Match Ratings For WWE Super Showdown/ SANDS OF TIME V From Sean Ross Sapp

The OC defeated The Viking Raiders

  • For some reason, we had to have this match again. This is the 13th match both teams have been in since last June.
  • This is pretty standard work, and the Viking Raiders are over big time.
  • There's some weird audio issue that makes it sound like we're playing Dragon Spirit on NES.
  • Ivar missed a moonsault and The OC end up picking up the pin.
  • You know we're getting more Viking Raiders/OC matches now. This feud was always too long.
  • Not excited about this. I'm not sure how they can't see how counterproductive this is.
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The Undertaker wins

  • R-Truth and Bobby Lashley have a pretty good opening match.
  • Truth busts out some Cena moves and rolls up Lashley to eliminate him.
  • Lashley attacks after the match. It seems like this beatdown would have been much more useful during the match.
  • Andrade is out next, and is working a full match with R-Truth.
  • Andrade goes for a spinning back elbow and the two clash heads. Truth picks up the pin.
  • Erick Rowan comes out and gets mad at R-Truth.
  • He gets DQ'd after running the stairs into Truth.
  • Two heels made to look pretty stupid when they hit their finish after getting beaten, when they were in no danger of being beaten before and could have done it then.
  • Styles gets a big pop.
  • He comes out and dances. He beats up Truth a bit and taps him out to a Calf Crusher.
  • Rey Mysterio's music hits, and Styles is smiling.
  • The OC is backstage beating up Rey Mysterio. Styles says he wins by forfeit.
  • They're doing the "make it to the ring by the count of ten" gimmick.
  • The OC are seen beat up.
  • THE UNDERTAKER comes out.
  • Taker definitely did not make it there by a ten count.
  • He doesn't even take off his gear. Chokeslam and a win.
  • That Taker/Styles match is really how I've envisioned Taker's Mania appearances going. Unadvertised, shows up, chokeslam, pin. Go home.
  • The fact that Taker couldn't even be arsed to take his hat off is hilarious to me.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship
Miz & Morrison defeated New Day (c) to become champions

  • The action here is really good to start out. Kofi Kingston particularly shines with a huge flying huracanrana and a Mushroom Stomp.
  • Morrison just did something that made him look like Kofi hit him with a piledriver.
  • New Day do an awesome powerbomb top rope mushroom stomp. For some reason production goes to a reaction shot right after the move when you know a pin is coming.
  • Morrison misses a Starship Pain -- intentionally for once.
  • Midnight Ride hits on Morrison, but Miz breaks it up.
  • Kofi WHIFFS on a Trust Fall.
  • Miz turns a Big Ending into a Skull Crushing Finale, but Big E kicks out.
  • Kofi gets cracked with a chair by Morrison, and Miz rolls him up for the win.

Angel Garza defeated Humberto Carrillo

  • Nobody in Saudi Arabia gives a shit about this match.
  • This just isn't it.
  • They didn't need to run this back. Angel Garza wins again. He should have, but they didn't need to do this again.
  • Garza wins clean.

Raw Tag Team Titles
Seth Rollins & Murphy (c) defeated Street Profits

  • Not a ton of heat in the early going, but both teams have good showings.
  • Dawkins gets way up there with a dropkick.
  • Montez gets a great frog splash on Rollins, but Murphy pulls him out of the ring.
  • Murphy gets chucked over the announce table.
  • Rollins is left to fight for himself, until he motions for Murphy to help him.
  • Rollins instructs Murphy to do a Pedigree, but they both get DDTd.
  • Murphy and Rollins catch Montez's tope con hilo, and do a double barricade bomb.
  • Murphy gets the pin after an apron Stomp on Dawkins.
  • Another good one.
  • Montez isn't happy.

Mansoor defeated Dolph Ziggler

  • Roode is ejected from this match early on.
  • Ziggler carries this match at a really slow pace.
  • Mansoors slingshot neckbreaker is a really good one.
  • A superkick attempt from Ziggler is countered into a run-up DDT that looked cool.
  • Mansoor's knees KILL Ziggler on a moonsault for the win. I hope Ziggler is okay. That was nasty.
  • Mansoor has now won all three of his matches in Saudi Arabia, all taking place over the course of the last nine months.

WWE Championship
Brock Lesnar (c) (w/ Paul Heyman) defeated Ricochet

  • Ricochet is wearing trunks.
  • German Suplexes. Squash.
  • F5.
  • Brock wins.
  • I'd love to see a proper match between Ricochet and Lesnar, but I'm cool with that they did here.

Hopefully Last Time Ever
Roman Reigns defeated King Corbin

  • Roman Reigns locks the door on the cage so nobody can escape.
  • Reigns does a big axehandle, and they brawl up high.
  • Corbin is always adding to his arsenal. He catches a Reigns big boot and does a single-leg powerbomb.
  • He also steals the key from Reigns. I wish they hung it up or something, I dunno. Walking through the door is lame.
  • Reigns is hanging from the edge, but Corbin brings him back in.
  • Spear, pin.
  • How completely pointless this is. This would have hit par, but I didn't need to see this even carry in to 2020.

Smackdown Women's Championship
Bayley (c) defeated Naomi

  • The crowd is into this match.
  • Naomi's offense includes a running huracanrana and a corkscrew plancha to the outside.
  • Bayley slows it down. This is such a live event show.
  • Naomi mounts a comeback with a nice disaster kick, but I dunno what she was planning with her springboard attack.
  • Double Eat Defeat for Naomi, but Bayley hits Bayley 2 Belly.
  • Bayley traps Naomi's foot in her shirt and does the Rose Plant. Creative finish.

WWE Universal Championship
Goldberg defeated The Fiend (c) to win the title

  • They're already racking up the ring time with a face-off.
  • Goldberg with a spear, kickout.
  • He gets out of the Mandible Claw and hits three spears. Kickout.
  • Another Mandible Claw applied, but Goldberg gets out.
  • Goldberg wins with a half assed Jackhammer.
  • Lmao, they have absolutely fucked Bray Wyatt and the Fiend beyond recognition. Hottest thing in wrestling six months ago.

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