MLW Fusion Episode 78 Results Brian Pillman Jr. vs Austin Aries, Dominic Garrini Debuts

Magnus & Septimo Dragon vs Los Parks (El Hijo de LA Park & LA Park)

Everyone hugs and shakes hands before Los Parks attack their opponents and beat on them in opposite corners before the action spills out of the ring and Los Parks hit their opponents with chairs and weight belts. Back in the ring LA and Hijo take turns hitting their opponents with LA's belt before LA hits a running splash in the corner to Magnus. Hijo hits an enzuigiri before LA hits a running splash to Septimo before Magnus clears the ring and takes out Los Parks with a slingshot corkscrew cross body. Septimo hits a corkscrew senton and rips LA from the top rope before Septimo hits a Spanish fly and Magnus a swanton bomb for a double near fall. LA drops both of bus opponents before Hijo hits a springboard Spanish fly and LA a spear for a very close near fall. Los Parks hit dueling dives off the top and into the front row before LA and Magnus exchange chops until LA hits a lariat for a near fall and Magnus hits a cutter for a near fall of his own.

Dabba-Kato Challenges SCRYPTS And Axiom To A Match

LA hits a DDT for a near fall that Septimo breaks up with a diving stomp before Septimo and Hijo exchange strikes until Hijo dropkicks Septimo and hits an enzuigiri into a draping code breaker in the corner for a near fall. Septimo hits a GTS into a PK for a near fall before he goes for a split legged moonsault and Hijo gets his knees up before hitting a running Canadian destroyer for a near fall. LA hits Magnus with a lariat for a near fall before he misses a spear and runs into the ring post for a near fall that Salina de la Renta breaks up. Magnus superkicks LA before Hijo superkicks Magnus and Hijo hits a back stabber for a near fall before hitting a suicide dive to Septimo. Magnus then beats on LA before LA accidentally hits the referee with a diving splash before Salina kicks Magnus when the referee is down and LA rolls him up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Los Parks defeat Magnus and Septimo Dragon via pinfall.

-Contra Unit's cuts a promo on Promociones Dorado and LA Park ahead of LA's title match against the champion Jacob Fatu at SuperFight before The Von Erichs cut a promo about The Dynasty ahead of their tag team match before The Dynasty talk about their contracts, MJF saying that it's not on par with what they're looking for and that they're not going to Mexico before we get a run down of the card for Saturday Night SuperFight.

Ariel Dominguez vs Dominic Garrini

Dom tosses Ariel away when he goes for a takedown before Dom locks in a double wrist lock and Ariel gets to the ropes for the break before Dom hits a judo toss. Dom then hits a fall away slam and Ariel takes him down before he's back to his feet and Dom takes him back down before locking in an armbar for the tap and the win.

Winner: Dominic Garrini defeats Ariel Dominguez via submission with an armbar.

-After the match Dom is interviewed and says that he's there for the grapplers including Tom Lawlor and Timothy Thatcher and that he's going to take them down and tap them out.

-We're told about how Tom missed a media event earlier this week before Tom says that he's going to knock Tim out before we're told about Jimmy Havoc being the producer of the Halloween special called Jimmy Havoc's Slaughterhouse on October 19th.

-We're told about the liver transplant of Samu Anoa'i and the GoFundMe set up to raise money for the medical bills.

-Injustice cuts a promo about their victory being retroactively overturned last week and how they are held back and that they're going to get their justice.

Austin Aries vs Brian Pillman Jr.

Austin slaps Brian who dares him to do it again and Brian blocks it before he rakes the eyes of Austin and chops him before hitting a running clothesline. Brian runs at Austin and stops short before slapping him like RUSH does before they end up at ringside and back in the ring, Austin catching Brian coming back into the ring before sending him out onto the apron. Brian gets a quick two count off of a sunset flip before clotheslining Austin over the top rope and hits a diving rake to Austin's back. Austin sends Brian out of the ring and hits a suicide dive before hitting a missile dropkick for a two count and stomps the face of Brian and hits a PK. Austin hits Brian with right hands and forearms until he collapses in a heap in the corner before he plays to the crowd and hits a neckbreaker in the ropes for a two count.

Austin locks in a rear chin lock before Brian comes back with uppercuts and chops and a back elbow into a powerslam for a two count of his own. Austin locks in a gator roll before locking in the Last Chancery, but Brian gets to the ropes before tapping and Austin teases the same brainbuster on the apron he did to Teddy. Austin catches Brian when he goes for a suicide dive before hitting a running dropkick in the corner into a spiking brainbuster for the pin and the win.

Winner: Austin Aries defeats Brian Pillman Jr. via pinfall with a brainbuster.

-After the match Austin says that he's coming for Teddy's MLW Middleweight Championship before Teddy comes out to the ring and they brawl as we go off.

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