Match Ratings From WWE Smackville From Sean Ross Stats

Intercontinental Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura (c) defeated Ali

  • Finn Balor was announced as medically ineligible to compete tonight shortly before the broadcast, but DURING the actual live event, which was kind of shitty.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura wants to settle for a forfeit win, but it's not going down that easily.
  • Mustafa Ali replaces Finn Balor, and will take on Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship. He says he knows plenty about losing chances and opportunities.
  • Ali starts off at a high pace, with some body presses and dives, but Nakamura brings the action to a halt.
  • Ali battles back with a nice rolling facebuster that looks like it gives him a fair amount of momentum. He even stops Nakamura mid-Kinsasha with a superkick that looks like it could almost secure him the match.
  • An Ali tornado DDT was a great false finish, but he eats a turnbuckle and a Kinshasa and gets pinned.
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Kevin Owens defeated Elias

  • Elias' performance is up next, and he's not happy about the volume levels.
  • He has a pretty damn good guitar solo. Elias trolls the crowd and pretends he's leaving.
  • He calls Shane McMahon and is told he can have all the time he wants.
  • Kevin Owens shows up and plays Elias' guitar and runs him off.
  • Owens is able to talk a ref into coming down and making the match official.
  • Elias works over Owens a little, but eventually falls victim to a Stunner and loses.
  • Owens had also worked in a nice Swanton, which I'm glad he hit because usually he eats knees.
  • There was a great spot of Elias missing his flying elbow that set up the finish.

WWE Championship
Kofi Kingston (c) defeated Samoa Joe and Dolph Ziggler

  • Samoa Joe cuts a nice backstage promo about not having to lose to lose.
  • Kofi Kingston talks to Sarah Schreiber and tries to find out what kind of noun Smackville is. 
  • Joe and Ziggler work together, but to no surprise, it doesn't last long.
  • Kofi capitalizes and one-man hot tags both opponents.
  • Joe yanks Ziggler off the top rope and almost powerbombs him, but gets DDT'd. Kofi body presses Ziggler over, and a series of pin attempts start.
  • Joe throws Kofi into the stairs and Ziggler over a table.
  • There's an awesome series that goes Trouble in Paradise attempt to ankle lock attempt to Coquina Clutch to superkick to Kofi breaking up a pin. 
  • Kofi kicks out of the Zig Zag and ends up pinning Joe with the Trouble in Paradise


Rating guide

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