• Seth Rollins comes out and is interrupted by Becky Lynch.
  • Rollins says Corbin knew he couldn't outwrestle or outfight him, so there they are.
  • Becky Lynch calls Lacey Evans a PLANK.
  • Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin have both lost two title matches and an impromptu fight. The attack doesn't work out for them.
  • Baron Corbin says that Rollins needs to make Lynch a sandwich, and Lacey challenges the champs to a match at Extreme Rules.
  • The titles are on the line at Extreme Rules. Jesus Christ.
  • The mandatory title rematch clause is gone from WWE unless it's for people who never actually won the title they just competed for.
  • Corbin sees Lacey backstage and says they might become the new power couple in WWE.

Elimination Tag Team Match
The Usos & New Day defeated The Revival & Daniel Bryan and Rowan

  • I see one week is the limit on continuity. New Day lost last night, and now they're number one contenders. What?
  • The crowd totally loves everyone in this match it would seem.
  • Bryan accidentally hits Scott Dawson and kills Xavier Woods with a missile dropkick.
  • Dawson accidentally cracks Bryan and leads to him getting pinned by Xavier. This was tone deaf from whoever booked this.
  • A sloppy Shatter Machine pins New Day.
  • Well, that's it. The wild card teams were literally brought over for the elimination gimmick so they could take a commercial break without wrestling, lol
  • A Steiner Bulldog is a little off from Revival, but still manages to look good. However, there's a disconnect here.
  • Dawson superlexes Jimmy, but Jey hits him with an Uso Splash to win.
  • I thought this was a little too clever for its own good, but you never know until you try, so I applaud them for it.

Miz TV

  • Miz welcomes his former partner (and Carmella) to Raw. He says the 24/7 rule is suspended during this segment.
  • Miz recaps R-Truth winning the title at a wedding.
  • Truth says wrestlers have been pretending to be cops telling him his music is too loud and his car is on fire.
  • R-Truth is over big.
  • Drake Maverick is there still in his wedding outfit. He's WWE's Laurel Van Ness.
  • His wife won't talk to him, and they haven't consummated the marriage. R-Truth tells him that fiber is good for that.
  • Drake just wants his title shot. Miz says all other competitors are banned from ringside. The crowd wants it bad.

24/7 Championship
R-Truth (c) (w/ Carmella) defeated Drake Maverick

  • R-Truth immediately decks Maverick and wins.
  • Truth disposes of Lucha House Party. No Way Jose and Cedric get involved.
  • Cedric Alexander WALLOPS Truth, but Jose breaks up the pin and Truth runs away.
  • Maverick is reduced to tears. The crowd sings the Goodbye Song. What a bunch of dicks.

24/7 Championship
Heath Slater defeated R-Truth (c) to win the title
R-Truth defeated Heath Slater (c) to regain the title
Cedric Alexander defeated R-Truth (c) to win the title
EC3 defeated Cedric Alexander (c) to win the title
R-Truth defeated EC3 (c) to regain the title.

  • This all happened as Heath Slater was looking to face Mojo Rawley in singles action.
  • R-Truth is now like a nine time champion.

Handicap Match
Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre

  • Okay, we get it, Mike Rome does a custom intro for Shane McMahon.
  • It's announced as a 2-on-1 match.
  • Reigns is jumped. Steel stairs, Claymore, spear from Shane and another Claymore.
  • Shane sets up for a Coast to Coast.
  • DONG HITS. The Undertaker chokeslams Shane.
  • The UNDERTAKER. Wow. Shane McMahon is a better opponent for the Undertaker than Goldberg.
  • This was a great surprise.


  • We see both Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley practicing ahead of this.
  • This is the seventh match or competition between Lashley and Strowman in the last month.
  • Lashley has the lead, and then gives up and attacks Strowman.
  • Braun mows down Lashley, but Strowman is blinded and attacked.
  • Braun Strowman has literally pinned Lashley three times, and beaten him in arm wrestling and tug-o-war this month. What's next? Dice? Flip cup?

