MLW Fusion Episode 104 Results Loser Leaves MLW Match, Septimo Dragon vs Douglas James

- We immediately open up the show with our first match on this week's program with Douglas James versus Septimo Dragon. After Douglas comes out to the ring we get a rundown of tonight's show with MJF and Mance Warner headlining in a Loser leaves MLW Empty Arena match as well as am update on Brian Pillman Jr and more later tonight.  

Douglas James vs Septimo Dragon

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Doug takes Dragon down with a single leg before they run the ropes and Doug goes for a hip toss, but Dragon lands on his feet. Doug sends Dragon out of the ring with a high knee before hitting a suicide dive and Dragon tosses him back into the ring. Dragon dodges a baseball slide before hitting an asai moonsault onto Doug onto the floor. Dragon superkicks Doug and hits a suicide dive before tossing him back into the ring for two. Dragon rocks Doug with right hands before rocking him with a kick before hitting a slingshot hurricanrana.

Doug kicks out the legs of Dragon when he's on the top before hitting a magnum in the corner when he's trapped for two. Doug hits a brainbuster for two before kicking Dragon in the chest and hits a tilt-a-whirl cross face. Dragon rolls through before Doug turns him inside out with a clothesline and Dragon counters a suplex into an inside cradle for a near fall. They exchange forearms and open hand palm strikes until a superkick party ensues and they drop each other with a roundhouse kick. Doug lays into Dragon with kicks before they counter each other until Dragon nearly knocks him out with a kick to the side of the head for a near fall.

Septimo hits the Septimo Driver for a near fall before James hits a high knee into a superkick and a DVD into the corner. Doug then locks in a guillotine choke for the tap and the win.

Winner: Douglas James defeats Septimo Dragon via submission.

- After the match we go to the parking lot to a brief interview with Richard Holliday before he's called by Gino Medina and Richard walks off as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a vignette for Pagano before we get a video recapping Mance Warner's debut and go backstage to an interview with him ahead of his match against MJF in our main event. We then go to a recap of Injustice attacking Pillman in the parking lot before it's announced that they've been fined and suspended. We then get a graphic for the MLW x AAA Super Series starting next week.

- We then go to a promo by Los Parks in Spanish before we go to a brief interview with Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone before we go to a recap of MJF's MLW debut as we go to commercial. 

- We come back to a recap of MJF winning the Middleweight Championship before we go to a backstage interview with Savio Vega and a top ten rankings for competitors in MLW with Alexander Hammerstone still at number one. We get a recap of King Mo defeating Low-Ki last week before we go to Richard and Alex in the parking garage looking for Mance Warner who they find. Savio then shows up and he and Mance brawl with The Dynasty as we go to commercial.

- We come back to a recap of Mance versus Jimmy Havoc in their barbed wire match earlier this year in which Mance won before we see footage of Mance and Savio taking out Alex and Richard during the break. Savio then stands guard and makes sure they don't interfere in the main event as Mance leaves. We turn to to a promo by The Von Erichs about Team Filthy before we go to a promo by MJF in a stairwell about his match against Mance Warner in our main event. We then get an update on the status of Killer Kross who won't be coming back to MLW due to his contract with WWE and Brian Pillman Jr and that the Baltimore police have reviewed the footage of the attack by Injustice.

Loser Leaves MLW Empty Arena Match

Mance Warner vs MJF

MJF spits in Mance's face before Mance chops him and they end up at ringside and Mance throws a chair at MJF. MJF chokes Mance with a cable before he goes to hit him with bolt cutters, but Mance stops him before MJF throws a chair at him. MJF sends Mance into several rows of chairs before throwing more chairs at him for two. Mance comes back with right hands and sends MJF into the railing before pursuing him up the bleachers. They try to throw each other over the balcony before Mance throws MJF down the bleachers and he rolls down onto the floor for two. MJF chokes Mance with a broom before knocking out the camera man and hitting Mance over the back with the broom.

MJF puts out a cigarette on the forehand of Mance before he gets on the phone and calls a taxi. Mance throws a chair at MJF and tells the taxi driver to cancel the ride before covering for two. Mance traps the wrist of MJF in the scaffolding before they get into the ring and they exchange strikes until Mance drops MJF with an elbow. MJF then thumbs the eye of Mance before Mance headbutts him and hits him with a lariat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mance Warner defeats MJF via pinfall and MJF must leave MLW.

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