MLW Fusion Episode 28 Results Sami Callihan vs Jimmy Havoc in a Spin the Wheel Make the Deal Match

-We open the show with a video from earlier this week of Tom Lawlor confronting Low-Ki before Sami Callihan comes up from behind him and chokes him out with a baseball bat.

Richard Holliday vs Joey Ryan

Joey oils himself up before Richard beats Joey down in the corner and slaps him, Joey coming back with right hands when Richard plays to the crowd. Richard hits a drop toe hold into a belly to back suplex and several European uppercuts. Richard starts focusing on the knee of Joey, repeatedly stomping on each side of his knee before Joey comes back with a running lariat and a back elbow. Joey hits a spine buster for a quick two count before they knock heads and Richard gets a near fall off of a bridging pin attempt. Richard then hits a spinning neckbreaker for a near fall before Joey hits a pump handle slam and Sweet Tooth Music for the pin and the win.

Winner: Joey Ryan defeats Richard Holliday via pinfall with Sweet Tooth Music

-Konnan meets with Sammy Guevara before he's confronted by Selena de la Renta and Low-Ki.

-We have Jimmy Havoc getting to spin the wheel for his match with Sami Callihan after having won the coin toss before Jimmy lands on spinners choice and ends up making the match with all of the stipulations in one.

No Disqualification Match

PCO vs LA Park

They run at each other to start the match and try to knock each other over before getting into a shoving match. LA and PCO exchange chops before PCO hits a chokeslam and a moonsault headbutt for a quick two count. LA rolls out of the ring before PCO hits a dive to the outside and chops LA along ringside, PCO sending LA head first into the railing, the ring post and the ramp. PCO rolls LA back into the ring and Park comes back with a running splash in the corner into a lariat for a quick two count. LA drops PCO with a headbutt before dropkicking the back of his head and sends him out of the ring with a knee.

LA hits a dive to the outside and rolls back into the ring before LA hits PCO with a chair once he's back in the ring. LA rolls PCO back out of the ring and whips him with a cable at ringside and his belt once they're back in the ring. LA gets a near fall before missing a running dropkick in the corner, PCO capitalizing by hitting a powerbomb into a running knee for a near fall. Back outside PCO beats on LA on the apron before missing a flipping senton when LA rolls out of the way. LA then hits a diving cross body and once they're back in the ring LA hits a spear for the pin and the win.

Winner: LA Park defeats PCO via pinfall with a spear.