MLW Fusion Episode 16 Results Jimmy Havoc vs Brody King, Shane Strickland vs Sami Callihan

Jimmy Havoc vs Brody King

Jimmy sends Brody out of the ring to start the match before hitting a tornado DDT into the floor and beats on him at ringside. Brody catches Jimmy coming off of the apron and chokeslams him onto the apron before sending him into the ring post. Jimmy gets back into the ring, but Brody is all over him, beating on and choking him in the corner before dropping Jimmy with a chop and a scoop slam into an elbow drop for a quick two count. Brody hits a spinning uranage for a near fall before Jimmy rolls out of the ring to catch his breath. Jimmy gets back in the ring and starts chopping the legs of Brody before being dropped with a slap to the face for a quick two count.

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Jimmy comes back with a DDT before catching Brody up top and hitting a DVD for a near fall, then Brody hits a lariat into a piledriver for a near fall. Brody hits a gut wrench powerbomb for another near fall before hitting the Go Home Driver for yet another very close near fall. Jimmy then counters a powerbomb into a huricanrrana before countering a chokeslam into a victory roll for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jimmy Havoc defeats Brody King via pinfall with a victory roll. 

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Jake Hager vs Simon Gotch

Jake attacks Simon when he turns his back and beats him down in the corner with forearms before the match even gets started. Jake hits a running clothesline in the corner once the match starts before Jake hits a splash off of the second rope. Jake chokes Simon in the ropes before Gotch comes back with a series of European uppercuts and a Saito suplex for a quick two count. Jake hits a gut wrench powerbomb for a quick two count before slapping Gotch who spits in his face. Jake then hits Simon with a boot for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jake Hager defeats Simon Gotch via pinfall with a big boot.

Shane Strickland vs Sami Callihan

Shane sends Sami out of the ring with a boot before hitting a thrust kick from the apron and rolling Sami back into the ring. Sami hits a low blow into a shoulder breaker after shoving the referee away before locking in an Indian death lock. Shane gets to the ropes for the break before Sami applies a figure four that Shane counters by rolling over and reversing the pressure. Sami gets to the ropes for the break before rocking Shane with a right hand, then Shane drops Sami with a lariat before they exchange open hand palm strikes. Sami hits a running boot in the corner before Shane hits a rolling cutter and a running European uppercut and knee in the corner.

Shane hits a half hatch suplex for a near fall before Sami hits a running knee to the back of Shane and a twisting neckbreaker for a near fall. They exchange strikes until they drop each other with a boot and get back up at the count of eight before Sami drops Shane with a kick to the gut and Shane drops him with a superkick in the corner. Shane hits a DVD onto the apron before rolling Sami back into the ring and hitting a diving double foot stomp off of the top for a near fall. Sami catches a knee before powerbombing Shane and locking in a half Boston crab and transitioning into a cross face. Sami fish hooks Shane and is forced to break the hold before going for a figure four that Shane counters into a roll through for a quick two count.

Shane locks in a short arm scissor that he breaks himself before they exchange pin attempts for a series of near falls. Sami then stomps on the back of the knee of Shane when he goes for a crucifix pin and hits a spike piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan defeats Shane Strickland via pinfall with a spike piledriver.

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