New Day defeated The Revival & Randy Orton

  • Might as well do this one while they're killing time until Fox, I guess.
  • Randy Orton truly doesn't care now.
  • New Day starts dominating as we go to commercial. They are on fire.
  • We come back to some great heel work, where Revival and Orton work over the previously injured leg of Woods.
  • Orton tosses Xavier over the top rope, then Singh Bombs him. This move doesn't get old to me.
  • Things come unglued and Orton and Revival try the ShatteRKO, but can't do it. Instead, Xavier flying elbow drops Dash.
  • Kofi hits Dawson with the Trouble in Paradise for the win.
  • This was a good match, but far too much of it was during the commercial.
  • BROCK LESNAR'S music hits.
  • Kofi sends New Day away.
  • Brock Lesnar vs. Kofi Kingston for the WWE Title on the FOX Debut of Smackdown. That's huge.
  • Kofi Kingston accepts the challenge and eats an amazing F5 along the way.


  • This Erick Rowan interview is so fake.
  • Michael Cole says Rowan tried to kill Reigns.
  • "YOU SEE"
  • Rowan says he's not a background player. The contents of this interview are good, but the delivery is hideous

Ali and Zayn

  • It was clear they were killing time for something. It's Kevin Owens
  • Sami Zayn tells Ali that he actually likes him and what he stands for.
  • Nakamura and Zayn then attack Ali. The ref is tending to Ali.
  • Kevin Owens comes down through the crowd.
  • Corey Graves channeling his Eric Bischoff on the first night of Nitro saying "GET THE CAMERA OFF HIM."
  • Shane McMahon is served papers.
  • Shane says the papers are for a $25,000,000 lawsuit.
  • Owens says Shane attacked him when he was an official.
  • Owens is gonna sue Shane, and then FIIIIIIIIIIIIRE HIM.

Charlotte Flair defeated Sasha Banks (w/ Bayley) via DQ

  • Sasha's promos are a lot better as a heel, but she should eliminate "you see" from them, because that takes a ton of reality out of them.
  • Offset introduces Charlotte Flair, very cool. Ric Flair is there to support her as well.
  • Charlotte starts out strong, and Sasha comes back, but after the commercial break, it's right back to Charlotte taking over.
  • Bayley looms outside the ring.
  • Charlotte Flair hits a nice Exploder and turns a huracanrana into a Boston Crab.
  • Charlotte moonsaults outside onto both women.
  • Charlotte and Sasha Banks both roll through and a Figure Four is applied.
  • Bayley attacks. This would hit rec'd viewing if it had an actual finish.
  • Carmella comes out and makes the save but DOESN'T attack Bayley.
  • Bayley's bump off Carmella's nudge was hilarious.
  • Sasha Banks is gonna need to beat some people up on these shows soon


  • I love how much Graves worships Corbin in this segment.
  • Corbin has a pinky ring.
  • It's so corny that he uses all the terminology.
  • Corbin busts out a bunch of short jokes on Gable, who he brings out.
  • Gable tackles Corbin through the throne. He tears the robe and smashes the scepter.
  • Well that's one way to get rid of all the KOTR gimmicks. Gable smashes the crown.
  • Gable got over without winning King of the Ring.

Heavy Machinery defeated B-Team

  • This is basic, quick and harmless.
  • I appreciate Heavy Machinery getting some wins over actual tag teams here and there to keep them strong. They've gotten a lot better in the ring and can go in and out of comedy and serious tag matches.
  • Compactor gets the win.
  • If you've seen one Heavy Machinery match, you've seen em all.


  • Daniel Bryan says a lot of the people chanting his name thought he attacked Reigns.
  • He treated Rowan as an equal and as his friend, because Rowan is his friend.
  • Rowan comes out and said Bryan wanted him to be a puppet.
  • Bryan says there's nothing physically worse than ending their friendship and challenges Rowan.
  • Harper attacks from behind.
  • Roman Reigns makes the save and kicks asses.
  • It doesn't last long, and he's laid out.
  • Security is thrown on the exposed floor.
  • Reigns is hit with a barricade, and an Bonsoir through an announce table for Bryan.

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