MLW Fusion Episode 66 Results Hart Foundation vs Dynasty MLW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

Ace Austin vs Air Wolf

Ace backs Air into the corner before Air takes him down with a side headlock and they exchange two counts off until Ace shoves Air away when he teases a butterfly suplex. Ace kicks Air in the midsection and they counter each other until Air hits a springboard arm drag and hits a snapmare into a PK for a quick two count. Ace rocks Air with a high knee before back dropping Air across the railing and tries to rip off Air's mask when he gets back into the ring. Air sets Ace on the top turnbuckle before Ace knocks him down and Air suplexes Ace before he rolls out of the ring. Ace gets back into the ring and crotches Air with his staff when he comes off of the top rope before he finishes with The Fold for the pin and the win.

KENTA: 'Give Me CM Punk'

Winner: Ace Austin defeats Air Wolf via pinfall with The Fold.

-We get a recap of Jacob Fatu's match last week before we go to Salina de la Renta while she answers a phone call by Mance Warner who leaves a voicemail.

Ariel Dominguez vs Low-Ki

Low-Ki immediately knocks Ariel out with head kick for the referee stoppage.

Winner: Low-Ki defeats Ariel Dominguez via referee stoppage when he knocks Ariel out with a head kick.

-We get a video of Dynasty addressing their title match against The Hart Foundation later tonight before we see Mance leading Promociones Dorado into a trap and laying out El Hijo de La Park.

MLW World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

Hart Foundation (Teddy Hart & Brian Pillman Jr.) (c) vs The Dynasty (MJF & Richard Holliday)

Dynasty get into the ring to start the match after stalling for several minutes before Teddy and Brian pair off with Richard and MJF while hitting them with chairs and softening them up, keeping them away from the ladders at ringside. Richard sends Teddy into the ring post before Brian hits a springboard clothesline to MJF before Richard hits a tilt-a-whirl slam. Teddy hits a lung blower to Richard and Richard and MJF run up the ramp to grab the ladders before Teddy and Brian dropkick them into them. Brian hits a springboard cross body and Teddy an Asai moonsault before Teddy puts a ladder into the ring and sets it up. Teddy gingerly climbs the ladder before he's knocked off and across the top rope by Richard before Richard fearfully climbs the ladder and Brian knocks him off of it.

Richard makes his girlfriend Aria Blake climb the ladder before she accidentally hits a diving cross body off of the ladder onto Richard. Teddy and Brian set a ladder up in the corner and whip Richard into it before Teddy hits a lung blower and whiplashes Richard into the ladder. Richard suplexes Brian onto a ladder and back drops Teddy across another one before whipping Brian into the one in the corner. Richard and MJF suplex Teddy onto a ladder and set it up in the ring before MJF slaps Richard and makes him climb the ladder before Teddy sends Richard off of the ladder. MJF climbs the ladder before Brian kicks him off of it and hits a burning hammer before Teddy hits MJF with a Canadian destroyer and set a piece of plywood up on two chairs.

Teddy lies MJF on the plywood and hits a corkscrew senton onto MJF and through the table before Brian climbs the ladder and is stopped by Alexander Hammerstone who hits a buckle bomb. Alex sets up a table at ringside before Davey Boy Smith Jr. suplexes him onto the table and Brian and Richard brawl on the ladder. Brian then knocks Aria off of the ladder when she goes to climb his back before Richard hits him with a chair and grabs the belts for the win.

Winner: Dynasty defeat the Hart Foundation to become the new MLW World Tag Team champions when Richard climbs the ladder and grabs the belts.

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