MLW Fusion Episode #108 Results AAA Trios Tag Team Championship Match

- We open the show with a promo by Injustice where they demand that their worth be acknowledged ahead of their contracts soon being up before we get the announcement of Jacob Fatu and Davey Boy Smith Jr for the MLW World Championship for an unannounced date as well as a graphic for tonight's AAA Trios Tag Team Championship main event.

Black Destiny, Fantastick & Rayo Star vs Poder Del Norte (Mocho Cota Jr.,Tito Santana & Carta Brava Jr.)

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All six men exchange to start the match before Star, Fantastick and Destiny hit dueling hurricanranas and topes before Santana dropkick Star and Santana, Brava and Cota send Destiny into the crowd before playing to the crowd as we go to commercial.

We come back to the action to the the rudos in control, Brava getting a two count on Fantastick back in the ring before following up with a crucifix for a near fall that Destiny breaks up. Destiny hits a Lethal injection for a two count that Brava breaks up. The rudos take out the technicos and get a triple near fall before Destiny drags Brava out of the ring and sets him up on the railing before hitting a suicide dive. Cota and Santana hit a double arm drag that sends Fantastick and Star out of the ring before hitting stereo suicide dives and a luchadora associated with the group hits a dive off of the top after nearly falling backwards and takes out Fantastick and Star at ringside. PDN then hit triple team moves to Destiny in the corner before Santana hits a frog splash and PDN cover Destiny for the pin and the win.

Winner: Poder Del Norte defeat Black Destiny, Fantastick, and Rayo Star via pinfall.

- We get a recap of the feud between Savio Vega and The Dynasty before we cut to The Dynasty where Richard is with Alex Hammerstone at what is said to be Vega's childhood home, Richard saying that he's going to buy it and turn it into an air bnb before we go to a video for MLW Anthology. We next get a recap of Injustice attacking Brian Pillman Jr. before we go to Brian who challenges Jordan Oliver to a hair versus hair match before we go to a segment with LA Park in Spanish where he and his sons cook. We then get an update on the stats for the Super Series with MLW leading AAA 4-2 before we go to a promo by Davey Boy Smith Jr. where he talks about his title challenge to Jacob Fatu before we go to a promo by Mance Warner who again challenges Alex for his National Openweight Championship.

- We are told about Team Filthy filling a lawsuit against Low-Ki before we're informed that Psycho Clown has recruited Psychosis as his partner to take on LA Park and his sons next week before Inetes Del Aire and Injustice come out to the ring for our trios tag title main event.

Inetes Del Aire (Vikingo, Octagon Jr., & Myzteziz Jr.) (c) vs Injustice (Kotto Brazil, Jordan Oliver & Myron Reed)

Octagon boots Kotto before Reed and Oliver go toe to toe with Vikingo and Myzteziz before Vikingo goes for a hurricanrana, but Reed lands on his feet. Reed goes for a hurricanrana of his own, but Vikingo lands on his feet before taking him out with a spin kick before Jordan and Myzteziz exchange until Myzteziz hits a diving corkscrew cross body and they end up outside where Kotto and Octagon hit their respective opponents with wrecking ball dropkicks. They counter each other before trading hurricanranas and Octagon hits an enzuigiri into a springboard arm drag and follows up with a head scissors before IDA triple team Kotto in the corner. IDA hit a triple team move for a deep two count that Myron breaks up before they triple superkick Myron and hit him with a combination code breaker into a German suplex. Vikingo hits a shooting star press to the back of Myron for two before they next triple team Oliver who breaks up the pin.

Kotto and Myron break up the triple pin attempt on Jordan before Injustice play to the crowd and come back with a triple team flurry in the corner to Myzteziz. Vikingo hits a springboard stomp that takes out Kotto and Jordan before Jordan and Kotto hit a slingshot neckbreaker into a backbreaker into a slingshot senton by Myron. Octagon easily breaks up the pin because the referee is deliberately slow to count before Reed and Oliver hit a double superkick into a head scissors by Kotto that sends Octagon out of the ring. Injustice play to the crowd before they're taken out by Vikingo and Myzteziz before Octagon hits a springboard corkscrew cross body that takes out everyone at ringside. Injustice clear the ring before Kotto and Jordan hit dueling topes out of opposite sides of the ring once everyone gets back inside.

Kotto hits a shiranui before Myron hits a diving cutter to the outside and Myzteziz breaks up the pin by Kotto by diving off of the top and onto Jordan who falls onto Kotto. Injustice lock in a triple submission to Myzteziz before Brian Pillman Jr. comes out and spits beer in Kotto's face before Kotto leaves the ring and Reed and Oliver get superkicked by Vikingo and Octagon Jr.. Kotto grabs a chair before Brian comes back and takes it from him before Kotto is superkicked and Octagon take out Reed and Oliver at ringside. Vikingo then hits a running meteora in the corner to Kotto before hitting an inverted 450 for the pin and the win.

Winner: Inetes Del Aire retain their AAA Trios Tag Team Championship by defeating Injustice via pinfall.

- We then end the show with a graphic for LA Park and his sons against Psycho Clown, Psychosis and Nino Hamburguesa on next week's show as we go off the air.

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