MLW Fusion Episode #79 Results Dynasty vs Los Parks for the MLW World Tag Team Championship

-We open the show with a confrontation between Salina de la Renta and Dynasty outside of the hotel and challenges MJF and Richard Holliday to a match against Los Parks before they accept and leave.

Oraculo vs Black Danger vs Ricky Marvin

NJPW Road To Wrestling Dontaku Night 9 Results (4/22): LIJ vs. United Empire Eight-Man Tag Headlines

Black and Ricky double up on Ora to start the match, taking turns wringing his arm and playing to the crowd before Dark rocks Ora and he and Ricky hit running moves in the corner before Ricky chokes Ora in the ropes. Ora comes back with right hands before Ricky DDTs him and Danger hits a basement dropkick before they end up at ringside and a fan kisses the head of Ora before he's tossed back into the ring. Ricky accidentally hits Black before Ora hits a golden rewind into a huricanrrana and an Asai moonsault to Black before hitting Ricky with a huricanrrana for a two count. Ricky gets a two count off of a double pin and hits a dragon screw to Ora before hitting a tilt-a-whirl stunner to Ora and Black hits a rope assisted piledriver to Ricky. Black hits Ora with a piledriver before Ora hits a Canadian destroyer and a reverse huricanrrana before he sends Ricky over the top rope and down onto the floor. Ora then hits Black with a 450 for the pin and the win.

Winner: Oraculo defeats Black Danger and Ricky Marvin when he pins Black with a 450.

-We see Low-Ki and Brian Pillman Jr. backstage where Low-Ki gives Brian advice and says that he needs to control his emotions before Brian says he knows nothing about him before leaving.

-Dynasty try to lay low before we get a vignette for Saturday Night SuperFight in four weeks before Salina de la Renta cuts a promo about LA Park and his challenge of Jacob Fatu before she's interrupted by Josef Samael who says that she craves power and that she should think about joining Contra. Salina opts for violence before Jimmy Havoc shows up, saying that he shows up when he hears the word violence and that he wants to make a match between a member of Contra and Promociones Dorado in a Street Fight in next week before Josef volunteers for his side.

MLW National Openweight Championship vs Crash Heavyweight Championship Match

Alexander Hammerstone (c) w/Dynasty vs Rey Horus (c)

Alex drives Rey into the corner and hits him with shoulder thrusts before punching and stomping Rey and playing to the crowd. Alex hits a delayed pump handle fall away suplex before Rey rolls out of the ring and Alex goes after him before chopping him at ringside and dropping him face first across the apron. Alex hits Rey with a forearm to the spine and talks to the camera before rolling Rey back into the ring, Rey knocking him off of the apron and hitting a suicide dive before hitting a diving leg drop for a quick two count. Alex turns Rey inside out with a lariat and rocks him with a back elbow before choking him in the corner and Rey counters a suplex and sends Alex out of the ring. Rey hits a flipping senton over the ring post when Alex runs away when he teases a suicide dive before smashing Alex's face into a chair a fan gives him. Back in the ring Rey hits a diving cross body and a leg drop for a two count before Alex misses a bicycle kick and hits a second into a German suplex and a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Alex rocks Rey with a right hand before Rey hits a tornado DDT for a near fall and Alex takes out the referee, Alex hitting a bicycle knee into the Nightmare Pendulum. Alex grabs a chair and hits Rey with it for a near fall before wedging the chair in the corner and Rey counters a powerbomb into a code red for a near fall. Rey then sends Alex into the chair in the corner before hitting a 450 and Dynasty drags Rey out of the ring and attack him for the disqualification.

Winner: Rey Horus retains his Crash Heavyweight Championship via disqualification when Dynasty attack Rey and Alex retains his title due to champions advantage.

-We get a video package for Jimmy Havoc's Slaughterhouse next week before we get a rundown of the card for Saturday Night SuperFight. 

MLW World Tag Team Championship Match

Dynasty (c) (MJF & Richard Holliday) vs Los Parks w/Salina de la Renta

Before the match starts MJF gets on the mic and says that he can't wait for Donald Trump to build that wall and Richard says that they're better than them and they know it. El Hijo de La Park tells MJF and Richard to shut up in Spanish before addressing the crowd in Spanish and cursing Dynasty in Spanish. Once the match starts Richard and Park Jr. kick things off with Richard backing Park Jr. into the corner for a clean break before Richard counters a hip toss and Park Jr. hits a back stabber and tags in his brother. Los Parks hit Richard with running dropkicks in the corner before Hijo gets distracted by MJF and Richard clotheslines him, Richard stomping the midsection of Hijo before dropping him with a back elbow for a quick two count. MJF comes in and he and Richard hit a double elbow drop and Los Parks hit Richard with dropkicks and a flap jack for a two count before hitting a somersault neckbreaker Samoan drop. Los Parks hit dueling suicide dives and MJF sends Park Jr. into the barricade before Richard kicks the ropes and crotches Hijo before hitting a powerbomb for the pin and the win.

Winner: Dynasty retain their MLW World Tag Team Championships by defeating Los Parks via pinfall when Richard pins El Hijo de La Park with a powerbomb.


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