Match Ratings For WWE Raw 4/22/19, Podcast Notes From Sean Ross Sapp Of

Opening segment

  • Triple H comes out to the ring. He's followed by Seth Rollins. They have a positive interaction.
  • Seth Rollins touts his accomplishments and says that he's ready for his next challenger.
  • Triple H says that Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are apparently still in Vegas.
  • There's a top contender tournament. This leads to Samoa Joe showing up to say that he's going after two belts.
  • He's interrupted by Rey Mysterio, Drew McIntyre and The Miz.
  • Is it just the first six people to interrupt Seth Rollins? Is that the rule? Baron Corbin is next.
  • AJ Styles, too. Everyone gets a turn.
  • They literally announced this before the show.
  • Confused why Braun Strowman wouldn't be in this.
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Top Contender Tournament Semifinal
AJ Styles defeated Samoa Joe and Rey Mysterio

  • Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles go at it early and have some nice chemistry.
  • Styles stops Rey with a great backbreaker. Cool to see AJ work with someone smaller than him.
  • Samoa Joe is working like a man who is trying to prove he belongs. He is slamming with a vengeance.
  • Rey does a nice outside-in dropkick.
  • Samoa Joe manages to land his double super back body drop. You read that right. It's far from the first time, too.
  • Mysterio gets a big crucifix drop and DDT on Joe before a 619.
  • Styles catches Mysterio midair with two powerbombs and a Styles Clash on top of Joe.
  • Styles pins Joe.
  • Had I saw more of that match instead of commercials, it probably would have hit 8.25/10

Naomi defeated Billie Kay (w/ Peyton Royce)

  • Naomi has a great pose at the end of her slide.
  • A whole hell of a lot of us are confused about the Superstar Shakeup, Cole. Not just Mike Rome.
  • IIconics cut a typically funny promo about Ariana Grande and Starbucks. However, WWE wrote it because Coachella just happened and it was stupid as hell.
  • Naomi runs through her offense and pins Billie Kay. Is she getting a partner?
  • Billie throws a fit. They really don't have to win at all to be champs.

Top Contender Tournament Semifinal
Baron Corbin defeated The Miz & Drew McIntyre

  • Baron Corbin has a great workin' punch. Drew McIntyre has a great suplex. Miz has great crowd control.
  • That's what this match is early.
  • Miz is playing babyface and I'm not quite used to it yet.
  • We see a Tower of Doom. Another. Dove. Cries.
  • During the commercial Miz flew from the top rope to the floor with a double clothesline.
  • Miz busts out the old Figure Four and the YES Kicks.
  • The Miz is getting babyface chants!
  • Drew hits Miz with a Claymore, but Baron steals the pin
  • Oh my. Big Banter Baron. IT'S HAPPENING.
  • Styles cuts a promo after the match about Corbin overcompensating.

Zayn travelin'

  • Sami Zayn does a fantastic slideshow presentation about his time off of WWE.
  • He says he burst into tears at the beauty of one of those images.
  • This is hilarious. He shows off how happy he was not wrestling.
  • I dunno about going to "you people" promos every week so soon after Daniel Bryan did the gimmick. It might water it down.
  • Zayn says that the crowd should go on a vacation of their own to hell. He falls down laughing in the ring.

Cesaro defeated Cedric Alexander

  • Cedric Alexander's music hits as Sami Zayn is leaving the ring.
  • Cesaro still has the Bar's theme.
  • Cedric sells very loudly.
  • Cesaro controls the majority of this match, but Cedric fires up. There's not a ton of heat to this match, but they're getting some good reactions.
  • The highlight for this to me was the great Cedric Alexander Michinoku Driver.
  • Cesaro wins with a catching European Uppercut.

Backstage Crappenings

  • The Usos cut a promo, and Jey makes light of Jimmy's DUI. They run down the tag team division, and are interrupted by the Revival. Oh, yes. Please. Yes.


  • The Viking Raiders destroy Lucha House Party. Good. They're super annoying team.
  • PowerBombSlam from Rowe. I forget his new name.
  • Hahahahahah they renamed their finisher the Viking Experience instead
  • Horny Wooly Mammoths was a better team name than the Viking Experience. That's what Hawkins and Ryder called them, citing their personal experience as an advantage.

Becky Lynch defeated Alicia Fox

  • I think Becky Lynch is implying Lacey Evans slept her way to the top.
  • Lacey comes out and has some really great delivery and says both titles will be hers after Money in the Bank.
  • So uh.... both titles are on the line at Money in the Bank? Eh?
  • Alicia Fox is back. Corey Graves buries her big time.
  • Becky has to let that spinning back kick go. This is not a good match early.
  • I don't know that putting Becky Lynch in heatless competitive matches with Alicia Fox was the best way to capitalize on her momentum.
  • Alicia Fox is thrown into the barricade. The second spin kick is much better.
  • Alicia Fox almost dropped Becky on her head.
  • Disarmher. End.
  • Lacey Evans lays out Becky with two Women's Rights.

Robert Roode defeated Ricochet

  • Shedding light on why Robert Roode is going by that name, but not explaining why a bunch of people switched brands after the Shakeup.
  • There's a lot of dip, duck, dodge, dive from Ricochet.
  • Corey Graves got offended that Cole called Robert "BOBBY."
  • Roode gets a nice vertical suplex, and that's as exciting as it gets for him in this one.
  • There was a nice spinebuster that was caught in mid-air, too.
  • I can tell they don't want to bury anyone by having them lose in minutes, but the crowd was out of this one by halfway through.
  • Ricochet misses a 630 and gets posted. Glorious DDT wins it for Robert.


  • Bray Wyatt is a children's show host.
  • He has the Firefly Funhouse. Firefly Funhouse has me intrigued. I can say that much.
  • He's got Mercy The Buzzard, Abby The Witch,
  • Well this is certainly different for Bray Wyatt. He says he'll never be a bad person like he was again. He keeps a reminder to prevent it.
  • He chainsaws a cardboard cutout.

Top Contender Tournament Finals
AJ Styles defeated Baron Corbin

  • Baron Corbin says he's more concerned with showing up dorks on the internet and Seth Rollins than beating AJ Styles.
  • Corbin does his great ripcord slam. As is tradition, he has some nice moves.
  • I liked Styles teasing a Clash on Corbin.
  • Baron does one of his better Deep Sixes ever.
  • Styles is able to apply a Calf Crusher, but Corbin gets out.
  • Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm for the win.
  • Rollins comes out to shake Styles' hand.
  • Not on tonight's show: Lashley, Strowman, newly signed EC3 & Eric Young.

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