MLW Fusion Episode 50 Results, Mance Warner vs LA Park, Brian Pillman Jr. Vs Alex Hammerstone

Myron Reed vs Gringo Loco

They counter each other until Myron rocks Loco with a forearm before Loco does several flips and Myron comes back with a spin kick. Myron hits a slingshot code breaker and a huricanrrana before Loco hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Loco hits a piledriver before Myron hits a stunner and a Spanish fly before Loco hits a flipping senton over the top rope and onto Myron at ringside. Back in the ring Loco goes up top, but Myron catches him before hitting an enzuigiri and a springboard frankensteiner. Myron hits a springboard 450 for a near fall before Loco sends him into the ring post and hits a springboard cutter.

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Loco then hits a phoenix splash for the pin and the win.

Winner:Gringo Loco defeats Myron Reed via pinfall with a phoenix splash.

Brian Pillman Jr. vs Alex Hammerstone

Brian shows off his superior speed by hitting Alex with a flurry of fast paced moves before sending him out of the ring with a superkick. Alex gets back into the ring after slapping Brian and hitting him with a shoulder tackle before Brian comes back with a running dropkick into a European uppercut and a knife edge chop. Alex picks Brian up and runs him into the corner before hitting a spinebuster and hitting him with right hands until he whips him into the ropes and hits a dropkick for a very quick one count. Alex puts Brian in a side headlock before they exchange chops until Brian hits a running cross body for a one count. Alex hits an enzuigiri before Brian hits a powerslam and gets distracted by MJF at ringside before Alex drops him throat first across the rope.

Alex then hits a clothesline into the Nightmare Pendulum for the pin and the win.

Winner: Alex Hammerstone defeats Brian Pillman Jr. via pinfall with the Nightmare Pendulum.

-After the match The Dynasty attack Brian before breaking the necklaces that belong to Teddy and Davey.

Death Match

Mance Warner vs LA Park

LA throws chairs at Mance from ringside before they go toe to toe and dance before Mance pokes LA in the eyes and chops him at ringside. Mance whips LA into the railing and headbutts him before throwing a chair at his head and they brawl into the crowd. Mance drags a table from the crowd to ringside and puts a chair into the ring before hitting LA with it. Mance hits a tornado DDT for a two count before hitting LA with two running knees for a near fall. Mance hits LA with a kendo stick and chokes him with it before hitting a side Russian leg sweep with the cane ala SANDMAN for a two count.

Mance sits LA on a chair and before LA suplexes him onto the chair and hits him with another chair before tossing Mance out of the ring. LA slams Mance onto the table at ringside before hitting a running senton off of the apron and through the table at ringside. LA sets up half of the table against the railing before hitting a running powerslam through it and tossing Mance back into the ring and hitting him with his belt. Mance begs for more before he hits LA with his suspenders and they exchange chops until LA takes Mance down for a two count. LA puts several chairs into the ring and a piece of wood before hitting Mance with a chair and setting the wood up on the chairs.

LA lies Mance on top of the wood before hitting a diving senton onto Mance onto the wood which splinters in half for a near fall. LA hits Mance with a piece of wood for a near fall before LA hits a suicide dive and argues with the referee before they exchange running clotheslines and LA runs onto Mance and flattens him for a near fall. Mance hits a draping DDT for a near fall before throwing wood at LA and Salina at ringside before poking LA in the eyes and throwing a chair at his head for a near fall. LA then catches Mance up top and hits him with a chair before hitting a superplex for a near fall before LA hits a missile dropkick and a spear for the pin and the win.

Winner: LA Park defeats Mance Warner via pinfall with a spear.

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