The Viking Raiders defeated The Good Brothers

  • AJ Styles is trying to explain why he challenged Ricochet. No Way Jose's music hits, but the Good Brothers are dancing along. He's not happy about it. This is so condescending.
  • AJ is watching on backstage as Anderson flattens Erik, and Gallows goes to work.
  • Ivar tags in and goes crazy with an agile explosion of offense.
  • The Viking Experience finish wins it.
  • This accomplished a couple of things, but one of those is digging Anderson and Gallows a deeper hole.

Kofi Kingston defeated Sami Zayn (w/ Kevin Owens)

  • Kofi Kingston comes out to be interviewed by Charly Caruso.
  • He's interrupted by KO & Sami Zayn, who ask really angry questions.
  • Kofi argues back and challenges Sami Zayn UP NEXT, LIVE. He then throws pancakes.
  • Kofi Kingston is completely dominating Zayn. It's one sided.
  • Zayn finally sneaks in the ring and drops Kofi across the top rope.
  • Owens cheats and attacks.
  • Zayn does a great exploder suplex into the corner, he follows with a Michinoku Driver.
  • Kofi picks up the win regardless.
  • Kevin Owens challenges Kingston next, and Kofi accepts.

Kofi Kingston defeated Kevin Owens (w/ Sami Zayn) via countout

  • We get a commercial, and KO decks Kofi.
  • Kofi gets his knees up on a Swanton, and eats a superkick.
  • Kofi does a damn SOS on the ramp. He wins via countout.
  • Kofi dives out onto KO and Zayn.
  • Samoa Joe attacks Kofi on the stage.
  • Oh. Hm. Another person who just lost a match challenging for a title. That makes lots of sense. And this one on a different brand than Kofi. Cool.
  • If just attacking the world champion gets you a title shot, why aren't more people doing it?
  • Do I want to see Samoa Joe at the top of the card in a program with Kofi Kingston? Yes, I do. Do I want some recent merit within the story of the program to accompany it? Yes, I do.

Alexa Bliss (w/ Nikki Cross) defeated Naomi
Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss defeated Natalya & Naomi

  • Alexa Bliss kind of guilts Nikki Cross and implies she needs to come up with an idea to get her a title shot.
  • Natalya and Naomi try to help Nikki, but Alexa walks back in. They argue and have a match.
  • Naomi does a splits splash, and hits Nikki hard with a baseball slide.
  • Alexa Bliss hits a DDT for the win.
  • Alexa wants Nikki to help her. Nikki pushes Naomi down and Natalya makes the save.
  • This show seems like a test run to see how they can configure a show to not wrestle during commercials.
  • There's some back and forth action, then Alexa Bliss gets the win after Nikki hit her finisher on Natalya.
  • They celebrate. This was remarkably average, but Nikki and Natalya are great.

AJ Styles defeated Ricochet

  • Ricochet has a fake humble promo not meant to be a fake humble promo
  • Gallows and Anderson join AJ Styles at ringside. AJ isn't happy about it. SO HE GRABS A MIC.
  • My god. This is awkward, wedging in commercials between action.
  • Styles and Ricochet are stiffing the shit out of each other with chops and forearms.
  • Styles is busted up.
  • These two already have good chemistry, and that's after knocking the shit out of each other.
  • Ricochet's strength is often underrated especially against someone like Styles.
  • Styles switches up his reverse DDT to a scoop variety out of the back flip. Very nice.
  • Ricochet does an insane elevated spinning neckbreaker and a Lionsault.
  • Ricochet vs. AJ Styles main eventing Raw with an awesome, competitive match.
  • Styles wins with a Phenomenal Forearm. I feel a little weird about a champ losing the first night after winning the title, but it was a good match.
  • Styles raises Ricochet's hand to end Raw.

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