Match Ratings For WWE Raw 12/16/19 From Sean Ross Sapp


  • Seth Rollins comes out and brings out AOP.
  • He says he was the future, then he was the guy, just like everyone says he was, and he still is.
  • He's forcing everyone to go along for the ride with him into 2020, and says he'll drag everyone kicking and screaming if he has to.
  • Rollins says he has a score to settle, and the audience probably isn't going to like it. He says he's sorry for what he has to do.
  • We have some audio issues after this segment, and it seems like a time killer.
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The OC defeated Viking Raiders

  • So....we're running this one back again? This is the ninth or tenth time they've faced each other since the summer.
  • I am so beyond caring about this match. If they wanted to make this competitive or make me care, it would have been better to do that before four months and a half dozen OC losses.
  • There's a nice hanging suplex and a strike to stop a dive.
  • Some of the Ivar spots are really forced, and he doesn't need that. He also doesn't need a Bronco Buster.
  • A double dive leads us through the second commercial break. Yep, there are definitely two television tapings tonight.
  • Ivar misses a moonsault and eats a Magic Killler. So The OC have beaten them twice, but no titles.
  • Samoa Joe thinks this is for the title. It's not.

Erick Rowan squashes Jobber

  • Jobber gets mowed down outside trying to run from Rowan.
  • Multiple Claw slams. The crowd is starting to chant "one more time" at him.
  • I really do wanna know what's in the crate.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Zelina says Humberto beating Andrade was the best and worst thing to happen.
  • Liv Morgan vignette. She says she was reflecting on who she was. She's shown getting into the tub and saying she needs to destroy herself.


  • Lashley and Lana come out to kill time.
  • Lashley ask Lana to marry him, after Lana asks him to.
  • They had rehearsed this, and Lana fakes excitement.

Top Contender (U.S. Title) Gauntlet Match
Andrade (w/ Zelina) wins, I think

  • I hope they haven't suspended the 24/7 rule and every single one of these falls is for the title.
  • Truth points to the WrestleMania sign that isn't there.
  • He's facing Tozawa, and gets posted. A cannonball and a pin eliminates R-Truth.
  • The 24/7 dorks give chase.
  • Ricochet is out next.
  • This is actually all Tozawa early on with a dive, Octopus hold and a German suplex.
  • Tozawa takes a NASTY bump on the Recoil and is eliminated.
  • Matt Hardy is next.
  • Side Effect early.
  • Total pro move on Matt Hardy's side when Ricochet takes a nasty bump off the back body drop -- immediate pin attempt. Gives him the chance to get out of there if he needs to.
  • Seated crucifix bomb by Matt Hardy! Awesome!
  • Matt Hardy and Ricochet stealing the show on Raw. Hardy catches Ricochet mid-air with a Side Effect.
  • Hardy misses a moonsault, and Ricochet lands a standing star press.
  • Twist of Fate counter into a roll-up for the pin.
  • Carrillo is out next, and almost gets small packaged.
  • HIs offense doesn't hit -- shocker.
  • Ricochet gets a good looking Samoan Driver.
  • Zelina makes her way out.
  • I know it seems like I'm picking on Carrillo, but I can't be arsed to care about anything he does.
  • He was supposed to hit the ropes, but turned and waited on Ricochet to clothesline him over instead.
  • Ricochet gets a superplex and a Northern Lights suplex, to no avail.
  • Ricochet lands on his feet on a reverse rana.
  • There's a terribly dangerous looking running Destroyer that sets up the moonsault finish.
  • Andrade comes out and hits a Hammerlock DDT on the concrete. That's it. Carrillo is DED.
  • Rey comes out to help

Rollins and Rey

  • While Carrillo is being stretchered out, Seth Rolllins and AOP come out.
  • Rey attacks and AOP beat him down.
  • This is good continuity with Rollins returning the weapon Mysterio gave Owens.
  • They end up attacking Rey.
  • Rollins challenges Rey to a title match next week. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahah that entire gauntlet match was pointless, my god.

Asuka defeated Deonna Purrazzo

  • Did Deonna Purrazzo get a manager's license? She's an NXT wrestler, with an NXT label on Raw.
  • The brand split does not matter. Purrazzo, who I adore in the ring, got a video package before Humberto.
  • Deonna kicks Asuka before the commercial, and applies an armbar after.
  • Deonna gets out of an ankle lock and hits a reverse STO.
  • Asuka Lock wins it.

Becky Lynch

  • Becky Lynch thought that the company was trying to bury her, but they're trying to protect her.
  • She's the golden goose, and WWE doesn't think she can beat Asuka.
  • I love everything about that Becky Lynch promo. It made sense of the situation, it was good, it added a new wrinkle, it pulled from history. Excellent!

Randy Orton defeated AJ Styles

  • Samoa Joe is STOKED about these leg locks and I'm all for it.
  • The Calf Crusher was held for a while
  • Orton gets his leg worked over big time, then busts out a powerslam.
  • A lot more leg work, then Orton counters a Styles clash and hits his DDT.
  • RKO off a Phenomenal Forearm attempt for the win.
  • This is the first overrun WWE Raw has had since last year.
  • OC and Viking Raiders come out. Magic Killer on Viking Raiders.
  • OC stand tall, because it's all 50/50

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