MLW Fusion Episode 17 Results John Hennigan vs Teddy Hart, Sami Callihan vs Koto Brazil

-We have Brian Pillman Jr. with the Hart Foundation before Konnan is interviewed and talks to Low-Ki who says that he should mind his own business.

MLW Middleweight Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match

MJF (c) vs Joey Janela

Joey attacks MJF before the match begins by attacking him backstage as they fight their way to the ring where MJF gets a quick two count count in the crowd. Joey sends MJF into a post at ringside before sending him into several chairs and MJF drops Joey back first onto the apron. In the ring MJF gets a one count before hitting a powerbomb for a quick two count. MJF hits a backbreaker for a quick two count before MJF hits a kitchen sink as we go to commercial.

Back from the instant break we cut right back to Joey hitting a meteora off of the apron before dragging him to the back of the entrance way where Aria Blake knocks Joey out with a bottle.

Winner: MJF retains his MLW Middleweight Championship by defeating Joey Janela via pinfall

-After the match Sami tries to recruit Jimmy Havoc to his team for the war games match. Jimmy then goes with Sami to the bar after agreeing to be on his team.

MLW World Championship Number One Contender Match

John Hennigan vs Teddy Hart

They exchange takedowns and head scissors before they shake hands and take turns flipping and showing off their athleticism. John takes Teddy down and puts him in a headlock that he powers out of and hits John with several right hands in the corner. Teddy takes John down when he's choking him before John sends Teddy out of the ring. Teddy hits.a spinning stunner on the apron before John hits a superkick and an enzuigiri that sends Teddy off of the apron. John hits a springboard corkscrew moonsault to the outside before rolling Teddy back into the ring and hitting a slingshot elbow drop for a quick two count.

John hits a crucifix bomb off of the top for a near fall before Teddy hits a code red for a near fall of his own. Teddy hits a super Canadian destroyer for a near fall before hitting an Asai moonsault to the outside, then sets John onto a chair before hitting a European uppercut that sends John flying backwards. They get back into the ring before Teddy hits a slingshot piledriver and goes for a springboard moonsault, but John gets his knees up. They exchange strikes on their knees before John gets up and hits a sliding knee before setting Teddy up on the top turnbuckle. John hits a super Spanish fly for a very close near fall before Teddy gets a near fall off of a roll up.

John hits a sliding German suplex before hitting Starship Pain for a very close near fall, then John misses a diving elbow. Teddy hits a European uppercut before putting John in a bear hug and hitting a lung blower and several springboard moonsaults for a near fall. John then counters a code red into a pin for the win.

Winner: John Hennigan defeats Teddy Hart via pinfall to gain a shot at Low-Ki's World Championship next week.

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