MLW Fusion Episode 18 Results MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match!

-We open the show with a picture showing the death of Jim)"The Anvil" Neidhart before a video package for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship match in the main event when Low-Ki defends against John Hennigan

-We get an announcement of what is being called a dojo challenge between team filthy the stud stable.

New WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Crowned On 5/14 SmackDown

The Hart Foundation (Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Teddy Hart) vs Rich Swann & ACH

Smith and ACH start the match off, Smith showing off his superior strength by shoving ACH away, then taking him down before ACH puts Smith in a head scissor. They get back to their feet and ACH tries repeatedly to knock Smith over, but just gets dropped for his troubles. ACH dropkicks the knee of Smith before Smith drops him and hits a scoop slam before tagging Teddy in. ACH rolls away and tags in Rich as Teddy gets the tag before teddy takes Rich down and puts him in a cross face before Swann gets a quick two count. Teddy wrings the arm of Rich before Teddy hits a springboard arm drag and Rich dropkicks him. They run the ropes until Teddy hits a powerslam for a quick two count, then drops him in the corner with a bicycle knee. Teddy hits a code red for a near fall that ACH breaks up before Davey tosses ACH out of the ring and launches Rich over the top rope and onto ACH as we go to what would be a commercial on the television version. ACH and Rich send Davey out of the ring before Rich hits a phoenix splash for a near fall, then Brian distracts ACH before Davey tosses ACH out of the ring and Brian low blows Swann on the top rope while Davey distracts the referee. Teddy then hits an electric chair lung blower for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Hart Foundation defeat ACH and Rich Swann via pinfall when Teddy pins ACH with an electric chair lung blower.

-We get a video package for the War Games match before John Hennigan is interviewed about his title match in the main event before he and Tommy Dreamer run off the Death Machines.

-We then have dojo challenge where the Stud Stable come to Tom Lawler's gym and Tom has an impromptu MMA match with Mike Rose where Tom wins with a Kimura. 


MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match

Low-Ki (c) vs John Hennigan

John backs Low-Ki into the corner before Low-Ki puts John in an armbar in the ropes, then Low-Ki rolls out of the ring at the count of four. John takes Low-Ki down before Low-Ki counters a hammer lock into a sunset pin for a quick two count. They do a test of strength before Low-Ki takes John down and puts him in a head scissor, but he's quick to get back to his feet. Low-Ki pins John to the mat for a series of near falls before transitioning to an armbar and John escapes. The two TNA alum grapple until Low-Ki beats John down with punches, kicks and a headbutt before John comes back with a side Russian leg sweep for a quick two count.

John hits an enzuigiri before Low-Ki kicks him from the top rope and down onto the floor before hitting a scoop slam onto the floor. Low-Ki rolls John back into the ring for a quick two count before John hits a slingshot and Low-Ki turns it into a diving double foot stomp. Low-Ki gets a quick two count before hanging John over the top rope for a near fall, then Low-Ki locks in a variation of the abdominal stretch. Low-Ki beats John down in the corner before John drops Low-Ki with a wheel kick and beats on him in the corner with forearms and kicks. John hits a sliding German suplex before hitting a springboard roundhouse kick for a near fall, then Low-Ki catches John on the top turnbuckle and locks in a dragon sleeper with John in the tree of woe for a very close near fall.

Low-Ki elbows and stomps on John before John counters a suplex into a standing Spanish fly for a very close near fall of his own. John then hits a shining wizard before missing Starship Pain and Low-Ki hits a diving double foot stomp and an ax kick to the back of the neck for the pin and the win.

Winner: Low-Ki retains the MLW World Heavyweight Championship by defeating John Hennigan via pinfall with an ax kick.

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