Match Ratings For WWE Smackdown 7/31/20 From Sean Ross Sapp

Intercontinental Championship
AJ Styles (c) defeated Gran Metalik (w/ Lince Dorado) to retain the title

  • We get some really lame promos at the beginning of Smackdown.
  • After about ten minutes of good, back and forth action, Styles goes to work on the leg of Metalik.
  • Metalik hits a really good Tornado DDT for a nearfall.
  • Metalik gives Styles a small window, and AJ capitalizes.
  • The crowd sweetening here is actually really good, because you can tell they have nowhere near as many people there as some of the past tapings.
  • Styles puts Metalik in the Calf Crusher and gets the submission.
  • After the match, Styles does a Styles Clash on Lince Dorado. This was really good.
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King Corbin defeated Drew Gulak

  • Baron Corbin says Chad Gable and he have always been friends and he just wanted to motivate Gable. Gable sees through it and knows Corbin wants him to do his dirty work against Riddle for him.
  • That Corbin/Gable promo was actually one of my favorite Corbin promos ever. It felt way more natural, and him saying they've always been friends was hilarious
  • Jeff Hardy cuts a promo and says that he feels really good right now and is happy to be done with Sheamus.
  • King Corbin comes out and makes some sobriety and AA jokes. Okay. Great, riveting, I'm just kidding, it's the same old shit.
  • Has WWE ever considered bringing up Jeff Hardy's struggles with sobriety? It could possibly be a riveting, groundbreaking television story line since it touches on real-life topics. Oh, sorry. I didn't realize they've done it 892 fucking times. My bad!
  • Gulak is facing Corbin. This should be good.
  • Gulak lays the strikes in and Corbin does a nice one himself out of a corner go-behind.
  • High angle single leg crab from Corbin into a Lebell Lock from Gulak.
  • Deep Six hits really well, but Riddle comes out.
  • Corbin wins with the End of Days anyway, but Riddle attacks.
  • Shorty G comes out and makes the save for Corbin. He's accepting the bounty offer.
  • Color me intrigued.

Big E defeated The Miz (w/ John Morrison)

  • Big E's last televised one-on-one win that WASN'T a Trick or Street Fight was three years ago, in a June 2017 win against Jimmy Uso. He's lost 7 NON TRICK OR STREET FIGHT one-on-one matches since
  • Sure is a good thing Miz is getting a heat spot with the rear chinlock on a crowd that exists only to make their match better.
  • WWE's method of having big bad sons of bitches as babyface that sell 80 percent of the match is really counterproductive. I wanna see Big E crush people, hit some YOLO dives and do the Big Ending.
  • Big E does just that. He's great, but does he need to sell the whole match.
  • He kicks out of the Skull Crushing Finale and reaches the ropes on a Figure Four.
  • Morrison gets kicked out.
  • Big E wins with the Stretch Muffler.

Other Stuff

  • There is a stupid segment with Cesaro & Nakamura's CHAMPIONS ONLY party, and Lucha House Party doing their chant.
  • Sheamus tries to tell us that he in fact WAS NOT OWNED in the bar fight last week. He's still dressed like last week, which is cool I guess.

Naomi defeated Lacey Evans

  • Lacey Evans trolls Naomi.
  • Naomi gets powerbombed out of the gate and does an odd looking facebuster an a Gator Roll.
  • Lacey bow and arrows Naomi around the ring post and kicks her. This was a cool spot.
  • Lacey locks Naomi's hair in the stairs, trying to get a countout.
  • Naomi does a dive and takes out Lacey.
  • Lacey tries to tie up Naomi, but Naomi gets a backslide win.


  • I've missed seeing Mandy and Otis on TV.
  • Mandy has a date planned at Otis' favorite BBQ joint.
  • Sonya is watching on and beats the living shit out of Mandy after a commercial break.
  • She puts lipstick in Mandy's hair and cuts it.
  • There was a great Skateboard Stomp.
  • Adam Pearce being the only one not afraid of the clippers when Sonya goes after her.
  • Tucker and Otis check on her, as Miz and Morrison troll Mandy.
  • Tucker isn't happy.

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
Bayley (c) (w/ Sasha Banks) defeated Nikki Cross (w/ Alexa Bliss)

  • Nikki Cross takes control and poses on the announcers table before the break.
  • Sasha tries to hand off the BOSS KNUCKS, but it doesn't work.
  • Nikki goes wild and takes Bayley out before a series of pin attempts.
  • Bayley counters and does a Rose Plant for the win.
  • This was quick, but a crazy pace and good.
  • Nikki Cross is livid after the match. Nikki pushes down Alexa Bliss after the match.
  • The Fiend music plays and he's in the ring. He wants to take Alexa Bliss' hand, but puts her in the Mandible Claw.

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