MLW Fusion Episode 23 Results PCO vs Brody King, MJF & Aria Blake vs Joey Ryan & Taya Valkyrie

-Konnan, Pentagon Jr. and Fenix start the show off before Selena de LA Renta and Ricky Martinez come out to the ring and Selena says that the Lucha Bros can leave if they want, but she has been talking to HHH and they will get English lessons and all they have to do is sign. Fenix and Pentagon then tear up the contracts before Konnan threatens Selena if she ever gets in his business again.

Hurricane Six-Man Tag Team Match

AEW Dynamite Results 3/3/21 Shaq and Jade Cargill vs. Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet, plus much more

Stud Stable vs Hart Foundation

Davey and Teddy start the match off with the Dirty Blondes before Brian comes in and gets chokeslammed out of the ring. Teddy hits a moonsault onto the Blondes to the outside before Davey hits a delayed suplex for a quick two count and Teddy hits a Canadian Destroyer. Teddy hits a diving DDT into a moonsault for a near fall before the DB hit a series of elbow drops. Davey then hits a running powerslam to Parrow for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Hart Foundation defeat The Stud Stable via pinfall when Davey pins Parrow with a running powerslam.

-After the match Colonel Parker fires Parrow and the Dirty Blondes beat him down.

MJF & Aria Blake vs Joey Janela & Taya Valkyrie

Joey and Aria start the match off with Aria grabbing the chest hair of Joey and hitting a snapmare into a rolling senton. MJF comes in and feints an injury before Taya comes in and she and Joey double team MJF for a quick two count. Taya chops MJF before dropping him with a series of kicks and a high knee for a near fall. Joey gets distracted by Aria before she comes in and spanks Joey with MJF holding him in the corner before hitting a spinning neckbreaker for a quick two count. Joey comes back with a pump handle suplex and tags in Taya just as MJF tags Aria in and Taya hits a running hip attack into a running knee in the corner for a near fall. 

Aria counters the Road to Valhalla and tags MJF back in, he and Joey exchanging strikes until MJF pokes his eyes and Joey hits a spine buster for a near fall. Joey then accidently drops Taya with a kick before Aria low blows him and it has no effect, MJF capitalizing off of the distraction by rolling Joey up for the pin and the win.

Winner: MJF & Aria Blake defeat Joey Ryan & Taya Valkyrie via pinfall when MJF pins Joey with a roll up.

-After the match Joey Janela attacks MJF on the ramp.

PCO vs Brody King

Brody hits a shotgun dropkick as soon as the match begins before stomping PCO on the corner and hitting a scoop slam into a senton for a quick two count. PCO hits a tope to the outside before they exchange chops at ringside and PCO rolls Brody back into the ring. PCO hits a pop-up powerbomb for a quick two count before Brody rushes out of the corner and drops PCO with a lariat for a near fall. They exchange strikes until Brody hits a brainbuster for a near fall, then PCO hits a snap DDT before Brody suplexes him into the corner. They then exchange more forearms until the referee calls for the bell when they shove him down.

Winner: No Contest due to double disqualification.

-After the match Brody piledrives PCO before PCO hits a moonsault off of the top and takes out Brody and several officials at ringside as we go off the air.

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