MLW Fusion Episode 56 Results Pentagon Jr. vs LA Park, Low-Ki vs Daga

Daga vs Low Ki

They brawl on the ramp before even getting to the ring before Daga tosses Low-Ki into the ring and takes him down and hits him in mount. Daga is in control until Low-Ki pokes him in the eye and chops him before Daga dropkicks Low-Ki and sends him out of the ring with a huricanrrana. Daga hits a suicide dive and tosses Low-Ki back into the ring and hits a basement dropkick for a two count. Low-Ki blocks a suplex and drops Daga across the ropes before he hits a running elbow drop and stomps his hand. Low-Ki starts focusing on the knee of Daga and smashes it into the ring post repeatedly before locking in a variation of a camel clutch.

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Daga gets free and they exchange chops until Low-Ki whips Daga into the corner and hits a handstand dropkick and locks in an octopus stretch that Daga counters with a hip toss. Low-Ki comes back with a headbutt and kicks before Daga catches a kick and hits a dragon screw leg whip. Daga hits a lariat, but misses a diving stomp before Low-Ki hits a dropkick in the corner and Daga yanks him from the top before hitting a missile dropkick. Low-Ki then counters a DDT into a northern lights suplex while using the ropes for leverage for the pin and the win.

Winner: Low-Ki defeats Daga via pinfall with a leveraged northern lights suplex.

Gringo Loco vs El Hijo de La Park

Gringo and Hijo lock up to start the match and chain grapple until they shove each other and Gringo sends Hijo out of the ring. Hijo hits a springboard huricanrrana and a suicide dive before Hijo whips Gringo with his belt and hits an enzuigiri once they're back in the ring. Gringo counters a Spanish fly into an avalanche Samoan driver for a two count before before Hijo hits a discus elbow into a code red for a two count of his own. Gringo then comes back with an avalanche falcon arrow for a near fall before Hijo hits the Last Rights Piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: El Hijo de La Park defeats Gringo Loco with the Last Rights Piledriver.

Pentagon Jr. vs LA Park

Pentagon attacks LA from behind on the ramp when he's making his way out to the ring before they brawl and LA attacks Pentagon with his belt and Pentagon stops Salina from ripping his mask off by kissing her. Salina slaps Pentagon and LA runs into her before they start arguing and Pentagon hits a dive when they're distracted, Pentagon whipping LA into the railing. Back in the ring Pentagon hits a sling blade and LA hits a release German suplex and a running knee for a two count. Pentagon comes back with a draping lung blower for a near fall before LA counters the Pentagon Driver and headbutts him and drops him with a running knee. Pentagon superkicks LA who suplexes him into the corner and pursues Pentagon when he rolls out of the ring with a suicide dive.

They then get back in the ring where LA hits a diving wheel kick and a spear for the pin and the win.

Winner:LA Park defeats Pentagon via pinfall with a spear.

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