Match Ratings For WWE Smackdown Live 3/19/19, Podcast Notes From Sean Ross Sapp Of


  • Miz's dad OLD AF. Anyway, after showing a clip of why he's mad at Shane McMahon, Miz explains it further.
  • This is a really good, emotional promo.
  • Miz gets a great reaction when he says Shane is rotten to the core like his father. He says Vince McMahon doesn't own Kofi Kingston.
  • Miz wasn't born rich, he was born in Cleveland destined to flip burgers. He earned where he was with work ethic. This is a great promo that conjures up "you deserve it" chants from the crowd.
  • The Smackdown end of things has done a really good job of talking me into wanting to see their non-title matches.
Doudrop On Finding Out About Her Call-Up To The Main Roster, Moving To The United States

The IIconics defeated Boss N' Hug Connection

  • We fortunately get an IIconics promo that unfortunately doesn't live up to some of their others as they have to shoehorn in ivy league references.
  • Peyton wasn't moving too smooth while taking a double dropkick.
  • Lacey Evans comes out, distracting stupid babyface Bayley, then stupid heel Billie.
  • Peyton's work is not too hot. It's regressed since her time on the main roster. She does apply a nice reverse Tarantula, though.
  • Billie and Peyton pull some shenanigans and double pin Sasha to get the win.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Rey introduces his son Dominic -- who is big as hell. He says he'll be front row at WrestleMania to watch the "bully" Samoa Joe get beaten by his dad in a U.S. title match.
  • AJ Styles says that Randy Orton is good. Orton is a first round draft pick and he's a walk on that overperformed.

KO Show

  • Kevin Owens have a halfway suit on and puts over his graphics.
  • He brings out Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. He says nobody wants to see them talk anymore.
  • He wants to see them fight.
  • There's a face off that doesn't take too much instigation, Charlotte Flair attacks.
  • They have to be separated.

If Kofi Kingston wins, he gets a WWE Title Match at WrestleMania
Gauntlet Match
Daniel Bryan Wins (6.25/10)

  • Daniel Bryan cuts a great promo saying apparently being a B+ player is good enough. This is great coming from him.
  • I'm glad New Day were banned from ringside -- otherwise, why wouldn't they get him cheap DQ wins?
  • Sheamus is first up and Kofi does a great tope Trust Fall.
  • Cesaro gets involved and cheap shots Kofi with a European uppercut for two.
  • We go to a commercial and come back with the crowd still hot. Sheamus hits an Irish Curse backbreaker and applies a Cloverleaf.
  • Kofi misses two pins on Cloverleaf and Brogue Kick counters, but hits the Trouble in Paradise for the pin

Sheamus is eliminated (6/10)

  • There are huge "Kofi" chants. New Day are joined by Usos watching backstage. The Hardy Boyz show up later, too.
  • Those "Kofi is a midcarder at best" and "Kofi doesn't deserve it" and "Kofi is getting a participation trophy" takes sure aged like shit eh?
  • Cesaro is up next and hits a great capture tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.
  • Cesaro also applies a Cesaro Swing into a Cloverleaf.
  • Kofi gets an SOS and the pin. This was another good match.

Cesaro is eliminated (5.75/10)

  • Rowan runs through Kofi. I mean hard, too. This was brutal. Kofi eats barricade next.
  • Rowan takes a chair and cracks Kofi Kingston. This is a DQ.
  • Rowan beats the brakes off of Kofi. Recycle Plant through a table hits.
  • Mustafa Ali, Heavy Machinery and others watch along backstage. Are all of these people banned? C'MON.

Rowan is eliminated (N/A)

  • Samoa Joe is out next.
  • EC3, Carmella, Nikki Cross and more join the viewing party.
  • Joe slows things down, but turns Kofi inside out with a huge clothesline.
  • Kofi rolls up Samoa Joe and gets the pin!
  • Joe is livid and chokes out Kofi Kingston. The babyfaces watching are livid.

Samoa Joe is eliminated (5/10)

  • Kofi Kingston has won like 10 falls compared to losing 3 since the start of the first gauntlet match.
  • Randy Orton is up next.
  • After a commercial, we see a callback to the "stupid" moment between Kofi and Randy Orton.
  • Orton has some methodical work, but gets cracked with a Trouble in Paradise! He rolls out of the ring.
  • Randy Orton gets rolled up! Kofi Kingston wins!

Randy Orton is eliminated (5.5/10)

  • Vince McMahon congratulates Kofi Kingston, but says he's going to have to beat Daniel Bryan in order to go to WrestleMania.
  • New Day is livid.
  • Bryan scores knees, NO Kicks, and a belly-to-back suplex.
  • Kofi gets the ropes on a LeBell Lock.
  • Kofi almost lands on his neck on the SOS. That looked nasty. He gets a two count.
  • Bryan pins Kofi after a flying knee.

Kofi Kingston is eliminated

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