MLW Fusion Episode 44 Results Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman vs The Hart Foundation

Myron Reed vs DJZ

DJ chases Myron out of the ring before they get back in the ring and DJ hits a jawbreaker into a diving back elbow. Myron rolls back out of the ring and DJZ gives chase before hitting a diving clothesline. DJZ rolls Myron back into the ring and hits a slingshot splash before Myron sends him out of the ring and hits a tope to the outside. They exchange strikes at ringside and Myron rolls DJZ back into the ring, dropping him with a right hand before locking in a rear chin lock. DJZ counters a suplex and they run the ropes until DJZ drops Myron with a clothesline and hits him with right hands.

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DJZ hits a neckbreaker and a running back elbow in the corner before Myron hits a back elbow and a stunner. Myron hits a cutter for a near fall and hits a springboard senton before DJZ gets a near fall off of a sunset flip powbomb. They then roll around until Myron wins with a handful of tights.

Winner: Myron Reed defeats DJZ via pinfall.

Puma King vs Gringo Loco

They start the match at a rapid pace until Puma drops Loco from behind and chops him in the corner before kicking his knee out. Puma bites Loco and they exchange huricanrrana before Puma hits a tope to the outside and a diving cross body once they're back inside. Loco hits a suicide dive to the outside and a standing moonsault once he rolls him back into the ring before hitting a diving elbow for a two count. Puma gets a near fall off of a Gedo clutch and chops Loco in the corner before Loco hits a springboard cutter for a near fall. Puma hits a spine buster into a code red for a near fall before Loco catches him on the top turnbuckle, but Puma hits a frankensteiner. Loco then hits a springboard Spanish fly for the pin and the win.

Winner: Gringo Loco defeats Puma King via pinfall with a springboard Spanish Fly.

Brian Pillman Jr. & Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs Tommy Dreamer & Sandman

Sandman spits beer in the face of Davey and Tommy drops him with strikes before Sandman tosses Brian out of the ring. Tommy and Sandman assault the Hart Foundation with alcoholic beverages until they knocks their heads together and Tommy rolls Brian into the ring. Tommy and Sandman drop Brian with a back elbow before hitting dueling elbow drops, Sandman chopping Brian in the corner until he tags in Tommy who continues the chops. Tommy gets caught with a shot by Davey from ringside and Brian hits a side Russian leg sweep before Davey comes in and overpowers him with his superior strength. Davey beats Tommy down and mocks Sandman before he tags Brian in who hits an elbow drop and he and Davey isolate Tommy in their corner, cutting the ring in half.

Tommy comes back with a neckbreaker and tags in Sandman who takes out Brian before Tommy hits a variation of a cutter to Davey. Brian finds someone under the ring and it's revealed to be the Blue Meanie who distracts him before Brian gets back in and hits Tommy with a kendo stick. The Hart Foundation then powerbomb Tommy through two chairs in the ring for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Hart Foundation defeat Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman via pinfall when Brian pins Tommy after powerbombing him through two chairs set up in the ring.

-We end the show with The Lucha Bros announcing that they're staying in MLW before we cut to Tom Lawlor coming out of a bar as we go off the air.

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