Match Ratings For WWE Smackdown Live 7/2/19 From Sean Ross Sapp

Kevin Owens Show

  • Kevin Owens reading the cue cards slowly was fantastic. He pretended he didn't know the nicknames.
  • Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon come out and Shane has Greg do his intro again.
  • Shane McMahon says he isn't afraid of the Undertaker and now their match is going to be NO HOLDS BARRREEEDDD.
  • Kevin Owens goes off Shane's script, and Shane isn't happy, but Kevin says Shane is afraid of the Undertaker.
  • Dolph Ziggler comes out when things get heated.
  • Owens cuts a hilarious promo on Ziggler saying his time came, and kind of happened, then went away, and then confirms he would beat Ziggler in a hot dog eating contest.
  • There had been a pitch backstage over the last week to get Ali and Dolph Ziggler involved in a feud. Ali was in tonight's dark match.
  • Shane McMahon books Ziggler and Owens against Heavy Machinery. If Ziggler and Owens win, they're put into the tag title match.
  • I hope Kevin Owens get the babyface push he wants.
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Daniel Bryan (w/ Rowan) defeated Big E (w/ Xavier Woods)

  • Daniel Bryan isn't happy about Ziggler and Owens getting this opportunity.
  • This match, going 15 minutes with stakes could be even more unbelievable.
  • Big E turns Bryan inside out with a big clothesline.
  • Big E and Bryan do little spots during the break that lead to Bryan working Big E's leg.
  • Upon return, E suplexes Bryan all over the place.
  • Bryan eats a splash, but makes Big E whiff on a YOLO Dive, and Rowan runs Big E into the ring post.
  • This leads to the finish with the flying knee from Bryan.

Backstage Crappenings

  • R-Truth is being interviewed, and looks back at losing his title. He cuts a confusing promo about honeymoons, then says he heard Maverick is in San Antonio.
  • Ali cuts his promo and says he wants to be WWE Champion so he can make change.
  • Aleister Black wants the person challenging him to show up at Extreme Rules.
  • Is Shelton Benjamin running a deaf gimmick? He and EC3 can team!

Moment Of Bliss

  • Alexa Bliss wants Nikki Cross to host Moment of Bliss, and Nikki is hesitant.
  • Nikki is nervous, and awkward, and plays that up well.
  • Hear me out: Nikki Cross is everything WWE wanted Bayley to be, but they fumbled the booking.
  • Bayley tries to get through to Nikki, but Nikki just wants to know why Bayley is mean to Alexa.
  • Bayley wants to know why she's not facing Nikki Cross at Extreme Rules, and Nikki says they can have a match right now.

Bayley defeated Nikki Cross

  • Nikki is flustered early but hits a big body press and a bulldog.
  • Bayley tries to get a pin, but ends up swinging front suplexing Nikki off the second rope.
  • Bayley to Belly. Nikki Cross loses in a few minutes. Ok
  • My god, does WWE have to 50/50 everyone getting over?
  • Nikki now is how WWE probably should have booked Bayley to start.

Joe and Kofi

  • Joe tells Charly to hit the bricks.
  • Joe says that Kofi is the benefit of benevolence of WWE.
  • Kofi says Joe has been sneaking around, and Joe takes shots at Kofi's family and shilling merchandise.
  • Samoa Joe wants Kofi to shake his hand. That doesn't happen.
  • Kofi Kingston smiling and flipping off Samoa Joe was wonderful.

Andrade (w/ Zelina) defeated Apollo Crews

  • No entrances for these two.
  • Andrade hits double knees, no finsh.
  • Apollo hits a moonsault off the apron, COMMERCIAL. Oh. Well, okay.
  • Andrade's back elbow keeps getting better.
  • Apollo catches Andrade flying through the air.....but couldn't catch Zelina?
  • Hammerlock DDT and a win for Andrade.

Ember Moon defeated Mandy Rose (w/ Sonya Deville)
5.75/10 (Short)

  • Ember Moon is angry, then happy, then angry again backstage.
  • Mandy and Ember have pretty good chemistry.
  • Mandy hits an inverted gutwrench suplex and flying knee.
  • Ember Moon comes back with a flying codebreaker and Eclipse.
  • As far as 2 minute Smackdown matches, Ember Moon and Mandy had about as good of one as you can have.

Top Contender Match
Heavy Machinery defeated Kevin Owens & Dolph Ziggler

  • The match quickly breaks down outside, and Rowan, Bryan and New Day all battle. Rowan throws pancakes everywhere.
  • Iron Claw Slam through the table on Xavier. That was at least an interesting way to restart the match, I guess.
  • Tucker pretty quickly takes a nasty bump outside. He gets isolated and worked over.
  • Ziggler and Owens go neckbreaker into senton.
  • Otis gets the tag and a good reaction. I hope this doesn't trick Vince into thinking this is his next singles star.
  • Miscommunication for KO/Ziggler and Heavy Machinery win with the Compactor. I'm ok with this. They earned it with their last performance.
  • Owens stuns Ziggler

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