Match Ratings For WWE Smackdown Live 2/12/19, Podcast Notes From Sean Ross Sapp Of


  • We see video of last night's happenings that led to Becky Lynch being replaced by Charlotte Flair.
  • Charlotte comes out and says she's the backbone of the division and Vince made a smart business decision and picked a future Hall of Famer.
  • Charlotte Flair does some really good troll work in this promo. She's letting Becky Lynch have it. This is really, really good stuff and a strong heel promo.
  • Charlotte Flair says that she's going to be at the Raw Women's Title Match at Elimination Chamber between Rousey and Ruby Riott, and maybe we'll end up seeing a new champion.
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Loser enters Elimination Chamber first
Fabulous Glow defeated Fire & Desire and The IIconics

  • IIconics standing on the same side of the turnbuckle. 
  • This is one of Naomi's "on" nights. Carmella avoiding Sonya's strikes and taunting was good, too.
  • Mandy avoids Naomi at all costs and runs away. Ideally one of these teams could just walk out and not lose.
  • A major part of this match takes place during the commercial break and the work doesn't look great. 
  • Deville and Carmella have a couple of interactions here, but the match is largely built around the Naomi vs. Mandy Rose stuff.
  • Naomi picks up the win with a split legged moonsault on Mandy.
  • The IIconics never tagged in, but posted both members of Fabulous Glow after the match. Probably the best use of them. 
  • A largely average match with a solid story and an okay crowd. Everyone was used pretty well, and there were stakes. 


Backstage crappenings

  • We see promos from the Raw tag teams. Nia talks over Tamina three times. Liv cut the best promo of all of the Raw field there. 
  • Mustafa Ali does a cell phone promo and says WWE haven't cleared him. He won't let this hold him down.

McMiz TV

  • The Miz announces that Shane McMahon is going to be on NCIS LA. NCIS might be the only show with camera work I hate more than WWE.
  • The Usos come out and say McMiz are trying to be the Usos.
  • The Miz and McMahon counter Uso knowing each other so well by giving one another the answers. There's a spot where they get a cheap pop for the Toledo Mud Hens.
  • After some trash talk, Usos superkick McMiz.
  • This was a really good, fun segment that furthered their story.

Winner enters chamber last
Randy Orton Wins 

  • I've been pitching it on the Fightful Podcast for a long time, but I would totally be for a Daniel Bryan vs. New Day feud.
  • Bryan and Kofi go at it for a while. Kofi eats a couple of vicious kitchen sinks. This feels like a very fresh matchup. 
  • Before  a commercial, Kofi does a great dive over the top rope. Bryan only gets a two when he does a guillotine knee drop. Bryan misses a diving headbutt, and the high flying tactics are fast and furious. Kofi does a standing somersault senton, too.
  • Bryan does an amazing tree of woe dropkick, but both men wipe out on a belly-to-back superlex attempt. 
  • DB applies a LeBell Lock and Kofi manages to get to the ropes.
  • Bryan flies to ringside and hits Kofi with a knee, but Kofi dropkicks Bryan.
  • Rowan gets involved, but New Day takes him out and they're kicked out. Rowan still attacks Kofi, then he's banned too. 
  • Kofi gets Trouble in Paradise and beats Bryan!

DANIEL BRYAN is eliminated after 24 minutes (8/10)

  • Jeff Hardy is next
  • Some sloppy work early outside, and Hardy misses a Swanton.
  • After a little back and forth, Kofi Kingston gets the win with an SOS!
  • There wasn't a ton to this nine minutes but Kofi looked very strong.

JEFF HARDY is eliminated after nine minutes (Kofi is at 33)

  • Samoa Joe is out next and cracks Kofi.
  • Joe works over Kofi with an adbominal stretch and a clothesline. 
  • Both men eat floor on a Kofi slingshot over the top and both make it back in by the count of ten.
  • Kofi Kingston kicks out at ONE after a clothesline.
  • This is how you build up a guy as a contender in one night. Bravo, WWE.
  • Koqina Clutch is applied but Kofi does the Hart/Piper and Hart/Austin finish to pin him!

Samoa Joe is eliminated after 14 minutes (Kofi is at 47)

  • Joe is LIVID and chokes out Kofi. AJ is next and attacks Joe. 
  • AJ tries to show Kofi sympathy, but Kofi pushes AJ Styles. Styles goes off and decks him.
  • Kofi fights back after being worked over, but Kofi walks into a VICIOUS backbreaker and howls in pain. 
  • Kofi Kingston flies into the ring post knees first in a brutal spot. He makes it in by the ten count!
  • Styles misses a super frankensteiner! Kofi Kingston body presses Styles' back for a two. 
  • Kofi is placed in the Calf Crusher and taps out.
  • Kofi Kingston lasted an HOUR.

Kofi Kingston eliminated after an hour (Styles is at 13 minutes)

  • RKO. Pin.

AJ Styles eliminated after 14 minutes. Randy Orton Wins

  • They were VERY short on time. This was an amazing story. I will always remember this as Kofi Kingston's Smackdown.


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