Match Ratings For WWE Smackdown 1/31/20 From Sean Ross Sapp

Top Contender Match
Miz & Morrison defeated The Revival, Lucha House Party and Heavy Machinery

  • The Smackdown tag division has really been given a boost thanks to Miz & Morrison. The brand needed another big team.
  • Metalik hits a great run up sunset bomb on Morrison. He continues to impress by doing an outside-in huracanrana on the apron onto a pile.
  • Revival hit a superplex splash, but Dash lands weird on Dorado.
  • This is insanely fast paced.
  • Morrison misses Starship Pain by a mile again, but pins Dawson.
  • Miz & Morrison facing New Day at Super Showdown
  • After the match, Heavy Machinery is backstage. Otis asks Mandy on a date. Mandy's busy next Friday, but not on Valentine's Day. Mandy should have been like "you know we work Fridays, right?"
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Bliss Cross Applesauce defeated Fire & Desire

  • This match is not gonna set the world on fire, based on the opening minutes.
  • It doesn't. Bliss and Cross win with their finishing moves.
  • This was really nothing, but it was just there. I guess it advances a contender for Kabuki Warriors? But we saw that feud a few months ago.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Braun Strowman defeated Shinsuke Nakamura (c) (w/ The Artists) to become champion

  • No way we get a real finish here, right? Strowman vs. Nakamura gotta happen at least four times.
  • Zayn keeps getting involved. Strowman misses a boot and gets kneed.
  • Strowman does his holding strike and mows Nakamura down.
  • Strowman avoids the exposed turnbuckle and Nakamura hits it. Powerslam!
  • Braun Strowman is the new Intercontinental Champion!
  • Sami Zayn is not happy backstage. He goes off on a reporter after the match
  • Elias interrupts all the way in the ring by playing a song.
  • Elias and Sami Zayn argue.
  • Cesaro comes out to the ring and we probably have a match
  • Alas, we don't. Elias stands tall though.

Sheamus defeated Shorty G

  • Shorty G attacks Sheamus, EMBARRASSING Sheamus. They love running that angle with him. I do like that a babyface did it instead.
  • Sheamus pulls off an inverted Wasteland.
  • Gable hits a nice moonsault.
  • Sheamus ends up winning with a Brogue Kick
  • Did we need this again? Probably not.

Bayley & Naomi

  • Bayley comes out and says she ended Lacey Evans' title hopes and gained revenge on Lacey taking Sasha out of the Royal Rumble match and injuring her.
  • Bayley wants Charlotte to come out and make her challenge because she's beaten everyone.
  • Naomi is out with LED light up head gear. How can she see!?!? With some changes I think this could be a big time entrance.
  • Naomi says Bayley hasn't beaten everyone, especially her.
  • Bayley cracks her with the microphone, but Naomi fights back with a flying kick.
  • Naomi meets the Usos on the ramp, who are our for their match.

The Bloodline defeated King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode

  • Roman Reigns and the Usos are out. Pretty soon after, King Corbin, Ziggler and Roode join.
  • After some back and forth, a challenge where the loser eats DOG FOOD is made.
  • Corbin isn't happy, but accepts.
  • We need Daniel Cormier calling this sports-centric show.
  • There's a nice spinebuster outside the ring, and they talk up the dog food A LOT.
  • Roman Reigns runs WILD but gets cut off by Corbin, who then LEAVES THE RING to look at the dog food.
  • Reigns missed an uppercut by a mile. That doesn't happen a lot. Superkick and Deep Six doesn't win it.
  • The Usos fly into Roode, Reigns pins Corbin with a roll up.
  • As dumb as this is, Corbin and Reigns' facial expressions were great
  • Usos shackle Corbin and Reigns spears him.
  • They throw dog food all over Corbin.

Rating Guide
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Each match starts at a 5 and slides up and down based on entertainment, execution, time, environment, reaction and stakes. The ratings are in no way an indication of a "star rating," which is a completely different system. A standard, non-offensive "TV match" lands at a 5. The gap between 5.75-6 is generally the largest, with anything reaching 6 being recommended viewing.
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