Match Ratings For WWE Smackdown 8/13/19 From Sean Ross Sapp; Podcast Notes


  • Kevin Owens remembers signing with WWE five years ago. He's super over with this crowd in Toronto.
  • He's happy he got to share the moment of kicking Shane McMahon's ass with all of Toronto in the family.
  • Owens puts over the King of the Ring huge by saying it would be just as important to him as any title he's won. Saying things like that go a long way.
  • Why is the unemployment line outside of Scotiabanks Arena? Shane says that's where Owens should be, but he took the coward's way out.
  • Shane says that Elias is traumatized and has the night off, and the 24/7 rule is suspended.
  • When Owens attacked Elias, he was an official, and this doesn't stand. Owens is being fined $100,000. The crowd thinks it's boring.
  • Owens demands that Shane McMahon reconsider, as that's a lot of money to him, but Shane won't. KO stomps to the back.
  • Owens goes into Shane's locker room. Shane threatens to sue Owens and put his family in peril.
  • Instead, Owens destroys a TV in Shane's office.
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Charlotte Flair defeated Ember Moon

  • Bipolar chants for Charlotte, and Ember is in control early on.
  • Charlotte uses a Lion Tamer after the commercial, but more of an elevated Boston Crab variation.
  • Ember fights back with some good kicks.
  • Ember does a great flying Codebreaker, but gets yanked off the top rope and barely clears for the bump.
  • Ember taps out to the Figure 8.
  • Since becoming top contender, Ember has been attacked by Bayley" class="fightful-player player-48199">Bayley">Bayley, beaten by Bayley, beaten by Alexa Bliss, left laying by Natalya and beaten by Charlotte Flair.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Aleister Black is still moody, and I'm still not very interested in these promos. This is like a promo from Bray Wyatt from a couple of years ago where he'd talk for a few minutes without really saying anything.

Roman Reigns defeated Buddy Murphy

  • Reigns slugs Murphy, but gets welcomed with a huge flying knee.
  • Reigns sold his ass off for Buddy Murphy on that flying knee.
  • Dueling Buddy Murphy-Roman Reigns chants.
  • Reigns heaves Murphy over the table.
  • This is a good test for Buddy Murphy working the top guy pace on WWE TV. He hits a Meteora on the floor before a commercial.
  • We come back to Reigns breaking a sleeper hold.
  • Reigns gets a bunch of offense, but also eats post and almost got pinned.
  • Another Meteora hits for Murphy and he slugs it out with Reigns before kicking out of a Superman Punch.
  • Tom Phillips is calling the hell out of this match.
  • Murphy counters a Spear with a huge series of knees and a filthy brainbuster.
  • Murphy gets punched off the top rope into the barricade and Reigns hits a big Superman Punch off the stairs.
  • A HUGE spear that Murphy flips on gets the win for Reigns after 13 minutes.
  • Reigns gave and gave and gave, and Murphy gave back. That was outstanding.

Samoa Joe defeated Kevin Owens

  • Shane McMahon isn't happy about his TV backstage, and Samoa Joe is ready to help Kevin Owens learn his place.
  • Elias comes out to be the special enforcer.
  • Pretty standard stuff through the commercial. A KO swanton and Joe uranage hit.
  • I do wish WWE would do a better job building and hyping first time matches. Joe and Owens have never had a one on one match on the main roster before tonight. Their one in NXT went to a no contest.
  • Owens does a great pop-up powerbomb, but a ref bump happens and Elias counts the pin.


  • Daniel Bryan comes out and says Buddy Murphy falsely accused he and Rowan of attacking Reigns.
  • He outright says they had nothing to do with it and Buddy Murphy
  • This is really stupid. Bryan says he doesn't blame Murphy because ALL YOU PEOPLE would cave, too.
  • Bryan goes off about the lies and repeats that he didn't have anything to do with it, and they'll prove it.
  • Later they go into the locker room and clear everyone but Murphy out. They attack Murphy when he won't go back on what he said.
  • He says he lied while he is being attacked by Rowan.
  • Bryan says he hates liars.
  • Roman Reigns finds Bryan and Rowan at the end of the show. Bryan wants an apology.
  • Bryan says next week they'll bring Reigns the culprit.

The Revival & Randy Orton defeated The New Day

  • The Revival regrets winning the 24/7 title and says that New Day have ruined the tag team division.
  • Xavier Woods is sad about not being in King of the Ring. He really should have been. They joke about spoiling things, and Kofi will be with them tonight.
  • Randy Orton comes out before the match and says that Kofi's family will consider him a coward for taking the easy way out. This was a really great promo from Orton.
  • Orton suggests a six-man tag and it's happening.
  • The Revival are such a well oiled machine.
  • Dawson gets a good Guerrero backdrop on Xavier, but Big E gets the hot tag.
  • Big E's hot tag is always great to watch. He got PLANTED by a Revival DDT and was laid out.
  • Kofi does an insane dive over the top onto Orton, and Xavier handicap back body drops Dawson. These were great spots.
  • New Day and Revival work together great.
  • The Revival pin Xavier Woods with a Shatter Machine.
  • I hate the Wild Card rule and shit, but this should lead to a title match.
  • Revival continue the beat down. Kofi makes the save on them, but Randy Orton stands tall with the RKO.
  • Orton does another to Xavier Woods.
  • Revival pick up Big E and Orton does another. He hits one more on Kofi.

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