Match Ratings For WWE Smackdown Live 8/20/19, Podcast Notes From Sean Ross Sapp


  • Randy Orton hits the ring, and goes to explain why he did what he did to Xavier.
  • He says Kofi is stupid, over and over again. Every time Orton gives him a chance, Kofi fails.
  • Kofi's music hits, and Kofi shows up behind Orton and lands Trouble in Paradise.
  • Kofi goes to Pillmanize Orton, but Revival come out and eat chairs instead.
  • WWE is doing a disservice to this angle if they don't mention The Revival broke Kofi's leg years ago.
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King of the Ring Opening Round
Andrade (w/ Zelina) defeated Apollo Crews

  • Apollo Crews cracks Andrade with a big clothesline and catches him with a mid-air dropkick.
  • Andrade got double knees and sent Apollo into the stairs.
  • During the commercial, they go back and forth. We're welcomed back with a pop-up gutbuster for Apollo, though.
  • There's a strike exchange that gets the crowd hot for Apollo's standing star press. He is not 50 or 60 pounds heavier than Ricochet as commentary claims.
  • Zelina interference and Andrade Hammerlock DDT get it done.
  • This almost hit recommended viewing because the crowd got hot, but too much was in a commercial.

Moment of Bliss

  • Charlotte Flair asked to be on the show and jokes that the throne is more fitting for her.
  • Charlotte trashes Bayley.
  • Bayley comes out with a pretty mediocre promo.
  • Charlotte says she has to clean Bayley's mess and win the title at Clash of Champions. Bayley accepts the challenge.
  • Bayley pushes Charlotte off her chair.
  • I'm fine with Bayley and Charlotte, but they really have to make some more top stars that can work and treat them like stars.

Buddy Murphy defeated Daniel Bryan (w/ Rowan)

  • Reigns wants to know if Murphy is telling the truth or not, and Murphy THOUGHT he saw Rowan. Reigns say she'll kick Murphy's ass if he's lying.
  • Bryan calls Murphy a liar and isn't happy with him.
  • Murphy immediately cracks Bryan with the big knee.
  • We go to commercial, and we really shouldn't have this early.
  • LeBell Lock applied after a dropkick. Murphy struggles, but gets out.
  • Buddy counters Yes Kicks with a wheel kick, but falls victim to a tree of woe. A belly-to-back superplex follows. It's a mean one.
  • Murphy turns things up with a Cheeky Nandos kick and running powerbomb that spices up the match.
  • Murphy backslide, knee and kick to the face and brainbuster ALMOST get it done, but Bryan's foot is on the ropes.
  • Murphy kicks Rowan and hits Murphy's Law on Bryan for the win!
  • Another great one out of Buddy Murphy.
  • Bryan and Rowan attack Murphy backstage and Claw Slam him.

The Revival defeated Heavy Machinery

  • The Revival cut a promo about New Day being cowards. I think they do well, but I don't like the "all you people" aspect of it.
  • The Revival challenge New Day to a Smackdown Tag Team Title match.
  • Heavy Machinery come out and take over pretty early. Another match, another commercial
  • The Revival take over during the commercial until Otis gets the hot tag.
  • They capitalize on the distraction and Revival pick up a roll up win.
  • Harmless tag match that establishes Revival as contenders.

Backstage Crappenings

  • Chad Gable says he understands why he's the underdog in the tourney. Shelton Benjamin is behind him and puts a "short joke" sign on the door.

King of the Ring Opening Round
Elias defeated Kevin Owens

  • Elias finds Drake Maverick and John Cone, and shows Drake that the 24/7 Title rules have been suspended so he can focus on King of the Ring. Elias is so good.
  • Shane McMahon brought Kevin Owens into his office to say what's on his mind. Owens tries to level with Shane McMahon about what $100,000 means to him.
  • I'm glad WWE is making money a factor in a storyline. For too long, "Superstars" would be portrayed as above worrying about money. Which makes you wonder why so many people are working in the first place.
  • Shane tells Owens to apologize, which Owens does.
  • New Elias theme? What the hell is this?
  • Owens hits a Cannonball and German Suplex, and Shane McMahon comes out. What da hail.
  • We come back to see Elias get a big knee.
  • This crowd is dead. They didn't need a chinlock at 9:55 PM EST.
  • Elias impressively hits a spinning sitout powerbomb and gets his knees up on a senton attempt.
  • Shane McMahon trolls KO again, and reveals he's wearing a ref shirt.
  • Owens almost runs into Shane, who fast counts him.

Miz TV

  • Sami Zayn comes out and says he doesn't care about this show but needed TV time.
  • Zayn brings out Nakamura, who he is apparently managing now.
  • Sami Zayn managing Shinsuke Nakamura is something that I didn't realize I needed.
  • Zayn says Nakamura is an artist who is tired of being misunderstood, and that won't happen anymore.
  • They attack the Miz, and a new partnership is born.


  • Backstage, Rowan and Daniel Bryan bring some guy with a hood over his face backstage.
  • After they beat down Murphy, they harass the dude again.
  • Roman is backstage with them at the end of the show.
  • Bryan reveals a guy who looks just like Rowan as the person who attacked him. This was kinda hilarious.

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