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Opening segment

  • Kofi Kingston is interviewed, and has his new feud with Kevin Owens ran down.
  • Kofi says that if Kevin Owens wanted a title match, all he had to do was ask.
  • Kevin Owens runs out and talks some trash, serving as a way for Xavier to attack him. It doesn't end well for Xavier, though. He's taken out.
  • Kofi rushes to Xavier's aid. He's seen in the back talking to Xavier Woods in the trainers room.
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Becky Lynch defeated Bayley

  • I'm really interested to see how this one plays out in the ring. Bayley has a lot of the offense that I think Becky Lynch needs. Stiff punches and knees.
  • Bayley cracks Becky with one of those good knees after a break, and I finally see Becky Lynch laying in some good strikes.
  • A double clothesline leaves both women on the mat.
  • Becky Lynch gets the knees up on a flying elbow drop and wins with the Disarmher.
  • Bayley has now lost to Charlotte and Becky her first two weeks on the brand. There has to be some sort of change.
  • Speaking of Charlotte Flair, she comes out and attacks everyone after the match and stands tall.

Backstage Crappenings

  • We get a MOODY Aleister Black promo.
  • Ali, Finn Balor, Andrade and Randy Orton are announced for Money in the Bank.
  • Mandy Rose tells Sonya Deville that only one of them is gonna be in the ladder match. Mandy Rose tries to flatter her into giving her the spot, but Sonya says she deserves it anyway.
  • Ember Moon is introduced as a women's MITB participant, and the interviewer BUTCHERS IT. Carmella is added next, and they cut promos on each other.


  • The Hardy Boyz come out with Jeff on crutches.
  • They make Jeff throw to a video about an injury. Did Jeff Hardy -- in storyline -- have a video package produced about Lars Sullivan injuring him?
  • Jeff says he's going to be out for a long time with surgery.
  • Lars Sullivan attacks Jeff, then Matt. Lays them both out. R-Truth is next. He gets beaten up as well.
  • They're building Lars as a legit monster. Interested in how things end up inside the ring.

Kairi & Asuka (w/ Paige) defeated Jobbers

  • IIconics are on commentary
  • The taller jobber takes the Jessamyn Duke spot with Kairi Sane.
  • Ariel comes in and gets her ass kicked by Asuka.
  • Codebreaker-Neckbreaker combo takes out Jobber Numero Uno.
  • Scorpion Death Drop to Insane Elbow wins it on Ariel.
  • IIconics were not good on commentary. Flat out distracting and too over the top.

Handicap Match
Special Enforcer: Elias
Roman Reigns defeated The B-Team

  • Roman Reigns is out, and he's followed by Shane McMahon.
  • They go back and forth over who the territory belongs to.
  • Shane says he's too busy to wrestle Roman Reigns.
  • Shane tries to heel Columbus and says he's going to hang out with COACH HARBORO. Corey Graves caught it. It's Harbaugh.
  • B-Team are brought out for a handicap match.
  • Elias is the special enforcer.
  • I don't think "stacking the deck" is the right way for Roman Reigns to get over as a top babyface on the show again.
  • The literally use "odds stacked against Roman" terminology. Reigns beat these guys in a handicap match last year.
  • He gets beaten up for about six or seven minutes. Thank god he can side-step these threats and go on the offensive.
  • Reigns hits a nice 2-on-1 Samoan Drop and DDT.
  • Bo Dallas sells the hell out of a Superman Punch. Axel gets hit, too.
  • Elias pulls the ref out for some reason. I'm not sure why he cares that much, but he beats up Reigns.
  • Axel lands the PerfectPlex, but Elias can't count the three, because Reigns kicks out.
  • Reigns takes everyone out and wins. He should win, but this is very....2016.

Ali & Finn Balor defeated Andrade & Randy Orton (w/ Zelina Vega)


  • Andrade cuts a cocky promo on Randy Orton saying he'll teach him a thing or two when he's tagged in.
  • There's a nice spot where Ali gets dropped across the apron ahead of the commercial.
  • Ali and Balor land dives in stereo. Commentary sold this spot well.
  • Andrade's corner knees always look great.
  • Ali ends up pinning Andrade with a 450.
  • After the match, Orton RKOs Balor, but Ali kicks him out of the ring.
  • This was a little too short.

Main event segment

  • Kevin Owens cuts a promo on a New Day action Figure
  • Kofi Kingston comes out and attacks him.
  • Maybe this will shut up people who say Kofi needs to be more serious all the time.

Rating guide

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