MLW Fusion Episode 54 Results Mance Warner vs Sami Callihan, Josef Samael Debuts

Lucha Bros vs Air Wolf & Rey Horus

Fenix and Air start the match off by grappling before Pentagon superkicks Air out of the ring and Rey hits a huricanrrana that sends Pentagon out of the ring. Pentagon chops Air at ringside before Fenix tosses Rey out of the ring and chops him before they get back in the ring and the Bros superkick Air. Lucha Bros hit a wheelbarrow slam for a two count that Air breaks up before Pentagon hits a Pentagon driver for a near fall that Rey breaks up. The Lucha Bros then hit Air with the Fear Factor for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lucha Bros defeat Air Wolf and Rey Horus via pinfall when they pin Air with the Fear Factor.

-We get a video package for Contra before Josef Samael makes his debut against Ace Romero.

Ace Romero vs Josef Samael

They brawl on the ramp before Ace chases Josef around ringside and they exchange chops and open hand palm strikes before they get into the ring and Josef beats Ace down. Ace slams Josef when he tries to choke him before Josef throws Ace from the top turnbuckle and hits a snap DDT. Josef then hits a PK that knocks Ace out for the pin and the win.

Winner: Josef Samael defeats Ace Romero via pinfall with a penalty kick.

-After the match Contra attack Ace before Barrington Hughes comes to the save, but gets beaten down as well.

Sami Callihan brawls with Ricky Martinez backstage.

Gringo Loco vs Puma King

They exchange arm drags and flips before Gringo drops Puma with chops before Puma hangs in the ropes and hits a huricanrrana into a diving cross body. Back in the ring Puma kicks Gringo and stomps him before hitting a running splash in the corner and Gringo comes back with a diving cutter for a near fall. Gringo then misses a phoenix splash before Puma hits a powerbomb and Gringo hits a Spanish fly for a near fall before Gringo hits a Tiger driver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Gringo Loco defeats Puma King via pinfall with a Tiger driver.