Paige situation, and facilitate a turn without any contact with Paige
  • Becky Lynch comes out and saves Paige and has a match with Kairi Sane. Dio Maddin explains the history of the mist.
  • Kairi's Anchor submission is great.
  • Becky constantly has to battle both Kairi and Asuka. Fortunately, Asuka's attempts to distract Becky are fruitless. There's no need to make Lynch look like the typical dumb babyface.
  • This is really gritty. Becky Matrixes out of a pin. Some camera angles really help Becky's kicks, and some really hurt because they miss by a mile.
  • Awesome counter from Kairi, a DDT out of a suplex. A little bit later she cracks Lynch with a spinning back fist that Lynch sells great.
  • Lynch ends up tapping out Kairi Sane.
  • Asuka mean mugs from a distance. This was a lot of fun.
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Buddy Murphy defeated R-Truth
5/10 (short)

  • R-Truth is in the ring and says Buddy Murphy isn't his Buddy. He also got glasses to help him see the Singh Bros. better. Buddy Murphy cuts a promo about thriving on Raw and etc.
  • Murphy starts out strong, but Truth regains some steam.
  • Truth misses his Axe Kick and eats a combo, before
  • The 24/7 dorks (not including EC3) are running around the ring.
  • Truth gets distracted and gets pinned after a knee. Murphy didn't need this to win, but it was harmless.


  • Another AOP promo. I just think they're waiting until this gauntlet gimmick Thursday to re-debut them.
  • Because (act name) and (insert catchphrase) is such a lazy promo. Write better material for these guys. The Street Profits cut a lame, bad promo and go party into the crowd. Okay, man. It's so counterproductive. They're creative and talented and likable and just have that all taken from them.

Ricochet (w/ Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Hart) defeated Drew McIntyre (w/ Ric Flair) via DQ

  • Flair and Hogan are out in the ring and I guess we're running this one back. Okay then.
  • Ricochet hits a great dive, and sells his ribs appropriately.
  • We go through some of Drew's signature spots, and these guys just work well together.
  • Drew does the Hogan leg drop to taunt him and gets in Hulk's face.
  • Ricochet is up there with AJ Styles for guys who take back body drops best.
  • Drew adopting the Crucifix Buckle Bomb is something I can get behind.
  • Drew McIntyre and Ricochet just have that connection.
  • I am all about Drew McIntyre countering the dumb Del Rio stomp spot with his Tossplex.
  • Ricochet misses a 630 and Orton hits one of the FILTHIEST RKOS OF ALL TIME. Right on Ricochet's head! ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Viking Raiders defeated Chicago Cubs

  • Rizzo & Bryant is brilliant. Cubs are hated in St. Louis, etc, etc.
  • Viking Raiders destroy.
  • Ivar's scream seems a little less momentous when nobody else is making noise.
  • They kill these dorks.

Andrade (w/ Zelina) defeated Sin Cara (w/ Catalina)

  • Did we need to see them run this AND Ricochet vs. McIntyre back? Sin Cara brings his Catalina with him. It can't hurt.
  • The action is great here, but the crowd isn't into it. Andrade hits a great backbreaker.
  • Sin Cara does a tornado body press and a head scissors driver.
  • Catalina powerbomb swings Zelina into the barricade.
  • Andrade rolls up Sin Cara and uses the ropes to win.
  • This was short, but good.

Natalya & Charlotte Flair defeated The IIconics

  • No reaction to this early, but it's good to see the IIconics back in the ring. Peyton has underwent some hair changes, so it's a bit of a different aesthetic. It's always good to change it up, and a lot of other wrestlers could take notes.
  • We aren't given any reason why Charlotte and Natayla are teaming.
  • Billie and Peyton are much improved in the ring.
  • Natalya applies a Sharpshooter on Billie, and Charlotte hits a spear on Peyton. Submission win.

Falls Count Anywhere
Seth Rollins defeated Erick Rowan

  • Rollins thankfully acknowledges Rowan's history with Wyatt.
  • These two brawl to the concourse and Rowan puts Rollins through a table for a two count.
  • We come back from commercial and they're back in the ring.
  • They're softballing some stuff, from suicide dives to stair attacks to kicks.
  • Rowan powerbombs Rollins into a ring post and they go to the ramp.
  • Rollins stomps Rowan on a ladder, then makes a guy crush Rowan with a fork lift.
  • This was nothing if not fun and effective.

AJ Styles (w/ The OC) defeated Humberto Carrillo

  • The OC say that Humberto should have made his debut against Styles last week instead.
  • Carrillo is on his game and has some beautiful offense. 
  • Humberto gets run into the barricade, but we come back to him taking over again.
  • Carrillo has really stepped up since being called up. The Aztec Press is ugly as shit, but it lands.
  • Styles does his amazing reverse DDT. Carillo's moonsault is beautiful but a little bit off.
  • Calf Crusher taps out Humberto. 
  • AJ Styles fakes shaking Humberto's hand, and Carrillo punches him
  • The attack is on, but the Street Profits make the save. 


  • Lana says that Rusev just wanted sex with her. 
  • "Can you blame me?"- Rusev.
  • Lana says that Rusev wanted sex everywhere and he's a sex addict. The crowd erupts.
  • She says Rusev wanted to knock her up. Completely on Lana's side with the hating babies thing.
  • Lana says that Rusev cheated on her, and Bobby Lashley told her. 
  • Rusev says "he's talking shit!"
  • I can't hate this storyline anymore. I'm all in on in. They did it. They fuckin did it y'all.
  • Lashley comes out and gets his ass kicked. 
  • Rusev feeds Bobby Lashley his wedding ring.
  • Lana tries to attack Rusev with a kendo stick.
  • Lashley attacks Rusev RIGHT IN THE KENDO STICKS
  • Lashley and Lana make out to end the show. 

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