Match Ratings For WWE Raw 2/17/20 From Sean Ross Sapp

Bye bye Matt Hardy

  • Randy Orton comes out to a chorus of boos. We then see a big video package.
  • Orton says he was supposed to face Matt Hardy, but after last week that's not happening.
  • Matt Hardy is backstage trying to get cleared. Hardy comes out and asks why he did what he did to Edge.
  • He says he came to fight Randy Orton, but he can't get cleared.
  • He doesn't know what the future holds for Matt Hardy, but it won't be on Orton's terms, it'll be on his.
  • Orton says Hardy has balls and he respects him, but he loves Edge like a brother.
  • Orton apologizes. He makes it to the ramp before he turns around.
  • Hardy has a chair. He misses and gets his ass kicked.
  • Write off number two. This time it's a great chair attack with the air of the steel stairs outside the ring.
  • At this point I hope WWE books Matt Hardy vs. Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing match next week just so I can overreact to it
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Aleister Black defeated Erick Rowan

  • Well I'm glad they are consolidating these after weeks of Rowan not being on TV.
  • Black is thrown around and beaten on, which prompts them to go to a commercial.
  • Rowan beats that ass some more until a big knee strike from Black.
  • If they would have saved this for PPV, I wouldn't have been mad. I don't want to see it on there now, though.
  • Black Mass and Iron Claw slam countered, and Rowan gets two with a powerbomb.
  • Black Mass dazes Rowan. A second one does the job.


  • Charlotte Flair calms the NXT chants.
  • She mentions that she and her class helped shape the foundation of NXT into a third brand.
  • Ripley didn't struggle in a warehouse like she did and is entitled
  • This really seemed like it was to buy another week.

WWE 24/7 Championship
Riddick Moss (c) defeated Mojo Rawley and R-Truth

  • This match gets started quick.
  • Moss does a deadlift slap slam or something to R-Truth. I dunno man.
  • Truth hits Rawley with a Five Knuckle Shuffle.
  • Ross pins Rawley after Mojo hits a fireman's carry facecrusher on Truth.
  • Sure. I don't mind. Whatever.

Drew McIntyre defeated MVP

  • Drew McIntyre's "HEY YOU GUYS!" stuff isn't gonna last if they keep hammering it home.
  • Paul Heyman comes out and introduces Brock Lesnar.
  • Brock isn't actually there. He's just trolling and letting Drew know what it'll sound like when Brock beats him. Drew says he can practice saying Brock Lesnar's name when he's crying over his loss.
  • MVP says Drew took a cheap shot and smacks him.
  • This serves to piss off Drew.
  • Big Boot, Future Shock. Claymore.
  • Squash. Just how it should have been.

Becky and Shayna

  • Becky Lynch comes out with a bag of money saying she's going to pay her fine for what she's gonna do to Shayna. I think the money would have been more effective not coming out of a paper bag.
  • Shayna Baszler pops up on the tron and says she's going to win at Elimination Chamber, because she's a cage fighter and that's what she does. Then she's going to "tear the living shit out of Becky Lynch."
  • Why is Asuka in this after so many title shots? Why is Sarah Logan?
  • This promo was okay, very good from Baszler.

Angel Garza & Bobby Lashley (w/ Lana & Zelina) defeated Rusev & Humberto Carrillo

  • The two heel couples kiss each others' asses backstage before the match.
  • The Rusev/Lashley and Reigns/Corbin storylines are heading towards month number five. I DO NOT NEED TO SEE THIS ANYMORE.
  • Garza gets a fan at ringside to kiss him.
  • This is Carrillo getting his ass kicked for about six minutes, which would work a lot better if anyone cared about him.
  • Rusev has a great hot tag, and Carrillo is much better in a tag scenario.
  • Garza placing himself correctly on the mat for Rusev took me out of it a little big.
  • Garza rolls up Rusev after a distraction from Lashley.

Kairi Sane (w/ Asuka) defeated Natalya via countout

  • Asuka and Kairi are so great. I don't know what the hell they're saying in their promos, but thye're great.
  • Kairi is such a good heel, too. She hides behind the ref and cracks Natalya with a backfist
  • Asuka keeps getting involved too.
  • Kairi wins via countout!!


  • It's time for the sermon or something.
  • Rollins babbles on for a while about the greater good, and what they've accomplished together so far.
  • Rollins says they'll go after the non-compliants.
  • Viking Raiders run off the heels, and Owens catches Rollins with a Stunner at the top of the ramp.
  • This really seemed like a big waste of time.
  • Rollins says Viking Raiders and Owens can fight his Disciples tonight

Ricochet defeated Karl Anderson (w/ The OC)

  • The OC come out and tout AJ Styles' achievements and call him the new Mr. WrestleMania.
  • Styles says he's going to prove how legendary he is.
  • Ricochet interrupts, and says he earned his shot. The promo wasn't great but it wasn't terrible either.
  • He wants a match against Styles but NO. Instead it's "toughest man in the building" Karl Anderson.
  • The problem is, Ricochet is doing all the incredible things he does every wee, and they're less incredible.
  • I feel more amazed at Anderson's spinbebuster at this point.
  • Ricochet wins with a fireman's carry into a kick, which I like. Vary it up. Why not?

Backstage Crappenings

  • Liv Morgan says she was excited to see Ruby Riott back, and shocked about what happened, but she's going to go on to become the top contender at Elimination Chamber, etc.

Kevin Owens & Viking Raiders defeated The Disciples via DQ

  • Viking Raiders are still over, despite this match happening for what seems like the 200th time. There's nothing special about Viking Raiders vs. AOP now.
  • We come back from a commercial to see Rezar with a nice STO takedown.
  • The action is good, but I just don't see any stakes or purpose. The heels have been gotten to for the most part.
  • Can we get Jerry Lawler to stop making "definition of insanity" references every week? The definition of insanity is him showing up on commentary every week and expecting me to give a shit about anything he says.
  • A pop up powerbomb and a great Stunner ends the match because Rollins causes a DQ. This would have hit rec'd viewing if not for the finish.
  • Rollins said Owens has crucified him. Street Profits make the save and Rollins abandons his Disciples.
  • Dawkins pounced Murphy outside.
  • The faces all hit their finishers, dark match style. Ford's frog splash. Wow.

Rating Guide

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