Match Ratings For WWE Smackdown 6/18/19 From Sean Ross Sapp

Opening Segment

  • Big E says he wants to pitch the last hour of Smackdown Live to be THE FREAKY HOUR
  • Dolph Ziggler quickly interrupts this. Ziggler isn't as appreciative of Kofi as in previous weeks.
  • Kofi casually explains all the ways he can win the match, which is a nice way of reminding the viewer of the rules without beating us over the head with it.
  • Ziggler says he's going to make sure Xavier can't help him again tonight.
  • Ziggler goes into ACCCCC-TORRRRRRRR mode. It's not the best.
  • This goes right into the opening match.
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Dolph Ziggler defeated Xavier Woods

  • Xavier Woods' dropkick against the ropes looks really great.
  • Every time Xavier Woods gets the chance to show his worth in a singles match, he excels.
  • Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn come out and gets involved. Xavier hits an awesome body block off the top to the outside on them.
  • Zayn is Wild Card #1.
  • Xavier hits an amazing press gutbuster.
  • Ziggler kicks Xavier outside, and does the Zig Zag inside the ring, but won't let Woods roll out.
  • Ziggler wraps Xavier up in the ropes and lands a superkick for the win.
  • That was a really great twist on the superkick as a finish.


  • Shelton Benjamin and the B-Team are backstage waiting on Baron Corbin, who is wild card #2. Benjamin says he's going to use Corbin like Corbin is using everyone else.
  • Matt Hardy emerges, and calls Shelton SENOR Benjamin.
  • I don't have a clue what brand AOP are on anymore.

A Moment Bliss

  • Wild Card #3 Alexa Bliss, and Wild Card #4 Nikki Cross appear a half hour into the show. Or are they just collectively #3 because they're teaming?
  • Bayley comes out drinking Alexa's coffee and tells Nikki that Alexa is using her.
  • Bliss said that she's always seen through Bayley. Bliss says Bayley never helped her when she needed it in NXT.
  • Bayley says DAMN. In the context of "doesn't deserve a DAMN thing."
  • Bliss says Bayley peaked in NXT, and Bayley attacks.
  • Cross breaks it up and screams at Bayley, allowing Bliss to attack.
  • This ended up being pretty good.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Apollo approaches Zelina looking for Andrade. She flirts with him and Andrade attacks. Chad Gable is backstage scouting Apollo again.
  • Kabuki Warriors vs. IIconics for the tag titles in Tokyo, but the IIconics are not happy about it. Wait, no. It's for a shot at the titles. Huh. WWE saw that AEW match and was like, let's book someone to get a shot for a shot for a shot for a shot at the tag titles. I hope next week on Smackdown the IIconics hit us with some good Oregon Trail joke #CONTENT.
  • Ember Moon runs into Carmella looking for Truth. Ember Moon approaches Fire, Desire & Donuts and is really cliche and angry. She attacks them and screams. I don't get it.

Heavy Machinery defeated B-Team

  • I can not pretend this is a match I'm excited for.
  • Daniel Bryan runs down Heavy Machinery for wanting to be the Bushwackers and not the Sheepherders. He wants to make the tag team division important and not a joke.
  • Bryan compliments Tucker and Otis' abilities, but not them joking around.
  • Otis is over with the crowd and hits the Caterpillar. Bryan says he'd just move.
  • Heavy Machinery win with the Compactor.
  • Seth Rollins, Wild Card #5, attacks B-Team with a chair.

Elimination Tag Team Match
Drew McIntyre & Elias (w/ Shane McMahon) defeated Awesome Truth

  • Drew McIntyre, Wild Card #6 is with Shane McMahon and Elias.
  • They cut promos, and Wild Card #7 The Miz is out. Shane McMahon seems confused about Miz being there. That makes two of us, buddy.
  • Miz trolls Shane with video of them getting beaten up. Miz, a Raw Superstar, is complaining because Smackdown isn't different than Raw, the show he's on. He, a Raw superstar on Smackdown, complains about Shane McMahon taking too much airtime.
  • Shane books a tag team elimination match. Elias & Drew against Miz and anyone he can find in ten seconds. Who the hell turned the stipulation modifier on during the WWE booking meeting this week?
  • Truth is wandering around. So we get Awesome Truth back. That's cool.
  • Miz and Truth bust out their old hiptoss.
  • Shane McMahon trips up Truth and Elias pins him with a knee.
  • The 24/7 crew come and try to steal the titles.
  • We go through a commercial to see Miz worked over to come back. He has a nice DDT.
  • A sneaky Glasgow Kiss and Claymore win it for the heels.
  • Shane McMahon helps Drew hit another one after the match.

24/7 Championship
Drake Maverick defeated R-Truth (c)
Angle: 7/10

  • After the match, we see R-Truth trying to leave the arena and thinks the ref is an Uber driver. He's not.
  • Drake Maverick dressed as Carmella pins Truth with his feet on the SUV. He's the new champ, and he's getting married.
  • Truth is upset that Carmella is getting married and didn't invite him.

Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston defeated KO & Sami Zayn

  • KO & Zayn approach an arriving Shane, and complain about Seth Rollins. He books them against Rollins & Kofi in a tag team 2 out of 3 falls match.
  • Why does WWE have such a boner for 2 out of 3 falls tag matches this week?
  • Trouble in Paradise, and Zayn immediately gets pinned.
  • Owens fights back, and he's really good. No surprise.
  • Rollins has one of the best Blockbusters in wrestling history.
  • The crowd loves Kofi Kingston, he's consistently over.
  • Zayn does that beauty of a Blue Thunder Bomb.
  • Some great back and forth as the match unfolds. Rollins pins Owens with the Curb Stomp.
  • It's clear WWE is on some sort of "clean sweep" run with stipulations.
  • Paul Heyman is shown looking on.

Rating guide

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